FanaLab for F1 2021

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So... any news? Or way to get it working?


  • Just use F1 2020 settings for the time being and tweak from there if need be. That is what I did when going from 2019 to 2020.

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    There was no new Fanalab update for 7 or 8 months (last version December last year!) so I fear it could take a few weeks or months still until a new Fanalab version with F1 2021 support is released.

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    There is however a working workaround to get F1 2021 working with the current FanaLab version though!

    1. Go to file directory C:\Program Files (x86)\Fanatec\FanaLab\Control\xml and open the Configuration.xml file with Notepad or Editor (Start as Administrator required!)
    2. Look for Game title F1 2020 and change the exes to this: <exe>F1_2021_dx12.exe</exe> (note there is no non-dx12 exe this year anymore so this is the only one which needs to be changed)
    3. change the steamLaunch parameters to this: <steamlaunch id="1134570" isSteamInstalled="True">steam://rungameid/1134570</steamlaunch>
    4. Open FanaLab, go to Game Profile Tab, click on the green button "Enable Telemetry" and set UDP Port
    5. Open F1 2021, go to Telemetry settings and set the settings like this:
    6. Fanatec LED: OFF
    7. UDP-Telemetry: ON
    8. UDP-Broadcast Mode: OFF
    9. UDP-IP-Adress: default
    10. UDP-Port: What you set in FanaLab (Default 20777, I use 20888)
    11. UDP-Send-Rate: 60Hz
    12. UDP-Format: 2020 (important!)

    Thats it, works fine for me! :)

  • You can also use the 2021 Format in that case. The structure is nearly the same. And for the stuff Fanalab uses is it is exactly the same :)

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    No, you can not use the F1 2021 Telemetry - this WILL lead to VERY weird issues like this:

    So please use F1 2020 Format until the game is officially implemented into a new FanaLab version sometime in the future.

  • Oh yeah seems like its only working in TT

  • When I tried to do this to my file. I got an message pop up from notepad saying " The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process." What do I do hear to get around this?

  • FanaLab needs to be closed to change something in that file. That error message suggests to me you have FanaLab running while you try to edit the config file of that program?

  • That worked thank you. ahah I did have FanaLab open. Is there something else I need to change because i know can't seem to get my dashboard through SimHub to work now?

  • Dont use Sim Hub but I think I have read about Port Forwarding in Sim Hub is required but dont know how to do that.

  • FYI you can drop the following into the Configuration.xml file after F12020 and follow the settings by Maurice for in-game above:

     <Game majorId="4" minorId="6" isHidden="False" isSupported="True" isFavorite="False">
      <title>F1 2021</title>
      <steamlaunch id="1134570" isSteamInstalled="True">steam://rungameid/1134570</steamlaunch>
      <exelaunch isExeSettable="true" isExeLaunch="False">
      <supportedTelemetry>CountCar Fuel_F Fuel_I Gear IsDrsInAction IsDrsAllowed IsInGame IsInPit IsPitLimiterOn IsTcInAction LapNumber LapTotal MaxRPM Position RPM iRPM Sector Speed TimeLapBest TimeLapCurrent TimeLapLast Brake Clutch Steering Throttle SuspensionTravel WheelAngularSpeed IsFlagRed IsFlagYellow IsFlagBlue IsFlagGreen iERS</supportedTelemetry>
  • Does anyone else get this strange error by trying these telemetry tips?

    F1 2019: Config file setup failed! (XML error: Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Users\myuser\Documents\My Games\F1 2020\hardwaresettings\hardware_settings_config.xml') ?

  • You need to change it on F1 2020, not F1 2019. And you need to have F1 2020 installed as well.

  • Ah, I didn't change F1 2019. I changed it on F1 2020 and also tried to add a new entry. Maybe it's F1 2020 installation missing.

    Can you share your hardware_settings.config.xml file from F1 2020? Maybe if I create the same file here, I won't need to re-install F1 2020. :)

  • Never mind. I just copied F1 2021 file and it worked :)

  • I am experiencing a weird problem with F1 2021 (fanalab workaround already configured)

    I thought it was something to do with my Simhub dash, but i have taken that out of the loop

    In trial lap mode everything with telemetry back to my V2 wheel is fine. As soon as i go to ad-hoc race mode the wheel just goes nuts and all leds light up white and pink (possibly how I have my pit limiter set up) Don't think it is necessarily a Codemasters issue as on it's own the telemetry to simhub is ok

  • Well, the good news is that after a couple of hours of messing around and reinstalling Fanalab, it seems that the fault was mine. I had UDP format still set at 2021. Changing it to 2020 as Maurice's workaround instructs seems to have the wheel LED's and OLED working properly.

    The bad news is that after changing the UDP format, the 2021 dash I am using in Simhub now does not work.

