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    @ Mr.Dominic Brennan..!

    Hi Mr.D..Mr.J here..we have (pleasantly) communicated a couple of times on the GT Planet website/forum about the Fanatec DD1 Podium series for PS4.. [full message edited for privacy]

    With kind regards..Mr.J..

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    I put my order down 16.04.2020 with everything on backorder till 03.06.2020 just the shifter was in stock. I checked on my order the 6th of June, now everything is in stock but the shifter is on backorder till 10th of July.

    I even got a support mail saying everything is going to ship 03.06.2020.

    So what you are telling me that customers that paid already will not get the things reserved that come back in stock or are already in stock?

    I am a very patient person and i know that it's a hard time for you guys aswell but don't sell stuff that is already paid for, because now my whole order will get delayed another month and maybe another month if you keep selling everything seperatly....

    Kind Regards


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    Hello Mr. Jackermeier,

     I am now stunned and disappointed how you serve your customers.

     Your employees on the technical hotline and also in sales try to do everything humanly possible and to serve the customers, but apparently the basic substance of your company leaves these employees with no other option than to consistently reassure them that orders go out or devices that are exchanged are shipped should, but it is confirmed on repeated request that these have not yet been dispatched and should now be dispatched manually.

     I work in a handicraft company (family-run) with over 5000 employees, if we bring our service to the customer as you would do the sales, we don't think I will get any more orders.

     I may just be a craftsman and not a salesperson who sells high-priced products that are almost unrivaled on the market, but it cannot be that customers are served in this way. Either you shut down the order acceptance completely to process the orders placed and the customers who already have products to use reasonably and properly or you just keep going because you know that you actually have a monopoly on this market.

     And please, please leave the Joker Corona pandemic outside.

     I hope to get my products that should be replaced soon to finally drive again.

     Nice greetings


  • Dominic, it seems that you're active on this thread. I sent you a DM regarding my order earlier. I would greatly appreciate if you could look in to my situation. My order was placed on May 4th and it is #1073892. I'm wondering now if my order is held back because of the sold out item that's back ordered? If so could I request to split the order up and I'll be happy to pay any added shipping cost. I do have another order as well, but that's the F1 LE, which I'm not concern about. Please let me know when you have a moment.

    Thanks again,

  • I cant get a reply anywhere else so I'll try here, Dom I need an update on my order again. You told me to expect shipment on the 12th. I sent you a PM on the 12th with no reply. One on the 15th, no reply either, I emailed the webshop, of course, no reply.

    It's the 16th now and my order is still in processing order number number: 1078563 placed on may 12th.

  • Hi Dominic, I sent a PM asking about the status of 1083676 which was ordered on May 18th. Like many others it was supposed to be available in early June, then June 12, and now the website states availability is not until Aug 7th?

    You mentioned in an earlier comment that many orders were due to ship on the June 12th but may be delayed slightly by a few days. Can you check if my order is in this category?

  • Trying to stay positive.

    Hoping my order is only delayed a couple days past posted ship date and not 5 more weeks that's showing on the site as of yesterday.

    Checking Fanatec today and I can't even view my order. Page crashes as well as product page for backordered items.

    If there's anything good to be said about this new situation it would be that no one can preorder currently and go through the same frustrations that the rest of us are dealing with.

    Such a disappointing and unprofessional experience with Fanatec.

  • Dominic BrennanDominic Brennan Member, Administrator

    Hi everyone,

    I am trying to get to everyone's questions, but it is a big challenge. Naturally once it was made clear in this thread that I have been responding to individual requests for order status updates, my PM inbox has also become flooded, much like the sales team, which makes it very difficult to respond in a timely fashion. In fact, for some questions, I have to make my own requests to the sales team, which is increasing their workload rather than easing it. So I kindly request your patience. We are getting to your questions, and we are trying our best to ship products as quickly as possible.

    Scott that sounds like it could be an issue with your browser or internet connection. I am not aware of a general issue with checking your order page or product pages.

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    Hi dominic im contacting you regarding my order of ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5 , ClubSport Pedals V3 , ClubSport Steering Wheel Formula V2. i haven't received any information about it i have placed the order on may 18 with the order number 1084111 im hoping to hearing from you as they should have been shipped out by now.

