DD1 and non-fanatec wheels?

Mike PuhalskiMike Puhalski Member
edited June 2021 in Steering Wheels

I have a DD1, and I am interested in getting a GT3-type wheel for it, but something a little higher end than the McLaren one that Fanatec offers. I want something with an open top about 30 cm wide - similar to the BMW wheel Fanatec announced last December, and then seemingly forgot about.

I was looking at the Ascher Racing and Cube Controls rims, but I am open to other options. Has anybody tried using 3rd party wheels such as these on the DD1? Any problems or annoyances I should think about?

I would like to stay Fanatec for a new wheel, but they seem more focused on their entry level stuff right now (some of which looks like great stuff, just not what I am looking for) so I want to explore my options.



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