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  • I ordered a usb adapter on June 10th, payed with credit card, when going back to the site after the payment I got an error page.

    Result: money gone, no order on my account and zero response from Fanatec .... 14 days have gone

  • C DKC DK Member

    Now had a delivery notification from UPS that I'm having more stuff delivered tomorrow. No word from anyone else. Can't check what it is. Had no other delivery notes or invoices. Will have to just wait around and see what turns up.

    Either way, this whole thing is bizarre.

  • Hi All ! My order is finally on the way !

    i ordered on the 21st of may with a pre order , availabilty date was 3rd of July ... but in the 18th of June the item that was holding my order is in stock very very early on the website ! it was the 3rd of july and all of a sudden it s available on the 18th of june . 3 days after that [weekend] , i get an email that my order will be shipped soon , and the order has been processed ! YAAY! they actually sent me the package before the promissed date by 10 DAYS ! today i recieved Tracking info about the order and i will recieve it Tomorrow ! Thanks for the effort fanatec ! can t wait for tomorrow !

  • I am glad you got your stuff... I am still waiting on my. v3 (which has been showing in stock since last week. and people who ordered after me have gotten. also waiting on my csl elite ps4 bundle that was supposed to be available 2 weeks ago, NO PACKAGE, NO EMAIL, NO UPDATE TO ORDER. still tells me available on the 12th. CANNOT reach anyone at Fanatec, still haven't responded to my email from over 30 days ago. this is a total joke.

  • The extended problem here is also where Pre-Orders have been completed via Pagnian as your core distributor. Placed orders for PS4 Wheel & Base + V3 Pedals. At the time of ordering all of this it was meant to be in my hands by now, but apparently I'm looking at 30th July as I type. I mean seriously, I ordered these on May 11th!!!

    I agree with many of the responses on this Blog, if you knew you were facing the critical delays that COVID has brought in supply chain why take the cash, keep altering the dates of supply and provide a FAT ZERO communication not only to those that ordered direct but also to your key Australian Distributor. Speaking with them today they laid the blame squarely at your door and not theirs, however the have hardly been Gold Class themselves by launching a new website and then finding they couldn't carry over anyones Sign-In details! Talk about an own goal.

    Get service right (irrespective of COVID), communicate any changes with your customers as soon as they happen and stop playing the victim. Great products are nothing without great customer service.

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    Just been pointed towards this thread, really confused as to what's going with my order - the availability date has been set as June 26th for some time, but as that date approached last week it changed to July 31st. Upon checking it today the dates are all back to June 26th - which I assume would mean it's being processed but the status is still marked as "Open", still no notifications or any updates (this is just on checking the order on the site) Not had any reply to my email/support ticket, nor the tweets to @fanatec - is there a contact on the forums that could help with an update please?

    Unfortunately this has been a really frustrating buying experience, recognise the problems encountered particularly given the conditions but the lack of communication and lack of clarity regarding order status, particularly given the sizes of orders and amounts that are paid up's difficult to excuse I'm afraid.

  • I intended to be a new member of the Fanatec ecosystem. For three days I debated whether I should order anything from Fanatec at all because the F1 keys weren't available, and that was immensely important to me to offset the extra cost over a Thrustmaster T300RS GT. Seeing that the response time for even asking about the situation was 7 days, it left me with little choice but to order blindly, as I wouldn't even get a response until it was too late to get my products before F1 2020 comes out.

    I ordered basically at midnight on the 26th with all my items as "Available." I was not able to purchase the $1 F1 game for Steam because it was sold out. I attempted to send a message to support, but was told that the comment field wasn't filled out. (As it turns out, my theory is that the comment field has a character limit, because a much shorter message was permitted to be sent on Sunday the 28th.) It's interesting that you won't allow customers to fully explain the situation in the support request, but instead insist upon a character limit. When waiting 7 days for a response, I would hope that my customers would be able to fully explain the situation the first time, instead of waiting 7 days, then having to add more information.

