Fanatec quality control ? Again after sending to repair the button has sunk for the second time

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In the month of June I had a problem with the gear change button, it sunk and disappeared, I was waiting for the repair for more than 1 month (it took 2 weeks for them to send me the pdf with the shipping data)...

After receiving it I have been all summer without using it due to the holidays and the heat in my country, and this week I have connected it and what is the surprise??? that again the button has sunk.

So the solution is to send it constantly every time it happens? because in this way I can not use or enjoy a product that has cost me work to buy, and my trust in Fanatec has dropped in abundance.......

What is the quality control of Fanatec ??? What else should I do? my product does not work correctly and I am the one affected

And in addition to that problem we must add a very strange sound that comes from the base. I repeat, what is Fanatec's quality control??

the post from my previous post with the same problem

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