New orders filling before old orders. @Dom, @Fanatec, @Someone who can answer

I am highly confused at how orders are being filled/shipped. I have seen people who are waiting since April for their order, supposedly to be shipped 6/12 and are still waiting. I have been waiting since 5/14, still waiting. Yet people commenting they ordered on 5/29, 5/30, 6/5 and they are receiving their shipping notifications from 6/12. In the US, for the same products we are waiting on. I have FedEx Deliver Manager, nothing has been sent to FedEx. I have reached out to Dom, who is usually good at responding and helped me a couple weeks ago on pedals, have not heard back from him. I even helped a guy who was about to cancel (5/30 order date, see below) and he is even getting his notifications. As others have said, it isnt the wait so much as the lack of communication. Then, when you see stuff like this on the forums, it just makes it that much worse. I/We are just looking for an answer. Maybe Fanatec will be generous and offer us free, upgraded expedited shipping for being another week past their advertised date after already having 3-4 date changes, but I would settle for a standard ground shipping email at this point.




  • I'm not sure anyone has received the v3 Pedals since before your order. Also, which location is important. Availability in EU, JP, and AU have different stock and availability than US.

  • I have my pedals. They are sitting here in the room. Dom got split shipping on them. I am referring to the CSL Elite that everyone else is saying they are getting shipping notices on that ordered 2, 3, 4 weeks after some of us. They are saying they are in the US. They are putting their order dates in. So, it isn't a different region factor. Also, I maybe wasn't clear where I mentioned it above in my original post, but I am in US.

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    I should also mention Ben’s comment was taken from a thread labeled “CSL Elite PS4 Bundle (June 12th) “

    So I am assuming that is what he had ordered.

  • Ok. I ordered CSL Elite PS4 in early April and I received it on June 8th. Since you ordered 5 weeks after me, you probably still have 3-4 weeks to go I am guessing.

  • I’ve been waiting since April 29th. They keep making BS excuses.

  • I posted in the CSL Elite thread, but I'll add the info here as well:


    I received an email from the sales rep on Sunday, informing me that product shipped on Friday and I would have a tracking number by the end of the day yesterday. There was no change yesterday or today to my order status, and I have not received notice from Fedex.

    I sent a reply asking for tracking info last night, but it appears I'm back in the standard answer queue of 7 (15 in practice) working days for a response. No mention was made of the system outage on 6/12 that has been cited by others.


    I'm not particularly interested in the detailed chain of events that resulted in a shipping delay, I just want to know when/if I can expect delivery of my order. I placed around the same time Nathan did.

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    I can understand your logic but why are people who ordered on 5/29 and 5/30 posting that they have received their shipping notification. I also received a message from Dom saying there was a power outage Friday and it should ship Monday/Tuesday...its now Wednesday going on Thursday. I also received a message from the webshop when my pedals shipped, stating my wheel would ship on 6/12. So while I can understand your logic/math, it doesn't add up to what they are saying and what they are doing while shipping orders to people whom barely ordered their stuff 2 weeks ago.

  • I feel for you man. I want them to answer why people like you or myself are getting put on the back burner while people who ordered 2 weeks ago are posting they are getting their shipment notifications.

  • Availability date is August 7 now??

  • Yeah. That should just be for new orders going forward. You should have June 12 in your actual orders screen. If your order screen changes to August, then I’d be concerned. The shipment on June 12 is here. People are getting them. The issue is some people are getting them, some aren’t and some people ordered a month or two ago and aren’t getting them but some people ordered 2 weeks ago and are.

  • wow i ordered my bundle on May sport bundle... i save for a couple of years to get this .... only sad thing . I sold old wheel and pedals to help cover cost and now i sit with rig and no wheel ... guess when it gets here ill be just that more excited... maybe i can save enough to get an F1 wheel ..

    got have faith...

  • Hey, way to make a guy feel guilty! :)

    If it helps at all, the only thing that I ordered was the wheel/pedal combo + the F1 game. I did order the loadcell kit, which is on backorder until July, but I placed that on a separate order by itself because I wasn't initially sure if I wanted it or not.

