Mclaren GT3 V2 Questionable qualities, sunken gear shift button and sometimes blocked gear lever

I am very dissatisfied with the Mclaren V2 steering wheel rim, I have had it since the beginning of the year and from the first day, the gear lever gets stuck in one position and it is impossible to get it to return to its place, this problem does not always happen, it's random but when it happens I have to stop the vehicle and click on each cam until they work.......

Last week on Thursday, it was unbelievable what happened....the left button on the paddle or gear shifter HAS SUNK!!! and the lever doesn't make contact... it has disappeared inside the steering wheel and I can't downshift... (sorry for English, I don't know if the word is the right one)

Interestingly, the next day my teammate also with the Mclaren V2, the same thing happened to me !!!! Now we have a 24-hour Spa event on Saturday, June 11, and we are going to have to run with an old base (logitech).

We do not understand how a product that must meet the minimum quality has so many problems with the gear change... and of course a product that we have with only 4 or 5 months of use, it is incomprehensible that it happens to two independent people Same problem with gear button.

I have been waiting for Fanatec technical support since Friday morning but there is no response.


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