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    Yeah... And... What does the pop-up shows you? Correct, that you need at least Driver 442. And you are using Driver 439... So that's the whole reason it's not working. You need at least Driver 442. The 442 was pulled and replaced by Driver 443 and can be found linked in the first post as the ONLY compatible Driver version directly where you also successfully found the FanaLab download ;)

    But tbf, Yeah the pop-up can be misleading atm..

  • "Please install driver package V442 or higher. Click ok to get the latest version 439".

    It's like some kind of evil riddle! Who writes this stuff and why does nobody proof read it?

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    It was proof read. And decided to release it like this.

    It's because FanaLab reads an online json file on the Server with the last official driver version which also triggers the update notifications. That file was not updated with 443 yet because 443 is longer beta than initially anticipated. The Text will stay with the 439 until the Driver is officially released and the online json file updated.

    Initially the plan was obviously to not have the driver in beta so long but well, things changed and therefore unfortunately the Text is wrong like this for a longer time than planned. But in the end it's worth it as there are more nice new features implemented for the next driver.

    But still it says you need Driver 442 and the FanaLab Version is actually also only found in this beta forum so when a user finds this Download then we thought he will also find the Driver download especially when it's linked directly below the Fanalab download, therefore it was decided to release it intentionally with this wrong pop-up Text.

    So there is a Plan behind this. It's just that the Plan didnt worked as expected because we thought to be officially live for some time already. But we will be soon so then the Text will also auto-correct itself.

  • i use driver 443

  • thanks for the profile ive had my dd1 for a year now and after countless hours of trying to perfect the settings u have done it for me

  • Not sure if driver or fanalab related, but ITM display will randomly freeze while playing ACC.

    I'm on the latest beta packages for base and motor etc.

    The itm will show a gear, speed etc, but will be frozen. After crossing the finish line for a new lap, it will come back to live data again, and then randomly stop again and freeze.

    It happens in hotlap, race, practise....session doesn't matter.

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    New FanaLab version 1.66 available:

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