  • I placed my order 1086714 on 22nd of May and since then some of the products have even more delay... I have gotten no response from support on my mail request if my wire transfer was received and the order is on track, also because I really do not want to wait another month just because of button caps... can I get some feedback / help please if possible to send my order (Wheel Base, Wheel and Pedals) asap when available, and not wait for the button caps - send them separately when available?

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    Since I also mentioned it on the forum, I will also mention it here. I basically have the same issue as Ryan Honeycutt.

    I ordered CSW2.5, BMW rim, V3 pedals, shifter and handbrake on May 4th (order #1073591). Original availability date was June 12th for all items back then. In the mean time, the date was pushed back to July 3rd at first and then July 10th.

    As far as I've worked out from the shop pages, this is due to the fact that the V3 Pedals, shifter and handbrake are not available before that date.

    I had to find this out by the information in my account and not by email notification.

    On June 3rd, I asked via email, if at least the new date can be confirmed and if anything else is Ok with my order (like payment reception, etc.). But no feedback so far.

    I also find it weird how Fanatec handles orders. I can only hope, they will learn from it and improve. It would really complement the good products they have.

    @Dominic Brennan: I highly appreciate what you are doing currently in this forum. I don't expect you to have a closer look into my order, since you seem also to be quite overburdened with the current requests. After reading other posts in the forum, I basically realized, that I have no other chance then to wait currently.

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    Order # 1062120 on April 16th 2020. EVERYTHING was in stock. But somehow it's 6/17/20 and I don't have a single item from my $1356.00 purchase. You guys say you wait for all items to be in stock before shipping, but yet people who order single items that I have purchased in my package have received there's. Not just one or 2 items but I have confirmed with multiple people on Reddit that every item that I have purchased has been in stock. Why are you guys not holding items for orders placed before others? How does that even logically work? I have ran multiple businesses and having a very hard time understanding this. Multiple emails now with no response. I have been patient but it's starting to wear thin.

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    I have to say i don't think i would have placed an order back in May if the product had shown no availability for several months. the page showed June 12th.

    It reads as though if i cancel my order there's a good possibility I will have a long wait to get that back also? So i wont even be able to purchase from a different company.

    I have received no personal correspondence and had i not stumbled upon a twitter feed I would still be in the dark. So can we have some transparency as to where we are in the list and how long the lead time is per a customer?

    order 1087510


  • Scott LaCrossScott LaCross Member
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    Hi Dominic,

    Thank you for taking the time to comment on my internet service.

    I believe most of us are posting in this thread hoping to get some information on our orders.

    I understand all Fanatec staff are overwhelmed.

    As stated before, I would appreciate any information regarding order 1087241.

    If my order is being delayed another 5 weeks I should be informed and allowed the option to cancel.

    Thank you for your time.

    PS. My internet and browser are working great. Fanatec pages were unavailable for a period of time yesterday. I see that products experiencing multiple delays are available for preorder still. This is either an oversight, poor sales management or greed. Attempting to avoid further customer frustrations and damage to the Fanatec brand seem completely ignored currently.

  • Andrew HouserAndrew Houser Member
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    I placed my order #1063063 on the 17th of april, and I was wondering since the availability date was for June 12th on the final item that completes my order, am I to expect shipment? I can understand delays...BUT I HAVE YET TO SEE A SINGLE CUSTOMER IN THIS FORUM THAT HAS PLACED AN ORDER EARLIER!!! I am highly disappointed in the lack of communication. Not to mention 2 whole months!!!

  • Please oh please ship order 1086429 everything is available and ready to ship on the website... ! I m begging you to ship what i paid for while it s available .

  • Still a fan, but frustrated.

    I didn't even know Fanatec existed until March of this year and so far I have had 4 orders (some "in stock" and at least 2 "pre-order") ship and arrive exactly when Fanatec said they would. Maybe I'm lucky, but I was a really happy customer until 2 days ago (June 16th). Others have mentioned ordering issues with the website and I'm pretty sure my problem falls into this category. BTW, this is NOT a complaint about back orders/etc (at least not yet ;-). I have contacted "customer service", but obviously it's only been a couple of days.....Maybe someone here has had a similar situation and I also like to hear from the Fanatec employee monitoring this thread.

