force feedback not working

hello i am new to sim racing. i just got podium f1 dd1 wheel and base club sport v 3 pedals. i started to play f122 how ever i am getting zero force feedback i dont understand what i need to do to get this working. secondly i am getting the low torque message after installig the torque key. i have tried everything. the only thing that will let me clear this message is to remove thesteering wheel and plug it back in then it lets me clear the warning message. however inspecting the pins on the steering wheel one of the pins is shorter than the rest of the pins is this cause for concern


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    One pin being shorter is the most asked question. It's normal, every wheel has this. ;)

    So that's not the root cause.

  • ok may i ask how to get fanalab to update drivers perhaps this is why i have no forcefeedback

    my appologies i have no idea what im doing

  • any help would be greatly appreciated im at a loss on what i need to do? im just an auto mechanic im not tech savy when it comes to computers

  • FanaLab can not update drivers and also nothing to do with giving the base FFB.

    You need to install the driver on your own, additionally to FanaLab. Or actually, the driver is the most important Software and Fanalab is the optional part...

  • may i ask how do i find this driver update ? i was under the impression that fanalab was the location for all driver updates or the program resposible for making changes

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  • is there anything else i need to do after installing the 64 bit driver is it recommended to also install fanalab

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    Just install the driver and update the Firmwares for now, dont overcomplicate things so leave FanaLab out for now.

  • after installing the driver update. now my steering wheel slammed upside down very rapidly made a loud clank sound how can i calibrate this

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    How to calibrate the wheel is explained in the user manual which I HIGHLY recommend you to read. You need to click the wheel center button in the driver or a button combination on the steering wheel.

  • now when I start a race, I cannot even hold the steering wheel it shakes violently kind of worried lol

  • everything was just reset to defaults still going crazy and i really mean CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • i calibrated steering wheel. but the second i start a race it slams upside down super-fast and shakes like crazy

  • ok I've got it somewhat manageable. what i cannot understand is why its shaking on a straight away not very easy to keep it straight. i am getting force feedback but not when i hit the rumble strips or any other inputs like car bumps and resistance from corners its like the same steady shaking i feel down the straight away

  • is it simply f1 22 isn't very friendly to the podium wheel?

  • did you tried playing other games and test you wheel base and see if you still have those problems?

  • good question I have not.... seems I should do that!!!! i did figure out what setting causes it to be awful its the force feedback effects. when i turn that off its a proper racing wheel with no force feedback

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