V 2.5 Wheel Base Vibration

Hi All.

My v 2.5 wheel base vibrates like crazy when i go to drive in Iracing.

It's so violent it shakes my profile rig all over.

Also when i am driving as soon as i enter a corner and steer the screen judders left to right in sync with the wheel rotation on screen.

This only happens entering a turn and not on the straights.

If i pull over and turn down the shock down to say 20-30 on the rim,the on screen judder stops?

Base is on latest firmware as is the rim and base motor.

Any suggestions..


  • Hi David,

    It would help if you could share your in game and wheel settings to see where you need to adjust. Most likely it's is your in game force/strength values along with the wheel ffb.

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    Wheel settings

    SEN 900

    FF 100

    SHO 30 anything more it vibrates like mad and causes screen judder

    ABS User Preference

    DRI -02

    FOR 100

    SPR 100*

    DPR 100*

    BRF User Preference

    FEI 100

    In Game

    Use Linear Mode: Unchecked

    Reduce force when parked: Checked

    Strength: 8.5**

    Wheel force: 8Nm

    Damping 0%

    Min Force 0.0%

  • A couple of things to try would be;


    FF 75 (increase or decrease based on the car)

    SHO (Only for steering wheels with vibration motors like Formula Wheel,BMW,Porsche 918,etc)

    FEI 80-90

    / iRacing

    Click the title "Strength" to switch it to NM and try anywhere from 8-11 depending on the car.

    iRacing FFB is a bit wonky in the first place but let me know if this helps any.

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    hi, can one explain to me one thing, i have v2.5 base and porsche rsr wheel rim when i set shock to 100 I don't feel any vibration in the steering wheel while Playing iracing (I have tried every possible car) Do I need fanaled to make the shock in steering wheel work?

    I will add that in fanatec properties when I click vibration test, the steering wheel vibrates very strongly, but in the game I can't feel it at all.

  • I believe iRacing does not support this feature, you would have to use Fanaleds. Some other games will support it natively.

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