CSL DD base disconnects when wheel attached

CSL DD, wheel is McLaren V2.

Base always recognized but the instant I attach wheel the base disconnects. Does this after 434 driver.

Thought that has to do with shaft but reattached and checked everything. Have to restart driver and base and sometimes it's recognized sometime comes a small window which says to reinstall wheel firmware.


  • On Reddit are many others who have the same issue. Any tips.

  • Tim KocksTim Kocks Member
    edited December 2021

    Hmm, judging from the issue I'd still only could think of the shaft connection issue. As the disconnection of the shaft will (eventually) cause the Base to disconnect. The fact it does it after a new driver install seems weird though.

    If it's not the shaft issue I'd try downgrading the software and firmware a version.

    You could try another rim, but I figure you don't have easy access to one.

    Did you reattach the shaft completely? or just retighten the C-clamp? When retightening the clamp, have the base on and a wheel on it. This way you can adjust the clamp till you see the base and wheel show up on the driver page.

    It would be nice if you can post the exact update message you receive. It's hard to judge if there's an issue with the wheel rim's firmware or the new driver sees there's new firmware available for the rim but disconnects before you can apply it.

  • Thanks for answering. It does it less if everything is connected before PC start. Dont have access to another wheel unfortunately. I took the shaft out and checked connection, everything seemed ok. The message just dissapears quickly and I see it for a second after disconnect. If I downgrade then how to downgrade firmware, through firmware manager?

  • It's been a while as my last downgrade was back when I got my previous CSW 2.5 (turned out to be usb port on my pc), but the Firmware manager makes sense.

    I had the connection issues during the first real FFB in game. But I could replicate it , just looking at the driver page, turning the wheel back and forth and seeing it disconnecting.

    If the wheel or base disconnects on FFB input or turning the wheel rapidly it's probably the shaft thing and the firmware message just being related to the newer driver install. (I believe it only asks for firmware compatible with the driver version, it only saw a new update after install.)

  • I redid the shaft and I think I put more torque on screw. Now it seems to work.

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