Problem with F1 2021 (PC) automatic throttle and braking

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I have the CSL DD with the Formula V2.5 steering wheel and CSL pedals since today. I´m having huge issues with the settings in F1 games. Before I had a logitech wheel (with F1 mod) and everything was fine.

If I start a session, I have automatic throttle with 50% and 50% brake, the same issue is with F1 2020...I tested it. In the fanatec software everything is correct at 0%.

If I put 50% on brake/Throttle pedal "play" and saturation to 100% in F1 2021 settings . But this cant be the solution. The first 50% of both pedals have no function then. So undriveable...

Also the LED have no function. Thats a small problem, but must work for this price.

Did anyone have this problem before or knows how to fix this please?


Stefan (son of Klaudia) ;)

PS: reinstall of the software or installation of fanlab - no change. even without any software it was 50% brake and 50% throttle...


  • Hi,

    I have the same setup and everything is ok : are you sure you have the CSL DD in compatiblity mode ?

  • Markus RauhMarkus Rauh Member
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    I have the exact same setup and had the exact same problem...switching from PC Mode to Compatiblity Mode fixed it.



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