Csl DD 8nm freezes under high ffb

Hi guys,

Recently i have upgraded my graphics card from a 2070 super to a 3080. Ever since the upgrade my csl dd freezes under high force feedback scenarios like turn 1 or the last turn at bathurst. It just loses all the force feedback, buttons stop working and the speed is stuck on the mclaren v2 display.

Steps i have taken to try and solve the issue:

a) Taken the shaft out and rescrewed the collar. Didnt help

b) Reinstalled the fanatec drivers. This didnt help either

c) Turned off the USB power saving option in windows. Didnt help either

Im stuck. Dont know what else to try. I have saved a crash log and it comes up with the following error: CFAWForceFeedback::DeviceID Failed! DIERR_DEVICENOTREG

I have one more idea. Im thinking that since i only got a 750w power supply with a 3080, there not enough power to go through the Usb, hence the crashes under high ffb. Could that be a thing? Please help as it so frustrating not beeing able to race



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