CSL DD feels scratchy


last week I received my CSL DD. At the weekend I installed it to my rig.

After about 15 minutes of usage it starts to feel a little bit "scratchy" even though when I don't run any game.

The feeling is hard to describe. So for me it is hard to say it is the accuracy or there is maybe something wrong with my unit. Does anybody else have this feeling of there is something not very smooth inside the wheelbase?

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  • When the base is turned off or no game is running that sends FFB data then this is a normal behavior of an electric motor. The one motor has it more then the other but it will always be there in some degree because of the magnets in side the motor.

    During use and the game is sending FFB data to the base this should be gone.

  • thanks for your reply. It is not feeling of the jumping from one magnet to the other. It is in much finer grain. The behaviour you described goes away. Also my scratchy feeling is only when the wheelbase is turned on. Not when it is turned off.

  • Do you mean that the movement feels like when ABS engages in a car, that slight shaking? It can have to do with the dampening effect. Try reseting the FFB in the Fanatec software.

  • I think my CSL DD is acting the same way like there's some kind of cogging going on. I know there's supposed to be the expected cogging effect caused by the magnets but this is more like 40 cogs every 360 degrees which are noticeable both with the unit turned on and off. It's much better in-game but I wouldn't call it smooth and you can definitely feel the cogs even if it's way more subtle. 

    Tried both resetting all the FFB settings and turning everything to zero but the cogging is quite noticeable no matter what you do it seems.

    As someone who never owned a DD wheel before I'm not sure if this is totally normal or if something is off so it would be much appreciated if someone with more experience would chime in.

  • Even when the wheel is turned on you can feel it, especially like you said in the TS no game is running.

    I don't own a CSL DD so don't know how strong that behaviour is. But my DD1 also shows this behaviour when it's turned on but no game is runninig that sends FFB.

    Once you are in game and the game sends FFB info the feel should not be there, atleast on my DD1 it is completely gone in that situation. Maybe you have a setting that is to low or high. For example FEI 100 can also give a bit of disconnected jumpy feel, also a to low INT value can make the feeling scratchy.

    What values are you guys using for FEI and INT?

  • I've tried with both lower FEI and higher INT but it makes almost no difference, unfortunately. 

    Mainly tested ACC and F1 2021 with Fanatec recommended settings and if you go slow weaving left and right you could definitely feel a very subtle cogging. When not in any game it feels like exactly the same type of cogging just cranked up times five. 

    I wouldn't call it a major problem but reading so many people describing it as silky smooth makes me wonder if my unit has some kind of problem.

  • I think there are two issues being described in this thread:

    1. Cogging torque
    2. "Scratchy" feeling

    I got my CSL DD yesterday and am updated to the latest firmware. To me the cogging torque is acceptable when powered and not an issue to me. This is subjective of course. But I do feel cogging torque should be discussed in a different thread.

    I have the same issue as OP - Martin Fleth-Jagielski . My base feels smooth when unpowered (except for some cogging torque), even smoother when initially powered, before developing a slight scratchy or grainy feeling some minutes after being powered. If I turn the wheel off this feeling goes away immediately.

    If I turn the DD on and immediately launch ACC I can normally set a lap or two with it feeling smooth before the scratchy feeling starts. It feels like it starts suddenly rather than a gradual onset. The scratchy feeling doesn't make it undrivable, but certainly less enjoyable, especially as the first few laps are very smooth.

    I am trying to build up a better picture before submitting a support ticket. I just tried turning the base on without the PC even turned on and the same behaviour occurs - smooth initially before becoming scratchy a few minutes after turning the base on.

    Hopefully this is a firmware issue rather than hardware. I am hoping so seeing as it is smooth unpowered and initially following power on. Is anyone else having this issue or know is Fanatec are aware of it?

  • Mine is scratchy only when I have INT turned to off, but if I set it to 1 or above its is smooth. This can be replicated.

  • Ah interesting. I am running ACC with Fanatec recommended settings (INT 4), so this might be a different issue. I will try playing around with the INT value to see if it has any effect.

  • I gave it a try. The scratchy feeling is indeed very similar to that felt by running with INT 0. But the issue I'm having is not related to the INT setting as it still occurs with INT 4 and even higher values.

