So i ordered about 900$ worth of kit on may 12... Fanatec hasnt even processed the order?


  • also, i ordered the csl v1.1 base, v2 f1 rim and csl pedals AND the load cell. Everything was in stock and ready to ship execpt the l.c. which i think said july 10. does that mean that none of the stuff is going to ship till then or do they piece it out anyway as soon as they can?

  • @ryan, I’m going to say one delivery for all because I recently ordered wheel, base & pedals. The base was pre-order for 12 June but my whole order says pre-order even though the rest is in stock. My issue is the pedals are now pre-order for July, hoping I don’t have to wait until July and they put mine to one side!

  • Exact same thing happened to me. I ordered on May 6th. CSL elite, BMW wheel, regular pedals and load cell. Everything said in stock when I ordered. Finally on May 15th in response to several messages they said that they were shipping it because the load cell was on pre-order (and they ship it all together when available). I tried replying a million times to say please ship immediately without the load cell – never got a reply. Their customer service answering machine is full. I finally gave up today and canceled the order, but I guess the cancellation isn't immediate, so now I have to wait another 2 weeks for their customer service to approve it or something ridiculous like that.

  • My open letter to Fanatec... Please join in the thread if you are experiencing similar issues.

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