Clubsport 2.5 wheelbase 220 euro

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Pm for picture

Can ship from Denmark.

Warranty 1 year.

Price 220 euro


-Revolut user and payment link




  • I’ve owned the original CSL Elite, the CSL Elite PS4, and the v2.5. Yes there’s a noticeable different between all 3.

    If you already don’t own the CSL, buy the v2.5 and buy a cheaper rim. If you already have a CSL, don’t buy it.

    IMO: the differences are subtle, and I would be more more than happy to recommend the CSL Elite over the v2.5 if you are on a budget

    Depends on what pedals you can afford.

    If 2.5 and v3 pedals are in the budget go for that for sure.

    If you can’t I would 100% go for csl elite and v3 pedals. In fact it’s what I went for when I got into sim racing and I’m extremely happy with it. Wouldn’t trade the pedals for the csl ones.

  • Milo VMilo V Member

    i'm interested

  • Just for info Allan. Are you buying this.

    Because you sent me a messages about the other one ?? And that was is sold ?? Read the commentes.. why then hanging people out for something they don't are I'f is sold. ???

    Sold means sold.. then there is no reason to keep answer you on social media ???

    .but this one is for sale.

  • Milo VMilo V Member

    Don't buy anything from this guy. He scammed me out of 215 euro and I never got anything

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