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  • Is the driver working fine and shows the base correctly.........?

  • force feedback feels fine for me. dont know where to make sure the base is shown correct

  • Its now the third time I ask....

    Is the Base properly shown in the DRIVER?????

    Open the Fanatec Control Panel...

  • To all involved at Fanatec...

    I just wanted to say a big thank you for sorting the rF2 telemetry for DRS and Flags!

    Sometimes its right to get positive feedback ;-)



  • confirm CSP V2 crash fixed

    they are recognised in driver431 but fanalab 1.60.6 nothing

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    I'm pretty sure with Fanalab 1.57 (I think) I was able to get my rev LEDs to blink when the pit limiter is active.

    I can't seem to get this blink with 1.60.... am I missing something or misremembering?

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    Nope, this was never a feature in any Fanalab version yet. So must be misremembering... ^^

    It's a planned feature for sometime in the future though.

  • I have a DD2, running driver 431 and Fanalab v1.60.6. Yesterday I purchased Grid. Fanalab detects the game but doesn't show any settings.

    Existing Game

  • Force feedback feels somehow rubbery now with 1.60.6. and updated driver an all firmware's. Also got FFB working but base and wheel not shown in Fanalab so reinstalled FanaLB and then showed it correctly. Sim is ACC. It was perfect with test motor firmware and 1.60.2 fanalab an driver combo.

    Damper 15

    NF off

    NI 1

    INT 1

  • This is reproducible. It happens every time.

    Have a game running, Alt-Tab, switch back to windows to make changes in Fanalab, and Fanalab disappears from the taskbar.

    I've been doing this for a long time. I don't remember this happening in the past. After doing an Alt-Tab, Fanalab would do weird things when it was minimized. It never crashed.

    Windows 10 is fully updated.

    NVIDIA 2080ti 7860x1440

  • I went back and took another look at Fanalab and your answer is partially correct.

    When a game has recommended settings on the Fanalab website, the Recommended Settings button isn't grayed out and a default profile exists. I.E second graphic for (Recommended FFB settings Podium DD2 F120).

    Neither is the case for Grid.

  • Wanted to provide an update. This only happens with Grid. I bought the game two days ago so that's why I never saw it before. It happens every time you Alt-Tab out of the game. It doesn't happen with any other game.

    I downgraded to 1.57.4 and the corresponding driver and it does the same. Crashes when you Alt-Tab, Recommended FFB settings is grayed out, no Recommended FFB Settings profile.

    While Fanalab detects the game being installed, it doesn't seem to like it very much beyond that. I run the following thru Fanalab: ACC, ETS2/ATS, Dirt Rally 2.0, Project Cars 2, F1 2020, Wreckfest, Nascar 4 & 5, WRC8, WRC9, and RFactor 2. None of them have ever behaved like Grid.


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    Recommended Profile is greyed out because its such an old Arcade game that there were never any recommended profiles made for this Game and they never will be made in the future so it will always stay greyed out.

  • Since it's an available game in Fanalab how do I get it to stop crashing when I Alt-Tab from the game.

  • No idea. Most likely its something related to the game when its the only game where its crashing...

  • I posted in the AMS2 topic section but double posting here too, hope that's OK;


    I've been testing your latest drivers, software and recommended settings for AMS2 and when I crash into objects i get very strong jolts/spikes in FFB where I've come very close to causing serious injury. I've reported this to AMS2 forums but some are saying this is the hardware settings fault. I've tried messing with all the settings and no matter what i try this continues to happen. If i turn down the overall gain i most FFB while normal driving so this is not an option.

    Any suggestions? Is this the game or the drivers/hardware settings?

    I have the DD2 with 1.6.06 fanalab and 431 drivers. Using profiles uploaded here as well as recommended settings within fanalab. Profile in AMS2 = Default+

  • The Default+ Profile is just so violant and there is not much you can do to prevent this other than lowering FFB Strength...

    But this is not a FanaLab issue though so its better to discuss this elsewhere in the AMS2 Forum section here.. ;)

  • Hm, would love to hear something about the f1 2021 telemetry support? Anything to share? eta?

  • Thanks for confirming. I will continue to report there. Great job with the software so far, coming along great!

  • Can we get a link to profiles that are game related (already existing functionality) AND linked to a specific car?

    I'm just learning how to use this great tool but I'd like a profile for each car I'm racing and have Fanalab to have an option to load that profile when iRacing launches with a specific car... maybe this is possible already and I'm just not seeing it?

    Also... is there a way to disable the automatic load of a 'default'? Until something like the feature I'm asking about above is available, I feel like I'm fighting with Fanalab as it keeps changing my profile away from what I want as iRacing starts

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    Is there any specific reason why the Brake Bias in ACC can't be shown in the 7 Segment display of a Formula V2 or BMW GT2?

    Since it is supported on the ITM of the Button Module Endurance I guess the data is available to be read out...

    I really liked the feature of TC, ABS and Engine map changes being displayed in the display, because it is really useful when using the 12 position switch on the Formula V2, basically don't need a HUD anymore. The only thing that is missing here though is the aforementioned brake bias.

    Hope you can have a look at it, and find a way to enable it similiar to the other settings.

    Anyways keep up the good job you guys are making👍

  • don't expect an answer, my questions about this have also been ignored so far 

  • Maurice first of all , thx to sharing your great work , my english is not perfect , but i will try to explain my problem

    I use your profil for ACC and differents cars , just in your ACC ingame setting you talk about

    Car specific FFB adjustment in ffbUserSettings.json (NOT overall Gain!): Ferrari 488 GT3 (same for the EVO car): 75% (0.7500002384185791)

    I try to go in that files to modify but it appears only "mapCarUserGain"

    So how to modify ?

  • How can I change the 'setup index 1' on the pre-installed game profiles?

    I want to load the game profile in to setup position 2 or 3 or 4 etc

    Loading a profile just puts it into position 1 all the time

  • I figured a way around it.

    Load each profile.

    Export said profile.

    Edit said profile.

    I've now loaded 5 separate game profiles and they load into each of the 5 positions designated by my edit.

    They're the exact same is the pre-installed ones except I changed the setup index to my liking.

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    my podium endurance button module doesn't show up in Fanalab with this version and latest firmwares. it seems to have disappeared from the firmware manager as well

    this is a really big problem. I can't see my steering wheel in my car in game so I have to use the LED lights for revs for shifting

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    Then it's a connection issue, so driver/Firmware issue and not a Fanalab issue.

  • ok - I swapped USB ports for the DD1 connection and it reappeared. thx

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