Wireless Quick Release Update Mode Error:

Good morning everyone, I recently asked the Firmware Manager to look for an update, and after installing the "PC DRIVERS 439" my CSL DD base is no longer seen with F software, the only replay I get is:

Wireless Quick Release Update Mode

Error: Connect device failed(Error: Initial ping failure: No response received for ping command.).

Power OFF the wheel base and retry update.

after serveral restart of the base, of the PC... unistall and re-install the 439 driver, my base is stuck, no longer available. Even if i open my simracong software nothing...

Could you help me, please ?


  • I have the same issue with my DD1.

    You need to open support ticket and request RMA.

    They will ask you to try the following so to avoid delays you should try this 1st and include it when you create the support ticket:

    Please make sure the wheel base is connected directly to your PC without using any USB extensions, USB hubs and not even a PCIe expansion card.

    Please follow the instruction step by step (very important).

    -Remove the steering wheel and disconnect everything from the wheel base, except the power and usb cable.

    -Reset the wheel base to the default settings according to the instructions. https://forum.fanatec.com/discussion/1758/symptom-fanatec-driver-does-not-install-uninstall-correctly

    -Turn off the wheel base and connect it to another USB port (do not turn on the wheel base yet).

    -Remove all the hidden Fanatec devices in the device manager according to the attached manual.

    -Disable ALL anti-virus software.

    -Look for Windows Update. If available, please install it.

    -Download driver V439 If you have already downloaded it, please download it again.


    -Install driver package V439 and restart your system.

    -Disable ALL anti-virus software once again.

    -Press and hold the power button for 10 seconds until the firmware updater appears on the screen and finish the update.

    -Open the Fanatec Control Panel, make sure to enable the "manual firmware update" in the top right corner and perform all the updates for everything one more time (order -> Motor -> wheel base)

    -Do not attach the steering wheel yet, even if the software asks you to do so.

    -Only hen the wheel base and the motor are updated manually, you can attach the steering wheel and update it one more time.

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    thank you Patrick

    I'll follow all your step, and I let ypu know. 🙏🙏🙏

  • i had a very similar issue, see https://forum.fanatec.com/discussion/25798/driver-439-dd1-update-fail#latest

    in the end i managed to get things up and running by installing a very old driver v336. once it was all up and running i was able to subsequently install 439 and all ok now.

    i feel your pain - good luck!!

  • Today I didn't have time to do all the procedure they wrote above, anyway could you link me for 336 drivers? thanks

  • Thanks for the information Patrick!

    I am encountering the same issue with my DD1 now.

    I have tried your steps and my computer at least recognized the wheel base with the firmware version 336. I was able to update the wheelbase but after installing v439 and updating again, the Wireless Quick Release update mode persisted. I have tried all the steps several times in this order, but my wheelbase would not recognize any wheel attached and would instantly prompte the error again on one of the later firmware versions.

    I have opend a ticket now and hope to fix this through the RMA process.

  • Update on my RMA case.

    This was quite the positive experience. From issuing the support case and receiving a RMA number to sending of my wheelbase and receiving a fixed one again, only 2 weeks went by. This was really quick!!

    I have explained the issue and they have replaced the whole quick release system, even though my wheel was outside the warranty.

    5 out of 5 stars

  • nice u ve got fixed..fingers crossed mine gets fixed too.. DD Podium same WQR error ..

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