    On June 16th I placed an order for the "Podium Racing Wheel F1" which was listed as "ready to ship" on the US website. I got all the way to payment and was redirected to PayPal just as with my other orders. I completed the payment through PayPal, but instead of being redirected back to the Fanatec site, a message was displayed saying the page could not be loaded. Naturally I refreshed the page and still nothing. Then I went back through the main Fanatec page (which worked) and noticed the order was still in my cart and there was no new order showing in my account (all my other orders - including one still processing - show up fine). I went back to PayPal thinking the order had just not gone through and found a receipt detailing my full payment to Fanatec (Actually Endor America LLC, but you know..). I also have a credit card charge for the portion of the purchase I charged.

    In short, Fanatec has a little over $1800 of my money and there is no order number or any indication via my online account that I paid them. My "inquiry" through customer service included a copy of the PayPal transaction with the trans #, etc. Should be enough to connect the dots to a random payment of that exact amount, right?

    At this point my concern is NOT processing speed/shipping or even if that item is in stock. I simply need to know that my payment was received. Waiting a few days for a response is ok with me, but a week or even two? As others have said, that's unacceptable no matter what's going on in the world. So Please help! I'd love a PM simply letting me know my $$ didn't disappear and that I do not need to take additional action. Thanks in advance for your help.

  • Hey all,

    Just an update.

    I've tried unsuccessfully to get some type of update on my order via this thread.

    Others have received info which is great.

    Yesterday I sent an email [email protected]

    Auto generated response showed up and I expected to wait 7-14 days to hear back.

    A few hours later a second email arrived stating my order would ship tomorrow.

    Coincidence? Bizarre timing?

    Who knows, just really excited that my gear might be on it's way after almost a month from order date.

    I'll update here as things progress.

    Hope this info is helpful and we can all go racing soon.


  • in this day and time in the world.i don't see a way that you can't have a automated system.that can take a order # and sent a reply to people that have orders and give them a heads up on their orders . we live in world of the now and to wait for 14 day for a reply is insane . it couldn't take a coder more than 3 hours to setup this system.

    all i need to know is my preorder for the 12th of june going to make by the end of the month.if not i can contact my bank and get a full refund.i could have been using a new wheel from some where else the day after i order from you.i don't want to hear about your took my money .now i want what i was promised.

    ps i would like to try your product.i hear they are great.

    pss your response time sucks.


  • Hi Dominic,

    Very excited customer here, looking forward to his new Fanatec equipment and levelling up my simracing! Order number 1096626.

    I am hoping, now that the equipment i ordered is available in the shop, that i will very soon be getting a message saying that my order has been shipped. I hear good things about the Fanatec equipment, although I'm a little nervous after reading so many complaints about your customer service and responsiveness. I hope you are actively looking to turn this around which will certainly give me confidence in ordering further equipment/upgrades in the future.

    Hope to hear something back soon.



  • I placed order 1076735 on May 8, 2020 with the understanding that 2 products were preorders but the rest were available. The preorder date has come and gone for the wheelbase with no word of when it will be available. The pedals, wheel and hub now show pre order status expected August 28, 2020. I have waited over 2 weeks for an email response and cannot get anyone on the phone. This is simply not acceptable at all. I need to discuss order status and/or refund options. It is not ethical to take money for a product shown to be available at the time of purchase and then be put on pre-order status after the fact. If you are unable to keep track of inventory you should stop taking people’s money until you have your house in order. This should have been brought to my attention immediately. Hoping I can get some type of response soon. -Marc

  • I’ve read through tons of posts but have yet to see any reference to the F1 2020 game holding up otherwise ready to ship orders. It has been the only part of my order that had a pre-order date of Jul 7th, everything else was mid June when I ordered it.

    I never dreamed Fanatec would delay an order until a $1.00 promotional item was in stock. Could it really be possible that a $1.00 promotional software is holding up my very expensive order that past it’s ship date by weeks? I don’t want the stupid F1 game, I want my hardware. Please....

    This is ludicrous if true.

    Order# 1091136

  • This whole situation is extremely frustrating.

    It's pretty simple; your pre-order should reserve a spot in the queue. If you have other items in your order holding up shipping the entire package, you should be given an option to ship what's in stock now.

    I'll be cancelling my pre-order and re-ordering those items listed as in stock only.

    It's not rocket science Fanatec

  • Latest update,

    Initial order 5/22

    Ordered Clubsport V2.5 wheel base and F1 wheel along with F1 2020 game.

