Hybrid Fanatec Elite V2 Pedal Mod with Larger Heusinkveld Elastomers

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Really like the V2 Elite pedals, and was wondering if it was possible to try different elastomers to add more variety and options to the brake pedal feel. Turns out there is a relatively easy way to get the V2s to feel closer to the highly regarded Heusinkveld Sprints - use those great chunky Heusinkveld elastomers in the V2s!

Both the V2's and Sprints use an M8 width stack shaft so elastomers from the £25/25€/$25 Heusinkveld Elastomer Kit fit perfectly.

Also needed are some larger nylon spacers to put between each elastomer, M8 40mm diameter x 4mm is perfect as the Heusinkveld elastomers have a greater diameter than Fanatecs. Here's a link for UK folks:

What is also required are two 25mm diameter M10 washers to fill the V2 end spacers (Fanatec spacers are designed for 25mm diameter elastomers and so it's best to fill the recess they have with the washers to allow even pressure distribution). NOTE: M8 washers will not fit correctly at the top of the V2 shaft, use M10 washers. Example UK washer purchase link:

Here is a diagram of some elastomer/spacer combinations. With other width spacers there will be more combos to try. Spacers need to be 30mm diameter or greater though, 35-40mm diameter recommended.

I found the default 65/65/65 shore V2 elastomers still a tad hard and a lot of my braking was being absorbed just by the uptake spring and small elastomer within it, so a full stack just with Heusinkveld elastomers feels a lot better to me. The Heusinkveld elastomers are also slightly softer and springier than the Fanatec ones so the use of the uptake spring can be optional if you want a full elasatomer setup.

Anyway, hopefully anyone wanting something closer to the feel of the Sprints with the V2s (which is also console compatible of course) might also want to try this mod out. Please see my diagram and images for more details.


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