WHERE MY ORDER 1076376 is from 05/08/2020.


I wrote in support several times on the basis of this order, there is NO answer. Keeping emotions, PLEASE give me an answer WHERE MY ORDER 1076376 is from 05/08/2020.


  • You've only waited 14 days? HA the majority of us have over a month wait time so far.

  • Yeah... my order from April 13th isn't even processed so prepare to play the waiting game.

  • did y'all buy the bundle?

  • No, I ordered the CS v2.5 base, V3 pedals, Universal Hub, and a table clamp on 4/17. I had an availability date of 5/22 and when I checked it today it said 6/12 on the base, 5/22 on the hub/clamp, and no date was even showing for the pedals.

  • Yes- first it said may 15, then May 22, now June... without one bit of communication from Fanatec.

  • i had place an order for the CSL bundle and Load Cell kit but I cancelled after date was pushed back. still thinking about order what i see available like the CSL elite, basic pedals and the BMW GT wheel.

  • I've just ordered pedals, DD1 and F1 wheel - no response from Fanatec, they have my cash, no replies, no updates on order and when I ordered it said in stock ready for shipping - which is why I bought it.

    Very disappointing first experience. And it looks like I'm not the only person - they need to make an effort or someone else will take the business away from them,

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    Very frustrated. Placed USA order on April 29...CSL Elite racing wheel, pedals and load cell kit. Wheel was on preorder for May 15, pedals available. Emailed Fanatec about my order on May 18. They replied with generic email. Tried calling several times...nothing. My concern now is that by the time the wheel is in stock the pedals may be preorder. Can’t speak to a human at Fanatec. Checked my order status this morning....preorder is now June 12th. I hear Fanatec has great products, but customer service is crap!! You would think they would at least have some notice or update on their website about the crappy shipping!!!

    I see they have donated a lot of masks, which is great, but that also tells me there must be a lot of upset customers not getting the products they paid for.

  • After reading comment above I have checked my order and discovered that Availability date ( which is pressume is date when it will be shipped ? ) was moved 1 month from original posted date on time of purchase. Dissapointed :(

  • Can you screenshot where you see availability date on your order while masking out any personal info? I have never seen this.

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    The last part is what bugs me, there's been no communication at all. It'd be one thing if we just created an order and they didn't charge us until it shipped but they charge us right then, warranty starts right then and then we don't even know if the date they say our stuff will ship is the date it will.

    Mine is now June 12th instead of May 22nd(for some reason it was showing 15th but I expected the 22nd as that's what it originally was when I ordered and went to the 15th after they sent it to the warehouse for processing and then sent it back to where ever.

    Without hearing anything from Fanatec, we can't even be sure the 12th of June is going to be when we get our stuff... If I'm waiting until June, I might as well cancel my order and get a way better direct drive wheel from someone else. I wanted to get back into the Fanatec ecosystem but not sure if that is the right direction I should go now.

    With the amount of people canceling their orders, you think they would say something... But they can make posts about their new wheel or how many masks they donated... Nothing for their current customers though.

  • My items on the shopping page say "ready to ship" but on my order view page they say "preorder with no date" - what does that mean? Is it in stock or not?

    If I'd known they were this bad I wouldn't have spend thousands of EUR :(

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    I placed my order for the csl bundle back on April 30th sent a email last Thursday it said there would be a 7 day reply time and its been 8 days i get the delay with the pandemic and all but us customers are paying a lot of money and most of us haven’t gotten any type of updates witch is kinda sad.

  • Just canceled mine- I’ll take my business elsewhere.... assuming they actually refund my $$$....

  • The bundle I ordered on April 13th was "ready to ship" as well and I'm now being told June 12 after multiple delays. Although it's probably later than that now since the last email I sent was 10 days ago and I've gotten no response. Can't believe they think ignoring customers is ok. Plenty of time to send products out to pro drivers and set up events but no support for paying customers...

  • Yea... this is what's frustrating, they successfully brought a new wheel (2020 limited edition F1 Wheel) to market and even were able to send it to influencers for youtube videos, but for a regular order they can't even get anything out the door...

    I was going to pull the trigger and get in line for a CSW 2.5 and a Nascar CSW wheel but right now, after seeing recent posts where it's still a complete disaster... i'm going to hold off again. I've even started looking at alternatives, which I thought i'd never do.

    Also where is the community manager in all this, there is one, i know because I've seen the posts. Why hasn't there been a response, or broad message communicating the exact details of the situation.

    Why not go to a temp agency and hire 15 people just to answer phones and respond to emails for the next month or two. Honestly it can't be that hard to train someone to do that in short order. The lack of communication is killing this brand's reputation.

  • Shocking news Josh - I'd shame them on Twitter expect I don't use it. They clearly don't care about customers here - maybe public shaming is the only way. Get a Pro driver with free kit off them to do it! Hahahaha!

  • I had the same thought about hiring a temp agency or something. It's understandable that things will get crazy with everything that's been going on in the world and sim-racing community. We don't need shipments out the door immediately, but we do need communication. I've never handed over $1k+ and just been ignored.

    A small team of people dedicated to responding to emails and answering calls would be money well spent on Fanatec's end. I don't expect miracles but I do expect to know where my order stands.

  • Pretty sad when your customers are the ones coming up with the solutions to your problems and then paying you thousands of dollars for it to fall on deaf ears lol.

  • For those that cancelled how long did it take to get your money refunded? Mine says needs clarification.

  • Apparently we are all writing here for each other. The support of the Fanatec is not responding here. I don’t even know where else to write.

  • 2 days for me i used paypal from my checking account visa

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    "The last part is what bugs me, there's been no communication at all. It'd be one thing if we just created an order and they didn't charge us until it shipped but they charge us right then, warranty starts right then and then we don't even know if the date they say our stuff will ship is the date it will."


    FYI: The warranty does not start until after the products have shipped. I know there has been some confusion about this.

  • My open letter to Fanatec... Please join in the thread if you are experiencing similar issues.

  • If you go under Orders and select your order, you will have listed products in that particular order. For each product there is written Availability date. This could be date for newer units , but based on rage in forums I believe that this is actual date for my units.

  • But then again cloud appeared over my head. I have checked BMW GT2, F1 V2 and CSW 2.5 availabilities in shop right know and wheels are ready to ship, while in order description mentioned above availability date is set to 3 july. So I guess I will have to wait and see what comes out of this. Will update here when I receive my kit.

  • No such info in my orders. Maybe this only shows on EU website?

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    I live in US and my order has availability date of June 5th. I don't think it will be coming anytime near that date after reading the numerous comments today :(

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