    I played around will all parameters to see if anything could get rid of the underlying scratchy feeling that sets in after some minutes of the wheel being powered. Nothing made any difference. In fact, the issue still occurs with FF 0, which to me suggests this is something to do with the wheelbase itself. This is backed up by the fact I can reproduce the issue with my PC off.

  • after a few more rides I have some more Informations to share.

    It got a littler bit better over the time. But it is not fixed at all. The explanation from @Matty3126 is good!

    From my point of view I can enjoy the smoothness longer when I decreased the strength. Then I played a little bit around, when does it happen to feel scratchy. For me it happens in 2 situations. A lot of times when the force feedback is using all the power it needs. Like a crash or typical clipping. The other situation is, when I'm driving through a longer turn with high torque, which doesn't hit full Force Feedback. This is like the last corner in Interlagos.

    I use the recommended settings from Fanatec for iRacing.

  • Try to set DPR to off.

  • I tried it but nothing was different regarding the scratchiness

  • Found any solutions here? I bought the dd with the standard power supply at first and had a pretty good feeling but still got to the conclusion that I wanted to update to the boost kit and right away the cogging issues started for me, feels like I have tried all different tuning settings available but still can’t get rid of cogging, when I start driving it’s present but not too bad but it’s only getting worse the longer I play.. (F1 2021)

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    any update? my new csl dd has the exact same nano electrical vibration after power on and in game after 10-15mins of driving.

  • I did a RMA. They checked it, but said everything is fine. When it came back, it was the same. They said I should try it on a different rig. So did I use a different rig, a different PC, even a different powersupply. It all came to the same conclusion, that it still has it.

    Now it is back at Fanatec a second time. I won't be satisfied until it is fixed.

  • I just got my CSL DD and i THINK i have the same thing but want to use it a bit longer to make sure. Let me know how it goes :)

  • Add me to this list. I am experiencing the same behaviour. It feels like there are dozens of tiny, tiny buzzers on the shaft causing nonstop slight high frequency vibrations. It comes after 10-15 minutes and disappears when the base "resets" for example in depot. I added external active fan blowing over the unit and it seems it solved it.

  • I have logged a case for mine to see what they say. My mates does not do this.

  • I have found my CSL DD to have the really annoying high frequency vibrations - it's always done it, but it's been sporadic at best, and someone said it was linked to the rotary encoders being on Constant, so changed that to Pulse, or auto, however it's started doing it constantly now, from the minute i leave the pits, the wheel is vibrating, it's horrible....

    Has anyone made any progress on getting this sorted?

  • Is there already a solution ?

    I got my wheel on Friday. It has the same scratchy.

  • I am sending my wheel back for them to look at. Not sure they believe me yet though lol.

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  • I got mine back yesterday. It was in the same Package, but it looks like a replacement. At least it is smooth now. :) So when I drive ,especially on straights, I only feel the road and nothing different :)

  • That’s what I want to hear :). Just posted mine off today.

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    Thank you for the update. Gives me hope! How long was your base away for each time?

    Please keep us updated on how this goes. I'm hoping we only have to send our bases off the once, rather than Martin Fleth-Jagielski's experience of having to send it back a second time.

  • The first time it was 2 days at fanatec the second time only 3h. The rest is depending where you are located and how long the packages need to get from you and back to you.

  • I received an email today. No errors were found. I can now have the money back or the base.

    I asked again whether the base can be exchanged.

    Now wait for an answer from support

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    I have also experienced that buzzing feeling in the FFB a few times during a couple of weeks of usage of the CSL DD. I'm not sure if there is something specific that triggers it. It is not game specific, it has happened in multiple games. It has always appeared for a for maybe a minute and has dissappeared after a FFB setting change or an in-game restart/back to pits event.

    It is not the magnetic motor cogging feeling.

    It is not any steering wheel vibration motors.

    It feels as if the FFB has a very high frequency buzzing sensation to it, or almost if the shaft was moving with sand in its bearings. If I remember correctly the buzzing feeling only appears when you are turning the steering wheel against the FFB. You can't feel the buzz when the steering wheel is stationary.

    I would guess that some interference is somehow leaking into the FFB signal.

    It is not a huge issue for me. CSL DD feels fantastic otherwise.

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