McLaren GT3 Rim Disconnects mid session

Hi all hope someone can help, at the start of the year i got a CSL DD, Mclaren GT3 rim, CSL Rim the black friday £99 one. since then its been great and loved every minute but recently my Mclaren rim has decided it wants to disconnect half way through a race or while im practicing etc, i have issues with the other rim but i dont want to use that for GT3 or LMP2 racing, i have also tested it with other sims and have had zero issues, spent a good 4hours on assetto corsa not a single issue, went back to iracing and within 10 minutes it disconnected.

when it disconnects i can still turn the car but cant press any buttons and it also sticks which ever pedal i was pressing at the time. this has caused me to crash on a couple of occasions and would like to fix it before it causes more problems.

Hope someone can help me out. thanks, Jacob


  • Are both steering wheels connected with QR lite?

    If so, try putting a strip of duct tape on the hub duct. It is possible that the McLaren steering wheel slips on the hub and the pins lose contact. I know someone in the forum had the same problem.

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    it has the basic Adapter connected to the rear of the wheel, would you say its worth looking to get the Quick Release adapter to put on it?

    Currently have the ;

    QR1 Lite Wheel-side (simplified Quick Release adaptor)

    should i order ;

    QR1 Wheel-Side (clubsport quick release adaptor)


  • Sounds an awful lot like what I first started experiencing a few months ago:

    There's quite a bit of info there, so TL;DR is that my problems seem to have been a result of EMI/grounding issues. I attached a bunch of ferrite beads to all of my connecting cables, and isolated my base from my rig using rubber washers, and by wrapping the connecting screws with a thin piece of electrical tape where they pass through the mounting plate so that there is no metal-on-metal contact. So far, after several weeks of use, this seems to have done the trick.

  • its only on Iracing for me tho and its only the one wheel, im tempted to get the other adaptor and see if that helps but i have no idea if it will

  • Try duct tape. I don't find the discussion, but someone solved it like this.

    Or, reverse the 2 QRLites of your wheels, so you'll understand if that's the problem.

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