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so when I ordered everything but the shifter was in stock and I didn’t mind waiting till May 8th to get my stuff but now other parts of my order are out of stock will I still receive my products or do I now have to wait for the other items to get back in stock?



  • I'm wondering the same thing about my order. I ordered everything and it said availability May 8th, and that's what it says in my order overview, And now the pedals say July 10th for pre order. So I'm not sure if the May 8th date still stands or if I have to wait until july. I've seen that you can email them and ask them to ship the parts of your order that are available.

  • Yeah my order overview says May 8th still so I’m hoping but wanted to ask the question here to see if anyone knows

  • I'm hoping too. I've asked that question but havent gotten an answer yet. I did get in touch with them and the response I got was "in your case everything should be I'm stock tomorrow and shipped soon after" this was last Thursday. So I'm a bit confused but still hopeful

  • I’m hoping to see a FedEx email pop up today or tomorrow since I ordered almost 3 weeks ago now

  • Same my friend.

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    Same here, I ordered my wheel on May 1st. When I did the system said available May8th. Since then the same wheel has gone out of stock till August. I messaged them asking if placing my order when I did held my spot. I am guessing it didn’t because it’s past 5/8 and my order is still in “processing” hell. I have a base petals and shifter but no wheel. So basically I can’t do anything and messaging support does little to no good. I am thinking about canceling the order returning what I’ve gotten and just giving up on fanatec. I am fine with it taking a few weeks but August? Not to mention it’s been charged to my account. I wish I could start a business hold funds for weeks or even months and not return emails. I know COVID and the high demand isn’t helping them but seriously... 7 business days for a reply? My last request said give up to 7 business days for a reply. Also your warranty starts on the day you buy it according to the system. I am hoping that is just an error. If August is really the date it won’t matter because it will all be returned anyways.

  • From what I’ve been seeing no one who had date May 8th has had anything shipped yet

  • Thx for the info Dylan. I understand it not shipping yet just hope August isn’t a reality.

  • I'm in the same boat as you guys. Everything on my order says May 8th. Hopefully we hear something soon.

  • Feeling more confident with everyone not hearing anything yet I may try to give them a call in the morning and see what they say I’ll keep y’all updated

  • Anyone with May 8th hear anything today yet?

  • Nothing, tomorrow is the 7th business day since I sent my ticket. It said it would take up to7 business days. I of course haven’t heard back. I am not holding my breath though.... It’s funny the playseat I ordered that wasn’t in stock will be here Thursday. I am really thinking about ordering a Thrustmaster wheel. I know it’s not as good but the customer service HAS to be better than what we get.

  • ThrustMaster stuff is out of stock too that’s what lead me down the rabbit hole to order fanatec stuff I was gonna go with a ts-pc but they were sold out so I decided why not spend the extra money and get fanatec

  • You can find them through a reseller right now you just have to dig. Thinking about ordering and seeing which gets here first.

  • Did you get an answer on your ticket? I put a ticket in on Monday to see what was going on and haven’t received a answer yet

  • I placed my order on April 8th. There was some issue and they apparently created a new order on the April 16th. I heard nothing back, and sent them an inquiry, and in early May was told my order shipped on May 1st, and I should receive a tracking number. I haven't received my order as of May 13th. I continue to try to reach out to the webshop, but lead times on responses are very long, and I haven't been receiving correct information. So 5 weeks, nothing delivered yet. I am in the US, in the Midwest, which seems to be very slow to receive their orders.

    Also, I did copy and past this from another post I commented on...I suppose I am starting to get a bit frustrated, especially given the amount of money Fanatec has taken from me without anything in return to this point.

  • I am also in the mid west but like said above mine had a availability date of May 8th and I haven’t heard anything and my order says it’s still in process

  • Those who have placed orders--- which shipping option did you select?

  • I selected overnight.. I guess at this point it was kinda pointless.

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    No response on my ticket... how am I not surprised.

  • I'll jump in here also, placed an order April 24 and everything but the CSL Elite Pedals Loadcell Kit was shown as "in stock" (May 8th Availability date on the loadcell kit). I emailed later the same day asking if everything other than the loadcell kit (wheel, pedals and base) could be shipped sooner rather than waiting for everything to be in stock. I got an email reply on April 27th from Markus Mießlinger stating "We now ship your available items in advance to your pre-ordered article in the next processing.You will receive a seperate message with your shipping information such as tracking numbers after processing."

    As of May 13th I haven't heard anything about this or the follow up questions I had.

    Order placed April 24th

    2 day delivery

  • Is my math off here? No response yet and yes I have checked spam and junk....

  • Hopefully you get a response soon I mean it does say 1-4 working days to process orders so tomorrow would be 4 days since the 8th so hopefully we hear something tomorrow

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    I hope you’re correct...I know the explosion of sim racing and covid has caused issues. Getting my order past the order date isn’t a big deal. It’s the no response at all that annoys me. This is my 2nd order and I’ve spent a decent amount. A quick hey here is when your item will ship would go a long way. Or sorry orders spiked and now what you want will take till August. The main thing is communication or lack I should say. At least if I knew it was August I could return what I’ve bought so far.

  • Yeah I’m hoping most of mine doesn’t get pushed back since most of my order is still in stock so I’m hoping I can get my stuff soon I’ve been out of the sim racing scene for a few years and have been excited to get back into it

  • They have a phone number? Do you mind sharing that with me? I can’t seem to find anything except for an email address that nobody seems to check.

  • They have a phone number but it’s not worth it no one answers been calling for 4 days

  • Well all it’s official, I got a message this morning and have been told 8/7 for my wheel. I am canceling my order. The adapter is available but my wheel is not so they won’t ship anything. Going to cancel and take my business elsewhere. For the rest of my fanatec stuff EBAY here I come.

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