DD1 can't update motor firmware past 0

I've opened a support ticket with Fanatec, but figured I'd post here too to see if anyone has suggestions / found a fix.

I received my DD1 this week and got it working on the v352/356 drivers but after a day the connected wheel stopped working. I tried the usual uninstall and reinstall drivers and now find the wheelbase is basically bricked.

I can flash firmware to the wheelbase, but when I try to update the motor firmware the application closes and nothing happens. I have also tried running the Motor FW updater .exe manually, but it cannot connect to the device.

The fan runs at full speed - which I believe is expected until the motor FW gets updated - and connected wheels are unresponsive.

In other discussions it looks like the OP had to RMA their unit. I'm waiting to hear back from Fanatec to see if that's the case, but I'm assuming it's hardware related at this point.

However, I'm posting in hopes someone has another suggestion I can try while I wait!




Attempting to update motor firmware crashes the application. Motor fw stuck on 0.

What I've tried:

  • Drivers 336, 337, 345, 346, 352/356, and 361/365
  • Uninstalling drivers and removing fanatec devices from device manager between driver attempts
  • Repairing driver installations
  • Flashing wheelbase FW via bootloader mode and from the game controller properties
  • Plugging in the wheelbase to each usb port on my machine
  • Uninstalling the usb hub in device manager and rebooting so windows will reinstall usb drivers
  • Rolling back windows 10 updates to February 2020


  • You need to contact support to get a new base as it's broken

  • @Maurice Böschen

    I have submitted a ticket but have no received a reply. Ticket: 31287 

  • Support takes up to 14 days to respond actually.

  • @Maurice Böschen

    Yeah I'm trying to be patient. Do you have any thoughts about my CSL Elite from this ticket? https://forum.fanatec.com/discussion/2716/csl-elite-not-showing-up-in-game-controllers#latest

  • I had extacly same problem what you have.

    I bought mine DD1 (PS4 version) fall 2019 and until yesterday my motor firmware was "0" and I couldn't update newer than v346 because all the rest fw's wouldn`t work, if you started Podium, fan was always 100%.

    Everytime if you tried to update motor fw, it closed program automatically, tried even few different pc's.

    Mine worked fine with v346 until about two weeks ago my F1 steering wheel start to freeze, usually you couldn't change gears up or down any more but wheel still worked.

    Again I try everything but nothing worked, I downgraded to v335 and droved my last races with it but freezing continued.

    Yesterday I downloaded latest v365 and for my big suprise, it updated first time ever also motor firmware !!

    Unfortunately my wheel shifter paddles still freeze after 1-10min, so I drive iRacing with auto gears now :(

    So try to downgrade to v335 and after you tested, uninstall driver, reboot, try with v365.

  • Thank @Petri

    Support got back to me and RMA'd the unit. Hoping to get a replacement soon.

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