    Ship date of 6/12 on wheelbase. No contact from Fanatec or updates to order.

    Multiple attempts in threads, no information received.

    Sent email to Fanatec 6/17. One week after posted ship date.

    Received reply same day stating my order would ship tomorrow.

    Checked order status several times but no updates.

    Sent email to Fanatec 6/19

    No reply as of 6/20

    Received vague shipping notification 6/20

    Assuming this is my order due only to weight of package. Email has no Fanatec, Endor or product info.

    Order on Fanatec site still shows "open" status since 5/22

    Package is scheduled for delivery 6/25 but has not been received by FedEx currently. (California to Washington)

    F1 2020 doesn't appear to be holding up order.

    Excited for my new gear and no further delays.

    Hoping this is an indication that many others will finally get their products.

    Facing setbacks and delays in today's climate is understandable. Poor customer service is not.

    Best of luck racers!


    This is the first indication I’ve seen that at the least the F1 game “Shouldn’t” be holding up the rest of the order. 😍

  • Had a similar situation, tried to place and order for CSW 2.5, proceeded with payment, but got the https 500 error page could not load, no confirmation email til this day, went to my order history and saw that there was an order number and the status "order not yet processed" , but saw the payment posted on my credit card. All my other orders usually go from "order not yet processed" to "order in process" the same day, even if its on pre-order. Tried contacting support, but never heard back from [email protected] , Should I cancel and re-order?

  • Today I thought I was receiving my warranty replacement since a button was broken on F1 CSL Elite wheel. I opened the box and turns out they shipped me my original set without a steering wheel.

    There is no word if I will receive a steering wheel separately and I have yet to receive the refund promised for shipping out the bundle in the first place. I can be patient but I don't like bad surprises while being left in the dark

  • The website is not taking any form of payment listed as of June 22nd 2020. I called credit card company all three of them. I called PayPal and none have seen any activity. It has to be on the websites end. Please help

  • C DKC DK Member

    After having a moan on here and email, I got an email from the fanatec warehouse team explaining that they were sending what stuff from my order that was there, which was everything except shifter. Ecstatic, I checked the packing list from ups, which didn't show up til the day after.

    The delivery was 2 boxes of clamps FOR A WHEEL AND SHIFTER I DONT HAVE, a damper kit for pedals I DONT HAVE, and a steering wheel rim for a wheelbaze I DONT HAVE.

    What was the point in sending them? Your initial quibble with my request that I sent on the day of my order (May 6th) was that you were refusing to sign off on more than one delivery on the grounds I hadn't paid for more than one, and I would just have to wait for my stuff until it was all in stock and ready (4 week wait, then told 6 weeks)

    I now believe I am to receive another 2 deliveries, but have absolutely no indications as to when they might arrive, other than the shifter which will apparently now only be available July 10th, according to my orders page on the fanatec site.

    This is bordering on absurd. Why even bother to ship this stuff to me early? Whose idea was this? Could it not have just been assembled with the rest of the stuff, and instead of both getting my hopes up early, and having to send 3 separate shipments, you couldve just sent 2 and I wouldn't now have to go through yet more disappointment?

    Not fair, and also, easily avoidable by communicating with your customers, or if you can't be bothered to do that, communication with YOUR OWN STAFF would be pretty good too. Oh, and what the hell is the voucher I was supposed to be emailed (that, in a move that SHOCKED ME TO MY VERY CORE, they still haven't sent me yet despite being told I would receive one) supposed to be for hm?

    I've already spent nearly 2 grand with you. What, you're gonna ring my bank and put 10% back?

    Unless it's something being given to me, for free, with no catch, whatever it is you can keep it.


  • De qui vous moquez-vous !!!

    J’ai passé ma commande le 12 mai pour un montant supérieur à 2000 €, que vous vous êtes empressé d’encaisser...Depuis plus rien !!!

    je veux savoir quand je vais recevoir ma commande 1078753, comme expliqué dans mes mails, ce matériel doit être utilisé par plusieurs pilotes professionnels dans le cadre d’un reportage spécial en juillet.

    J’ai envoyé plusieurs mails ceux-ci sont tous restés sans réponse.

    Qu’attendez-vous... c’est un manque total de respect et de professionnalisme !

    j’ose espérer que ce message ne restera pas lettre morte.

    Bien à vous,


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