CSL Universal Hub button/axes bad mapping

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I am surprised that the CSL hub doesn't have a 'button 1' for PC, which is used as a confirm key in many games.

There is a button mapped to Cross key for PS, but it mapped button 24 for PC, not button 1.

Another issue, CSL hub has 2 'ghost' axes output at 100%. For example 'CarX drifting' think this 2 axes are right stick X/Y, and the camera view keep rotation because of the axes 100% output. The P1 rim doesn't have this issue .

Axes tested under Assetto Corsa 'Content Manager', also shows the non-existent axis 4 and 5 output at their min/max position.


  • Jack PickettJack Pickett Member
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    A observation I've noticed about the wheels I own.

    Some wheels (including the original ClubSport BMW M3 GT2 and Formula wheel) start numbering at 1, shifters being 5 and 6.

    I then bought a Porsche 918 RSR. It starts numbering at 0, shifters being 4 and 5. All I did to match them up in games was add +1 to each button.

    I don't own one, but I think the CSL Universal Hub is like the Porsche 918 RSR being that the shifters have the same 4 and 5 instead of 5 and 6.

    So reality is it does have a button 1, just listed in the owners manual as 0. Add +1 to each button number.

    I noticed that the succesor to the ClubSport Porsche 918 RSR, the ClubSport Steering Wheel RSR has been numbered stating at 1, as God intended. 😉

  • No matter counting from 0 or 1, the CSL hub always lacks 1 button.

    0 based: buttons 0 2 3 4 5...

    1 based: buttons 1 3 4 5 6...

    In the image below, I reordered the numbers starting from 1 and highlighted the initial numbers, you may find there are no "button 2" on it.

  • Yes your right. Don't get a McLaren v2 either. Another guy noticed it is missing 2 buttons. I've always bought ClubSport or Podium myself. Guess this is one of those things that game developers will have to write special config files for.

  • Thanks for your info., I'll avoid buying this wheel.

    Seems it lacks of button 6 & 7. Some games uses these buttons (e.g. Forza Horizon 4)

    The old Maclaren v1 have all button 1~12 (not sure if they started from 0 or 1), interesting.

  • Jack PickettJack Pickett Member
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    These are perfect examples of the inconsistent numbering in the manuals.

    The V1 is a base 1 and the V2 is a base 0 as you mentioned.

    Adding +1 to each button on the V2 gives you the V1 equivalent. No big deal, but something to be aware of. I think Fanatec should reissue manuals with corrected numbering. They seem to have done just that with the Porsche 918 RSR (base 0) / ClubSport RS (base 1) wheel manuals.

    Where did 6 (7) & 7 (8) go? in the toggles now 32 (33) & 33 (34).

  • I don't know that I'd write off buying the McLaren wheel because of a lack of buttons designated as 6 & 7. I've played Forza Horizon 4 quite a bit with the CSL DD / McLaren v2 combo, and this hasn't been a problem. Maybe on Xbox it could pose a problem, but for PC, I was able to map all the functions I need to whichever buttons I want. The wheel base does seem to need to be in CMP mode to be properly recognized by the game, but aside from that, no issues to speak of that I've noticed.

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