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What are your recommended or preferred settings (for 8nm)?


  • My ETS2 & ATS ffb settings. CSL DD - 8NM "High Power Power Pack".

  • Just wanted to say thanks for posting this. Tried it out tonight in ATS, and it feels great with my 5nm base too! 👍

  • I think things feel pretty good while driving, but I'd like to try and convey some more "weight" through the wheel when the truck is stationary so that it resists turning a bit more. Any ideas on what I should start tinkering with?

  • Hi I am new here in this forum! How can I open this file with settings you are posted? If I click the link says the page can not found?

  • Hmm yeah looks like the links got hosed, maybe from a forum update.

    That's why I hate the UI for adjusting FFB in ATS... sliders with no numbers and no discernable "notches"... makes it impossible to share settings without taking a screen grab.

    I'll see if maybe I can post my own settings later tonight. They're not *perfect*, but I think they mostly feel pretty decent.

  • CSL DD (5Nm) + McLaren GT3 v2 wheel:

    Wheel Settings (PC Mode)

    SEN 900

    FF 100

    FFS Peak

    NDP 50

    NFR 50

    NIN 25

    INT 6

    FEI 50

    FOR 120

    SPR 120

    DPR 50

    BLI User Preference

    MPS Auto

    In-game settings:

    I don't by any means claim these to be the ultimate settings, as a lot of it was just trial and error. Others may hate how this feels. But I feel like it's good enough to get what I expect from the game. Steering feels suitably heavy when the truck is stationary or moving slowly, and lightens up with speed. There's a decent amount of road feel without being too noisy. One thing to note: if you drive very much on unpaved (non-tarmac) roads, you may find that the feedback is a bit violent unless you slow right down to a crawl. I may at some point see if I can dial that down a bit without messing anything else up, but it doesn't bother me enough to want to mess with it atm.

  • Aaaaaand the devs went and completely changed the FFB with the version 1.42 update today! lol

    Guess I'll be revisiting this tonight. Will repost new settings once I come up with something I like.

  • That’s great. I want to wait for yours feedback

  • Well, I tried out the new FFB model with the 1.42 update, and...I'm a bit underwhelmed, tbh. It's apparently now using a proper physics-based model as opposed to previously where, if I understand correctly, everything had been a mixture of canned effects and simply increasing wheel resistance the further you turned from center.

    The new model is a step in the right direction I feel, for sure, but it's not quite the step up I had hoped it would be. My biggest issue is that there seems to be a sort of dead zone approximately 5 to 10 degrees to each side of center. It's not actually dead, as the wheel does respond, but it's as if the damping within that range of movement is very very low. So you'll be driving straight down the road, and if you turn the wheel slightly one way or the other, there's very little resistance, and then beyond that 5-10 degree range, you can feel that the damping of the wheel all of a sudden will ramp right up...almost like what you might feel when hitting soft lock though not as intense.

    I'm open to the possibility that it could be my inability to dial in the proper settings to counteract this issue, but I'm thinking that may not be the case, as I've seen several comments on the developers' blog and forums stating similar issues, among users of various different wheels, so it's not just a Fanatec thing or a CSL DD thing.

    Anyway, all that being said, this is what I've come up with so far. It's definitely playable, and I think it feels reasonably good. YMMV, of course:

    CSL DD (5Nm) + McLaren GT3 v2 wheel:

    Wheel Settings (PC Mode)

    SEN 900

    FF 100

    FFS Peak

    NDP 75

    NFR 50

    NIN 50

    INT 3

    FEI 80

    FOR 100

    SPR 100

    DPR 100

    BLI User Preference

    MPS Auto or ENC

    In-game settings (post 1.42 update):

    (It's nearly impossible to tell from this pic, but Engine Resonance is two tiny clicks up from the minimum value...which I think gives it just enough to be able to feel a nice subtle rumble when the engine is under load. This slider is VERY sensitive. Go much beyond where it is now and it'll feel like your whole truck is going to shake apart!)

  • Thank you very much for your effort

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