preorder - disappointment

its the same with new iPhones , big hype - not enough phones ....

The new graphics cards , would be nice, but only a few on the market

and now the CSL DD

I have an account, I have the newsletter and I have a puchase - history , but no way ....

They wrote: " we know that the demand for the CSL DD is very high" .... so start selling it when you have enough units !

You will have some happy custumers, and a lot of frustrated customers.



  • So, can you not order because the site is down or because you didn’t “qualify”? I know you said you were an existing customer with order history and the newsletter, but did you ever have the opportunity to get on the site and click and see if you could order it?

  • there was a message: Sorry, this product is no longer available.

    and then : similar product: csl elite racing wheel, which is out of stock an discontinued ....

    that was, when I finaly made it to the server.

  • you have to reboot the website...

  • Just press F5 a few times until its working. Server is just overloaded.

  • but when I make it to the server, there is the message: sorry, this product is no longer availiable

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    this doesnt look like an overloaded server ....

    its what I get when hitting the link in the E - Mail as suggested

  • y<eah just press F5 again, had the same and then finally the CSL DD came up.

  • I am first time buyer, I ordered the LE F1 wheel and got the invite for DD today.

    1. First, close all the tabs and open a fresh window of browser and clear your browser history
    2. Open a new browser and go to and login (don't close it)
    3. Open the link from your Email that says EU/US/Japan etc (select the correct region). This should open a new tab next to the window that is open with your login
    4. Just add the DD, don't add anything else or click on other products etc
    5. Checkout and pay (right now it is only allowing you to pay for 8NM Unit

    Done. Wait for other stuff later and order separtely.

  • thank you for your help.

    But after a lot of F5 .... it didnt work

  • thank you all for your help !

    I only get the message, that it is no longer available ....

  • Same here. I signed up for the newsletter (even have the email thanking me for signing up) back in March along with my first Fanatec order (CSL Elite pedals and load cell bundle). I hadn't received a single email about anything so was concerned about being in Wave 1. I checked my account, the newsletter box was ticked, so I contacted Fanatec. They said I wasn't subscribed to the newsletter and advised me to sign up again, which I did. I asked them to confirm I was now signed up, no response.

    Still haven't had a single email from them (yes I checked my spam folder) and despite being logged in and checking all day I have never had the option to pre-order the CSL DD on the website. Now they are sold out.

    Now I have to read posts from people whose first purchase was the LE F1 wheel boasting about ordering the CSL DD. So much for Fanatec saying they would be fair.

  • @ George Crocket

    Not boasting but just sharing. I ticked all the boxes. I was subscribed to the newsletter though. Just didn't had a history until yesterday.

    Anyhow, I think once the emails are sent out, they won't resend it. You can try calling the CS again and see what they say.

  • Well thought I'd be in first wave, didn't get an email. sucks but oh well, I can wait

  • It does sound like for whatever reason, you got screwed on the newsletter list part of qualification. Don’t sweat it, you should be in the second wave of preorder. I wonder if the waves are just for the actual act and collecting preorders, and all DDs will ship together, or will there also be multiple waves of shipments which reflect the preorders?

  • Sorry mate I didn't mean you! Hadn't even noticed you mention the LE F1. Pure coincidence. I saw a post somewhere else.

  • We will see I suppose. My worry is Wave 2 won't even come out until the Wave 1 orders have all been fulfilled.

  • Yea, that was not a question that was ever even asked, and definitely not discussed.

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    I am an existing customer, newsletter subscriber, etc. I bought my CSL Elite, V3 Pedals and Formula V2 rim 6 months ago.

    I never got an invite to wave 1, logged into the website and refreshed 1000 times, I could see it but couldn't get to the order screen to add it to my cart. I am beyond frustrated as I tried for 4 hours to no avail. I give up, just really disappointed. I'm sure we will see scalpers offering them for $700-1000 just like the F1 2021 wheel.

    On the bright side, I save $500 by not spending it on the CSL DD 8Nm, so that's cool.

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    I am beyond annoyed. I have 6 fanatec products within 2 orders from the past several years. I wasn't sub'd to the newsletter until I saw the FAQ video from the other day. They were promoting their special website for the DD and I registered there, because if they were gonna flash on screen several times then I figured I needed to go there. Well turns out that was the wrong Fanatec newsletter. Great.

    Either way I'm sub'd to it now and I can't see the DD on the store page. Before I sub'd to your newsletter a second time I was at least able to see the product on the page, I just couldn't click on it because it would immediately crash. Now I don't see it at all - just an empty space where it used to be. If I follow a direct link to the bundle I'm told it's no longer available.

    Thanks a lot Fanatec. You're just giving me all sorts of reasons to keep throwing money at your company.

  • I don't think I even had a chance..... from the moment the email notification came over and I hit my email, i went to the website (US Link) and did all the refresh and kept getting the same 2 screens..... either "Unfortunately, this product is no longer available" or "Internal server error. safety car is out - REFRESH" I must of hit refresh and reload page about 50 times LOL.

    Well will have to wait for the next wave .... which will probably have the same results :(

  • Second wave will be worse and if shipments for the first wave are not due till September, it will be next year before wave 2 ships.

  • Finally i reached the product page, but it dont let me to add the wheel base to the shopping cart... :D This is a bad joke.

  • I just boxed up all of my Fanatec gear. I'm done with sim racing for now, time to focus on other things in life so for that I thank Fanatec.

  • My Email was in my junk folder. I was about to make the purchase but then I decided to get some food and watch some reviews first. After deciding to get the 8nm I went to the page and got Sorry, this product is no longer available. I thought I waited to long but after reloading the page a few times over the course of an hour It came back. :)

  • If y'all want the new DD just gotta keep refreshing the landing page for wheel bases. It sucks that their website cannot handle the launch but this is not the first time.

    I got an order in after about 30 minutes of resfreshing once I realized you need to be signed in to your account on Fanatec's website prior to visiting the wheel bases page.

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    Keep trying my friend. Once you have done the correct steps try signing in to your account and going to the wheel bases page where I'm sure you'll have to be patient and refresh until you get to the DD "add to cart" option and then it should let you proceed without issue.

    Photo taken at 4:05 PM CST

  • I'm so pissed off now. I don't get the newsletter mail, but i tried to pre-order this base in the last couple of hours, with no luck. And now i accidentally see, that the Newsletter box is unchecked in my account settings. WHY? HOW? Even 2 days ago i received the newsletter from the limited edition F1 rim, i dont hit the unsubscribe button, and dont enter my account to uncheck the newsletter box. Then who and why unchecked it??? This is why i dont get the newsletter and this is why the website dont let me to add the base to my cart??? What happening at Fanatec???

    (sorry for my english, i never learned this language...)

  • I think there may be more than one “newsletter”, and unfortunately it doesn’t sound like things were specified enough. I know the checkbox you are talking about on the account page, but I have a hunch that it is not the only newsletter to subscribe to.

  • Thanks for your reply Joshua! I got the newsletters since my first purhase, and i subscribed to the specific CSL DD website's newsletter too. I didn't think, that there are 3, 4, 5, or 1866141684 another Fanatec newsletters, that i need to subscribe... :D

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