Package delivery problem(UPS) - telephone support available?


i try to call fanactic telesupport in the correct service times without successs.

It seems something went wrong with my order:

My Problem: I ordered 3 Items and i got the next day the UPS Tracking numbers with a delivery date today. I got now 2 of 3 packages and one packages is now on status "Held for Customer Collection" -> The sender requested this package be held for collection at a UPS facility. / Package must be collected within 5 business days. I call UPS but they cant help me, and they told that i have to call the fanatic support. I try that but without successs, and now? I Also contact the support over the website, but so far no answere yet.

I know I'm a little impatient but would like some information now. Thanks

greetings from germany.


  • Are you unable to pick it up at a local UPS store?

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    UPS said they need information from fanatic what to do with the package, and it is not possible to pick it up at the moment - from my side it would no big deal to pick it up. I am a bit confused about that ... . Maybe is this one damaged or something other went wrong.

  • i received today the missing package, dont kown what was going wrong but everything was okay. Ordered on Tuesday this week and received everything today on Friday. Thank You!

  • Joseph GossenJoseph Gossen Member, Moderator

    Good to hear you received the package.

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