CSL base DOA?

The problem I have is when the base is turned on I have no motion from the base, also giving no power to wheel, with 3 yellow lights on the top of the base and a red flashing light next to the power switch, my pc will not detect the base is this state. Now if I put the base into bootstrap mode it is detected as a HID controller not Fanatec controller and I can firmware update the base but to no avail. Now if I turn the shaft connecting to the motor while the base is powering on from side to side the base seems to come on with a solid red light next to the power button and now being picked up by the pc as a Fanatec controller, also now giving power to the wheel and being able to cycle through the on wheel menus, I was then able to get into Fanatec wheel configuration and see all controls working apart from the steering only seeming to have little movement, and also reverse, 1st , 3rd, 5th and 7th wasn’t being picked up. I was then able to update the motor firmware with no avail either. Throughout all the processes the mode button didn’t change the state of the base. I have spent hours trying to diagnose the problem, trying various different driver versions, base firmware versions and motor firmware's with everything seeming to be pointing to a hardware issue not a software issue.

I have emailed support just wondering if i'm missing anything?

Thanks guys.


  • have you fixed this problem yet please let me know.

  • Nope, saw I few things saying it could be dodgy sensor causing wheel not to boot and to blow compressed air into the holes bellow the Rev lights the clean the sensor but this hasn’t helped. I’ve not had a reply yet from support as they are are probably busy, going to try and ring them later today

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