    The next day, evidently Fanatec found more keys, and sold through all of those. I tried to add the key to my cart, but was told that I wasn't eligible as I didn't have a steering wheel in my cart. Of course not, because I'd ordered the wheel, base, and pedals the day before. My order was no longer able to be canceled, so I was again left with no options.

    The Terms of Service on the site claim that I'm responsible for lost packages unless I sign for the delivery. Guess what option isn't available when selecting a shipping method? Delivery Signature.

    So now my order is "Processed," but I don't have any shipping information, and I don't know what that even means. I don't have the F1 game key I desperately wanted, because I was a fool and ordered 24 hours before they found more keys. I couldn't get in touch with anyone in a reasonable time, so the keys are once again gone, and I presume by the time the support people look at my request, they're going to inform me "Sorry, they're sold out."

    I understand that you're trying, but as a new customer, this is by far the worst first impression of a business that I've ever had. I felt a bit guilty spending that kind of money on sim racing when it's never been a huge part of my life, but thought the Fanatec quality was worth it over a Thrustmaster or Logitech setup. With the F1 game key shenanigans, and the 7 day wait time to get any kind of response to any kind of question, I no longer feel guilty:

    I feel stupid.

    I hope the products arrive in time for the game, and I very much hope that customer service manages to get me that $1 bundled game key. If those things happen and the product is indeed of decent quality, then this will all be water under the bridge as far as I'm concerned.

  • So basically you are telling us that u have more work than ever, but still decided to raise prices of all products by 3% for german costumers, by not passing on the VAT reduction granted by the german governement?

    The Vat reduction is there to help the costumers, not for companies that have excellent order-books, to get even richer!

    Very shady thing to do.

  • Ordered on May 19th. Was sent a invoice on June 16th with a email saying i would receive a tracking number within 48 hours. Now it’s July 1st still have gotten nothing. Tracking number? Nope. Product? Nope. Email? Nope. At this time I am a hostage to Fanatec. Because the order shows that it has been processed I can’t cancel it. I am thinking I may see it sometime after July 24th but will not hold my breath.

  • Dom,

    Placed an order the beginning of May (order #1084086), I understand the delays due to COVID-19 but my order kept getting pushed to the right. First it was June 26th, then July 24th, now most of my items purchased say August 7th or "preorder" even though on the Fanatec website they are available now or available before August 7th. I contacted customer service and the response was that my order will be processed based on the dates displayed when I view "my order" and not based on the availability on your website. I emailed customer service to attempt to get clarification, no response. How are people receiving items I've ordered months ago and I'm waiting until all items are available. I feel like I'm never going to receive my order because Fanatec is holding orders of people who have purchased bundles but selling the items to people who have ordered after us. Hoping to get some clarification...


  • Well, my order supposedly shipped today. I'm still quite unhappy about the F1 key, but we'll see whether Customer Service manages to do the right thing.

    At least something is moving in the right direction.

  • And here I wait a few days past the availability date and I still haven't heard a word about my order. Spent over $1600 on gear 6 weeks ago so a little anxious about it all. Order number 1086153.

  • After reading this statement again each day, I am absolutely sure that you are in the wrong position within the company, as you could see the huge increase in demand because you did not stop selling, because you did not put a statement on the website saying that sales were suspended until the delivery, hiring and training of new employees.

    Now customers like me, made purchases, paid and nothing, my purchase was on April 23 and until today, July 4 nothing.

    Each week I receive a different tracking number, that means fraud, lies, you are deceiving customers.

    We have reports of people who bought equipment in May and early June and have already received it at home.

    In conclusion, put a person in your position who has responsibility to your customers, who has diverse interests, not only financial, I feel ashamed to see the name Fanatec in social networks doing advertising and presenting products and dozens or sentences of people without equipment, without money because already they paid Fanatec and were stressed by the pandemic and all these problems.

  • Hey. My order 1094878 placed on jun 6th 2020 is still not sent to me. Since jun 29th 2020 everything from my order is in stock. Dont get tracking Information and Customer support does not answer...

    The f1 2020 Code for PC was sent to me yesterday.

