GT DD Pro Shaft Disconnect Permanent fix found?

I started having the shaft disconnect issue last week, seen around the forums. I ran the fix recommended:

And it worked, but now it's doing it quite often. I've had to do it every hour or so. I have tightened it as much as I can with a standard Hex Key, but it keeps happening.

I do not want to RMA it if possible due to what i've read on the forums lately, but I am also a bit afraid to apply any more pressure, like using a lever to tighten it more as I do not want to break it.

Has anyone had any luck fixing this permanently?

And how tight is too tight?


  • Gagaryn .Gagaryn . Member

    Get a cheap torque wrench. That way you will be able to set it to the correct torque easily - and know that you have set it to the correct torque. I had a quick look on Amazon and saw this one which might be decent - Uk but I'm sure they will be similarly priced wherever you are

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  • 15NM should be good. That's pretty tight. make sure you have the clamp as close as possible towards you

  • Gagaryn .Gagaryn . Member

    10 Nm. It's in the diagram that you attached to your first post. :-)

  • I read in another official post that 15NM is also tolerated. If 10NM doesn't work you're good to go to 15NM.

  • Oh i didn't read it as that. I see i see. ok ty.

  • I've seen 15Nm as well, coming from Dominic himself as I recall. I don't have the link handy but I'm sure I've seen it.

  • All due respect to Maurice, but he is not a Fanatec employee.

    I did manage to find this link, however:

  • Gagaryn .Gagaryn . Member

    This seems like fire fighting to me. The engineers who actually designed this will have stated the max torque for a reason - they will have calculated that this is the max force that can be applied without detriment to other components. This is an engineers job. Further down the line it will have been apparent that there is an issue, so customer service people may have made an arbitrary solution to simply tighten the screw more. This may work or it may lead to other issue - maybe screws stripping or deformation of the shaft - either immediately or over time. I'd be inclined to trust the engineers over the beta testers or customer relations people.

    There is a problem with these bases that needs fixed by redesign. Sadly that won't help those who have bought already.

  • Thanks Gregg that’s the one I also saw before which is more official but I get lost in these forums. Hope this solves the OPs issues. Looks like we users have to band together and act as a plan B for customer care these days given that they are just AWOL.

    Gagaryn concerns are correct and in general I do feel like a beta tester for the dd pro and have concluded that fanatec is not actually in the consumer market. They sent me Test Motor Firmware to solve an issue on my base and asked me to give feedback. This makes me doubt their processes in general about engineers actually checking max force etc then you have a stopgap solution from customer care to just tighten more. I saw one post where someone tightened this collar to the point that the screw was slightly sticking out the other end. I think that’s more than 15nm and I would hate to go that far.

  • I believe you may have left a very small gap between the hub and the black clamp. The Fanatec photo is misleading in my opinion, there is a slight gap between the two sides but there must not be. The two pieces must touch each other as much as possible.

    The hub is cone-shaped, so if the black clamp tightens even slightly on the tapered part, it will have the effect of spitting out the hub, rather than holding it.

    Bad design, I don't understand why not to insert a through bolt, but even to make the hub in a conical shape, it seems absurd to me.

  • Gagaryn .Gagaryn . Member

    Without sounding like a stuck record, Fanatec priced the DD remarkably aggressively. This might show some short sightedness - to meet the desired price point some design compromises will have been made. There is no point marketing a cheap DD if the cheap DD has unacceptable failure rates. I know that they did expect higher than historical warranty claims but I fear that things are worse than they expected.

  • They should have offered just one 8nm version of the dd pro for like 100€ more for example and could have added qc measures for this extra price per unit. We all know that power supply they offer for 150€ in bulk is 4€ Per unit. All of us who upgrade to 8nm are also stuck with a 5nm power supply we will never use and can basically throw away.…….what a waste of resources……….and money as well.

  • Well, they really should have just used a screw on solution that pulls the shaft in tight and secures it. I'm sure the reduction of issues would have made up for the money spent. And for $600.00 I guess i'd expect it.

    People like to talk about how budget friendly this base is, but to many of us it is not. It cost more than my PS5 that's full of chips that are crazy expensive atm. I know it's a niche market, but it's super frustrating to spend money on something that is supposed to be better than Logi/Thrustmaster and to find yourself troubleshooting all the time. :(


    I seem to have it on good now, but I haven't had time to test it out properly yet. Will do tonight.

    Thanks for the help! Ill report back if it keeps up.

  • Wishing all the best and if it is sorted it stays that way!

  • I've had issues with games (F1 in particular) where the wheel needs to be turned on and in the proper compatibility mode before I open the game for it to work in game.

    If I turn on my PS5 and F1 is open, I'll be able to navigate the PS menu without issue but the game won't detect the inputs from the wheel until I force close and then re-open the game.

  • Hi!

    Icing on the s***tcake, and please forgive me for using these words 😉

    Fanatec should send torque wrench for free to customers, seems quite a necessary part of the experience, being more in the race "climax", no?

    (yes I'm being sarcastic)

    Ridicolous and pathetic, to say the least.

    But yes, I confess, few weeks ago I did search for a cheap one, my Fanatec equipment still in their original boxes since delivery, thinking "I'd better get one just in case, yes, look what's happening with this stuff!".

    No, I didn't....because of my opinion on this specific "issue".

    This is so unbelievably ridicolous, truly. 😊

    Wish a wonderful day to everyone!


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