Random disconnects of Porsche 911 GT3 wheel (2nd Try)

Original post above... Some text to Fanatec support below. They were quite responsive and swapped the QR Hub and Endurance Button Module. This didn't seem to fix my issue. I've just completely updated drivers and Fanalabs to the latest (v4.11 and 1.57.4). Issue still persists.

Any suggestions or similar experiences might be helpful as I reopen this with Fanatec support.

*** SNIP ***

I then swapped to the Porsche wheel...

1) if I disconnect and reconnect the USB-C connection between the Button Module and the hub, I get a complete reset (of course) but it starts with the FANATEC logo and then begins to function correctly.

2) if I drive, everything is working correctly until I see a white background screen (said in my previous post it was about 'torque'). The message appears to be a repeat of the LAST message... no FANATEC logo.

3) after the white background, it will sometimes recover and resume working... sometimes it locks up. I can always recover by unplugging the USBC (see #1 above)

4) I seem to be able to force the issue by wiggling the wheel a bit.. it often will happen mid corner as the FFB bumps and you're turning and shifting (kinda like a wiggle but caused by normal use)

5) The wheel always seems to shift reliably... I didn't really try buttons.

In summary:

- I can't find a fault in the Formula wheel connection??? maybe is means the DD1 base and female connection as part of the QR shaft is fine???

- Porsche wheel seems to be working fine for shifting... buttons untested and display of telemertry/rev LEDs is glitching/freezeing/resetting

- wiggling seems to trigger almost at will... hub???

- no noticable wear or bent /damaged pins

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