Csl dd feeling grainy

Had the csl dd for months and last night in a race I can feel like a grainy feel in the base.


  • Hello, in my case they began to be noticed in the games after updating, what I did and it worked for my base, is to enter game properties and delete the engine calibration and reload, Fanatec I do not understand why it does not explain that step nowhere.

  • In what application do you do this? Fanalab?

  • no, in windows, device properties and games, two Fanatec will appear ... you give peopiedades and after canceling a warning that you use the new interface, the "old" will open, check that the base is detected correctly and follow the steps, it is important to do this at your own risk, I saw that information that accompanied the bases Qd1 and 2.


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    For example, in yours it will appear CSL-DD

  • hello again, in that photo you can see how it turns out to me, in my case it had the feeling of grainy and notches, in the games after updating the base, I saw that information in the DD2 and when consulting with Fanatec support I did not get a response And I played it, after deleting and calibrating the motor sensor again, that sensation of notches disappears, it would be good that from support they will tell us if there is a risk to steel it, since that option has disappeared in the new interface.

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