    Does this mean that for the rest of the year, or whenever Fanalab is updated, I cannot run Fanalab and my dash at the same time?. If so that kinda sucks

  • Well u can easy use both. Just use F1 2020 in Simhub. Disable Auto Game Detection and click on F1 2020. Then u can use your dash with F1 2020. Most of it should work as properties are near the same. The only thing for example is the new damage model. Theere nothing will work except for wings and stuff that was already there in F1 2020

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    Thanks Matthias, I realise i can use F1 2020 (or am I misunderstanding exactly what you are suggesting). I have been switching between the two all day trying to isolate where the problem is coming from.

    Not sure I'm convinced by that as a work around. Since I've paid for the game it seems kind of a waste to then bin it.

    When you say the properties are the same for 2020 and 2021, I have only been doing a few test runs with the game but, in my o[pinion, in default settings, the cars feel quite different and the AI is significantly better behaved.

    Fundamentally (and I confess I am very new to simhub) I am struggling to understand why both systems work together in time trial but not in race. Is this simply because there are different levels of telemetry in play?

  • I mean u can use F1 2021 with 2020 UDP Format (in the Telemetry Settings) and then u need to do the stuff i wrote already :)

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    You use atm 2021 Telemetry Mode i think. That`s why it works in Time Trial, but not in the other modes :)

    The properties in simhub are the same. But not the udp reader itself. The structure is different :)

  • I had a feeling I misunderstood. And to be honest I'm still not quite clear. What I seem to have discovered so far is that when Simhub configures itself to work with the game it seems to change the in game UDP format from 2020 (which I keep setting for the fanalab workaround) to 2021. As far as I can tell the dash doesn't work if in-game UDP format is 2020. Am I right in thinking that you are suggesting there is a way of overcoming that? So I find the game detection setting in simhub. Then open the 2021 game from outside simhub, as I normally do?

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    Yeah mate, but no problem.

    So step by step:

    You need to go into Simhub --> Settings --> Disable "Auto detect current Game"

    Then go to Games and select F1 2020. Click on top on Game Config and set there the UDP Port you choose for Telemetry in F1 2021. In the settings ingame set to 2020 Format. Important that you dont let Simhub itself do the config :)

    In the config settings set a udp forward to the port for F1 you selected in Fanalab.

    For example: Ingame set udp port to 20775, so set in the config of Simhub the UDP also to 20775. Tick the box "Forward UDP to" and set there 20777 or whatever Fanalb uses. As IP use the standard one

    That's it. Then u can start the game and the only important thing is that u have F1 2020 (not F1 2021) in Simhub selected. Then it works fine (except for the new Damage propertys or some other new property's, but the rest is totally fine) :)

  • Hi Matthias,

    As it happens I worked on this into the night and finally got it figured. It was you pointing out the "auto game detect function" (together with common sense dictating that this was all about preventing simhub from making alterations to game settings) which convinced me to keep exploring behind the scenes of simhub. Thank you for that.

    Having now seen your latest post, I'm not sure I have achieved it in quite the same way, and I certainly don't appear to have to select F1 2020.

    1. I disabled auto game detect as you suggested

    2. I went back and opened F1 2020 and F1 2021 to ensure that they were both set to port 20777 and both set to 2020 format

    3. Opened Fanalab and, in respect of both games I ensured that UDP port was set to 20888.

    4. I came across UDP Relay in simhub plugins. Wasn't sure entirely what it would do, but I enabled it anyway.

    5. Lo and behold the plugin produced a new item in the left hand menu "UDP Relay" which had not been there before.

    6. Opening UDP Relay gave me the ability to add a source port of 20777 and a target port of 20888, both of which I now assumed to be non game specific and that simhub would simply accept anything it received from 20777 and no game specific port forwarding or any game configuration was required.

    7. I was then able to open F1 2021 from the steam launch shortcut on my desktop, and eureka...both Fanalab and simhub were working in harmony!

    Maybe you thought I had more simhub knowledge than I do, because I really had no idea what you were suggesting when you offered the workaround, or how on earth one could fool simhub into believing that F12020 was really F12021. But without your initial post I would have given up. And I have quickly learned a lot more about simhub :-)

  • Hey mate,

    yeah no problem :)

    Happy to help :)

    The UDP Relay does pretty much the same thing as the build in forwarder per game. But there are some complex scenarios where it's better to use the UDP relay. But in our case it doesnt matter which one you use :)

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    Hello guys,

    I've been struggling quite a bit with the vibration of my V3 pedals. I don't have F1 2020 game but I have F1 2019. So I tried the method with F1 2019 replacing the values of F12010 by the values of F1 2019.

    The problem is that vibration seems inverted when I enable telemetry, accelerator or brake pedals vibrate all the time, and when i press them vibration stops. Could anyone know a solution or should I just wait for fanalab update ?

  • If I have F1 2019, but not F1 2020, is there no solution to get F1 2021 to work??

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