    But still no news about my Hardware...

  • i order on may 29 still waiting .hoping it makes it by aug .it said f1 game was sold out.

  • Salve io in data 07-07-2020 ho comprato dal vostro sito podium DD1 con volante BMW,pedaliera V3 e kit per un totale di 1941,55

    num. ordine 1109189 pagato con bonifico bancario il 08-07-2020 la mia domanda e la seguente verro informato dell'acquisto ? verro informato che il bonifico e stato ricevuto quindi pagamento riuscito? non ho speso pochi denari poi per uno che si alza alle 05.00 del mattino per andare a lavorare e ancora più angosciante non avere notizie spero che qualcuno si degni di darmi una risposta del avvenuto successo pagamento poi per ricevere la merce aspetterò ma mi preme sapere se tutto ok

  • questo e il bonifico di pagamento effettuato 08-07-2020 per questi articoli comprati dal sito fanatec

    7 lug 2020 18:19:00


    Standard UPS

     L'ordine è in corso






    Prezzo per unità


    Base ruota podio DD1

    Prezzo unitario attuale: 1.199,95 € *



    1199,95 € *

    € 1.199,95 *

    Volante ClubSport BMW GT2

    Prezzo unitario attuale: 299,95 € *



    299,95 € *

    € 299,95 *

    Pedali ClubSport V3

    Prezzo unitario attuale: € 359,95 *



    359,95 € *

    € 359,95 *

    Pedali ClubSport V3 Kit prestazioni freno

    Prezzo unitario attuale: € 29,95 *



    29,95 € *

    € 29,95 *

    A partire dal:

    Numero d'ordine:

    Tipo di spedizione

    7 lug 2020 18:19:00


    Standard UPS

    Spese di spedizione:

    Somma totale:

    51,75 €

    1941,55 €

    Pagina 1 Da 1

  • So. Many Companies' wheels are mostly sold out worldwide and now are being sold second hand at higher prices than Fanatec's entry level products. I tried an experient: ordered a T300RS base for $400us, 4 weeks ago, and it has yet to arrive. I believe this is an issue for every company right now. Fanatec is a tiny company producing ultra high end products that WE all love! Yes they've been perhaps doing the wrong thing by continuing to accept pre-orders, yet that is leaving us access to their product (almost in a que) as soon as they can make them! It is also helping fund their transition into a more efficient producer for us. Having to deal with a 300% increase in product demand practically overnight while trying to work with what has to be described as a shipping logistics nightmare is rough for larger companies. I for one will continue supporting Fanatec.

    Note: I have had the v1.5 handbrake and gt alcantara wheel on order for a while now also (about 5 weeks), so I do feel the frustration - while not nearly as much as some here that have been waiting months. I think we should, instead of harassing Fanatec, support them. After all, when we eventually do get the is a Fanatec piece and cause for excitement!

  • Good News! My Handbrake V1.5 arrived! It was one of those items that had constantly changing availability dates, but here it is! Ordered June 10. Fingers crossed that the pre-order dates are accurate, just added the H-Pattern shifter to the list along with gt alcantara rim/xbox hub. July 24th...please?

  • Hi, I never received an option for signature delivery.

    How do we opt in for this?

    I would really like to make sure my orders don't just get dropped off and stolen.

  • Day #18 here with zero response... When can I expect to hear from someone??

    Support Request Received 35297 CRM:000007156205

  • Hi Thomas I’m a new customer and now have become quite frustrated with your service department. The initial phone call to Germany ( half hour call from Australia) was quite positive with the Team member being quite helpful and friendly. Speaking to your sales team was another thing altogether. Even though my CLS Elite PS4 bad was returned back to your warehouse in Australia I am now told that they will get to send me a new one when they can ( there seems to be no service time frames guide lines in your company) . I was promised an exchange since I never used the unit & the USB port was broken on arrival. I know these are crazy times. But if you want to keep your customer base and eventually have them upgrade to direct drive units something need to be done about your service NOW! Especially when you have spent thousands of dollars on your products!!!!!

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