Preorder pushed out another month...Fanatec silence

Very frustrated. Placed USA order on April 29...CSL Elite racing wheel, pedals and load cell kit. Wheel was on preorder for May 15, pedals available. Emailed Fanatec about my order on May 18. They replied with generic email. Tried calling several times...nothing. My concern now is that by the time the wheel is in stock the pedals may be preorder. Can’t speak to a human at Fanatec. Checked my order status this morning....preorder is now June 12th. I hear Fanatec has great products, but customer service is crap!! You would think they would at least have some notice or update on their website about the crappy shipping!!!

I see they have donated a lot of masks, which is great, but that also tells me there must be a lot of upset customers not getting the products they paid for.


  • YOU BET - I wish I'd never bothered ordering. Terrible service.

  • i had a similar concern so i ended up ordering the items separately. ended up working in my favor because the wheel i wanted went out of stock later like i anticipated.

    just cancel your pre order and re order everything separately i rather pay more in shipping than having to wait even longer

  • How long after cancelling was your money refunded? I just cancelled my order and says waiting for clarification.

  • We can likely expect ***something *** on Monday or Tuesday... assuming billing / "cUsToMEr SErViCe" operates out of Germany, and the US location is only a warehouse / distribution center..

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    I ordered the CSL Elite and V3 Pedals on 22Apr. CSL Elite availability date was April 28. V3 Pedals available June 4th. Didn't bother requesting to ship separately and now CSL Elite wheel is pushed back to June 12th, but by that time the V3's will probably be pushed back to maybe July!? August?!

    I patiently waited for just over a month only to be mocked by more delays. Now I'm at point where I don't know if I want be out 900 bucks with nothing to show for it but a made up availability date for a product that nobody at the company knows when it will be in stock or just go straight to Accuforce and Heusinkveld

  • Something similar happened to me today!Everything is in stock on their website except the wheelbase v2.5 that it is suppose to be in stock since the 22nd of May. I have placed the order the 14th of May and now everything has been pushed from the 3rd of July but it doesn't make sense as everything is in stock!! I am getting crazy with this people :-(

  • My open letter to Fanatec... Please join in the thread if you are experiencing similar issues.

  • Hi guys, it's difficult for me to comment on individual cases here, as there could be different reasons for a delay with each one, and only the sales team can discuss provide that information to the customer. As far as I'm aware, there has been no general delay to orders recently.

    Please send me a private message if you wish to discuss this further.


    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • I reached out to Dom yesterday and have not heard back from him. Like I stated in my previous post, I placed an order on April 29th for the CSL Elite racing wheel and the CSL Elite Pedals LC. The CSL Elite racing wheel was on preorder with availability of May 15th when I placed the order. That has now been pushed out to June 12th.  At the time of my purchase and up until today, the pedals had been available. Today, the pedals are showing Availability of July 10th. I have asked Dom for an update on my order (sent him my order #) AND if they are holding a set of pedals for my order WHICH I PAID FOR. If Fanatec sold MY PEDALS THAT WERE PAID FOR BY ME to someone that subsequently only ordered items that were in stock that is FRAUD! You cannot sell 1 set of pedals to 2 customers!! I NEED AN EXPLANATION ASAP! 

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