csl DD UPS Import fees and how to pay??

Good Morning

My DD has shipped but received an email from UPS for import duties taxes and brokerage fee which i was expecting.

the issue is that i cant find any way to pay the bill, i created an account at ups tried to add my card details and it says system is experiencing issues, i called customer services and they are worse than useless and got passed from pillar to post with no-one knowing where to direct my call.

my questions is: does anyone know what number i can use to get through to the correct dept? or how else i can pay?

desperate to get this resolved....just want my new wheel :)

thanks in advance


  • You can call up and pay it directly before delivery, make sure they give you the reference number as this will be required by the delivery driver when he delivers it to prove duty has been paid in advance.

    Otherwise the delivery guy can take payment on delivery @ the door.

    From January...


  • ive tried calling, just cant seem to get through to the correct dept, as stated.

    anyone know the best number to call on? tried them all on the website and theyve been far from helpful.

  • In January I called - 0345 787 7877 to get mine done.

  • ok, ive managed to get through after trying for 2.5 hours. seems like they are having system issues.

    number i called for anyone else reading this thread (UK BASED) is: 03451 610016

    you will need invoice number and tracking number and you need to ask for an authorisation code to give the driver on delivery of the product.

    all paid now, thanks Darren.

  • David ChiengDavid Chieng Member
    edited August 2021

    cheers. will be expecting mine in 6 weeks so that number will be handy...

    as the OP's problem have been solved. anyone interested in starting a league for noobs to race together? esp even more so if we all have CSL DDs... 😜

    PC based and ACC only pls

    or if you know of a league where they separate newcomers from season pros... just want easy no fuss races... no dive bombers pls

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