Fanatec v3 inverted - LOAD CELL BROKEN IN 2.

Hello fanatec, My load cell of my v3 inverted is broken in two. I dont want to wait untill you finaly answer my email. Can someone provide me a link to order this. Bye the way, broken pedals after 1,5 year witch costed 600€+ is not good!


  • Brake behaves like this. When you strart trail braking its flipping between 80 and 60%

  • Jon KramerJon Kramer Member
    edited May 13

    There is no link to order a v3 load cell.

    You need to submit a support ticket and they will quote you a price when they reply......

    Not sure why they don't list this to order on their website like they do for the replacement load cells for the other versions of their pedals, but it is what it is.

    I am currently waiting for a reply for a replacement load cell for my v3's.

    My load cell is fine, just want a spare just in case as I don't want to wait weeks for one if mine does fail at some point.

    $20 plus shipping is worth it to have a spare even if I never need it 😁.

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