Fanalab not picking up my hardware. again

Hi all I have restarted, i have reinstalled... i am getting quite tired of this now. So I am praying to the sim gods that someone on here can help me.

I had this trouble 3 times before.. where out of nowher i'll turn my pc on and pop it is not picking up my wheel base and pedals.

now I have done everything 4 times just now praying for it to pick up and this is the damn best it is giving me. (running now on the latest drivers on both labs and driver package.)

as you can see yet again something can't be picked up correctly (my DD2) which in turn does not allow any of my ffb etc etc etc..

it has gone beyond a nightmare for me and kinda kills my experience. please any help will be great, i will be uninstalling one last time tonight and reinstalling then praying


  • Hello right just incase anyone comments I got it working again after the 7th reinstall. not sure why it does it but it is frustrating

  • if you have an anitvirus, make sure the folder for Fanalab or other apps are not being scanned and put in quarantine, and make sure that the "user account control" in Windows isn't set to high, it might interfere with the install. Just some suggestions to look at.


  • oh and right clicking on it and doing "run as administrator"

  • hey bud i had the same problem and downloaded the latest version FanaLab 1.57.4 Download (Previously 1.57.2) and problem fixed

  • I've got the problem of my pedals being picked up by Windows OK and installing, but the Fanatec driver saying there's nothing connected. Connect via the wheel hub, and they show up in the function menu but can't be updated that way. They're working fine just stock as I'm using on a ps4, but I need to update the f/w, which is now going to be a pain as they're installed and Fanatec in their wisdom have made it impossible to change leads without unbolting them first. But what a difference from Logitech.....

  • This is the wrong thread as this is not a FanaLab issue.

    Anyway, which driver do you use? If you use anything newer than 405 than you use a driver which has a new UI but that one Doesnt work with USB Pedals yet.

    As written in the Known issues of the Changelog you need to use the old Windows Gamecontroller Menu to open the old UI for USB pedals.

  • My apologies. Il know if there's a next time. I was just passing comment with someone and hadn't realised it was frowned on. I shall endeavour to make sure my next comment is more on topic. Thanks for your help as I'm new to this gear and just finding out this stuff and have never come across that before and would never have looked.

  • I noticed in my case the same thing happens when I connect the CSL DD cable via a USB hub, however if I connect it directly to the PC Fanalabs will successfully recognize the wheel.

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