How quickly are in-stock items being shipped out?

I placed a $3,000 USD order 7 days ago and haven’t received any updates. All items were marked in-stock. Order status just states “In process”.

For anyone else who has placed an order for in-stock items, what was the turnaround time for your order?


  • I ordered in stock items last Wednesday from Germany to UK. Arrived yesterday, Tuesday.

  • I placed my order on April 8th. There was some issue and they apparently created a new order on the April 16th. I heard nothing back, and sent them an inquiry, and in early May was told my order shipped on May 1st, and I should receive a tracking number. I haven't received my order as of May 13th. I continue to try to reach out to the webshop, but lead times on responses are very long, and I haven't been receiving correct information. So 5 weeks, nothing delivered yet. I am in the US, in the Midwest, which seems to be very slow to receive their orders.

  • Sheesh... the more I read, the more I'm starting to regret placing an order with Fanatec... having serious doubts that my order gets here any time soon... supposed to go in-stock on 5/15.

  • I placed a $2700.00 two days ago and paid for two day shipping. only item that wasn't marked as 'available' was the new V2 wheel. Now I look at order status and EVERYTHING is marked as 'pre-order' and availability is 22May. Would I still have purchased if the store said 'ship in ten days'? Probably would. So why say its available if it isn't. Not that hard... Posted a note to the store website and says it will take them 7 days to read it. And so, I wait, with a bad attitude...

  • I ordered a Podium F1 PS4 on Monday and it's scheduled for delivery today. 2-day shipping selected, USA.

  • I ordered V3 pedals, BPK and damper April 27th and it will be over a month before I see my order. Crazy how Europe is moving along and shipping, but USA store isnt.

  • There’s been others on this thread in the USA though that have received their orders in only a couple of days. Doesn’t seem like there’s rhyme or reason to how orders are processed, and Fanatec customer service basically seems to ignore their customers.

  • Yeah I’m having the same problem right now I ordered my stuff on Friday it was all in stock and we are almost a week from Friday and it hasn’t even been shipped yet do you have any clue what’s going on?

  • UPDATE: Appears the default delivery date posted for an order is the latest of any one thing in an order. I got an update yesterday that stuff is on the way - arrives Monday. If they are going to show that kind of 'progress' info on an order, plenty of room for improvement.

  • Hi, I have placed the preprder for the F12020 LE wheel. My question is, if I place another order for a whell which is in stock, will they arrive together when the preordered wheel be avaliable at the july or in stock one will arrive earlier and later the other?

  • Yes. Thank you for posting this. I see that now. It’s awful.

    i placed an order and all items were in stock except for one item on pre-order for July. Instead of receiving all items right away except for that one item, I’ll receive all items in July.

    So I cancelled my order to re-order only the in-stock items, and those items are now sold out. This company is truly awful. What a shit show.

  • Hi Colin, I ordered mine from the UK on Wednesday 13th, on Thursday I received an email saying it had been processed and was being sent out soon, I've yet to receive a UPS tracking number. When did you get your email with tracking number in relation to your delivery, if you don’t mind? Thanks.

  • Exact same situation with me except that everything said in stock. Only the next day after I placed my order did one item change to pre-order only. Finally gave up on their customer service after 3 weeks and canceled today.

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