  • Haha. It's not your fault man. I am glad you got your stuff. I hate to even use you as an example, but it's good to have supporting evidence vs baseless claims. I just don't understand their logic/process. I didn't do my research before ordering. I should have ordered my two items separately. That being said, my pedals are sitting in my room right now so the only on my order is the CSL bundle, so the only thing I can think of is their system still thinks I am waiting on pedals since on my order page it still says "open" and "preorder" on those. Like many others, I am just looking for an answer.

  • I placed my order mid-May for just the CSL bundle. Still no response or label that FedEx recognizes for my order that supposedly shipped last week.

  • Just a theory:

    I think the problem might be with staffing the California warehouses.

    If people are still receiving unemployment benefits, I'm not sure they will want to go back to work. CA unemployment has been paying around $3500+/month, which means many people are making more money being unemployed than not until July 31st.

    This might be a stretch, but a lot of businesses in CA are actually having a staffing issue after the furloughs.

  • Very well could be. But I have two counters to this.

    1) If this were the case, then why are people who ordered in April, Early May, Mid May all still waiting on their products but people who ordered on May 29/30th getting their orders for the exact same products? That's not a lack of staffing. Why are people who go in and order a DD1/DD2, a specific wheel or other items that were marked for availability saying they got their notification back in a day and shipping was supposed to be there in a week?

    2) IF there was a lack of staffing, what are they doing to resolve this to keep their paying customers happy? OT, Bonuses, Raises, Hiring Temp Help? They have options. And so far they themselves have not mentioned lack of staffing once to anyone as a result of delays. That all leads back to their communications issues though.

    All that being said, I still can not wrap my head around how some newer orders are getting filled and other (older ones) ares left in the dark. That's not a staffing or product shortage issue. That is a system or customer service issue.

    It just sucks. There is nothing you can do. I am not canceling my items, not that I could anyway because I haven't had a cancel button for a week on my orders page, but I am not starting this all over again. But it is irritating when you know they have product and they have your money and they still wont ship your items. I am just trying to bring light to the situation and let others share their voices and stories as well, hoping someone takes notice.

  • Sadly, it's not just US Fanatec, we're copping the same thing down here in Australia too.

  • Considering the entire forum is one huge multi thread of frustration and confusion, I'm surprised the customer service team hasn't shifted it's attention here. The community manager could be multi-posting to try to help build confidence. This forum is just snowballing into a real angry place because of a complete lack of communication from Fanatec. People are pleading with them for information and, as far as I can tell, they are almost completely silent. I haven't seen Dominic post for quite a while and he tends to pick and choose. A new pinned thread by them would be good. Size of next shipment, approximate wait times and advice on how to order for quickest turnaround. They're allowing chaos over order.

  • Agreed. Something would be better than nothing. A line of order would be better than the randomness. I feel more bad news is coming, I'll post below.

  • Just received this. We will see what they say. It has only taken a week to get a response/update from sales *if they actually do send an email.

    Place your bets now, good news vs bad news.

  • Yeah they don't have to list individuals. Just next shipment due, size of shipment in units and expected delivery times from that shipment. They could have even run a numbered ticket system. Buy the kit, get a ticket and countdown the delivery numbers so that we know where we all are in the queue. So many ways to do this but it just feels like a lottery at the moment. DD1 states due in on Monday but I have no idea if I will be part of that shipment or the next or the next....etc. It's way to vague and blasé.

  • Actually they do give us a ticket number so I guess they got it half right....

  • Sales department communicating by email????? Really?? That will take months for a resolution. How about a fricken phone call??

  • I ordered csl bundle on june 5 and today my package arrived, with no base and panel, only a f1 wheel. Totally destroyed my day, they didn’t tell me its gonna be separate packages. I’m in canada btw.

  • I placed my order on April 25th...for dd1 and gt3 suede podium wheel...was supposed to ship 6/12.

    A guy on reddit told me he ordered his dd1 last Thursday and received it yesterday!!!!!

    I consider that to be a gross mishandling of stock and about clearing your old orders first?

  • I wish I was surprised by this but this seems to be happening across the board. Sorry to hear that. Hopefully they figure this out and soon.

  • I'm a little bored so here we go. Between May 27 and June 7th. Apparently they have received 3 (20') containers with average of almost 1,400 cartons per container that allocated about 800 piece to this company. The custom records also indicated what's in those containers (even f12020 wheel?!). You would think some of these would filled/reached the older orders. Btw, if you are curious you can look this info up with the help of Google.

    I've done all I could try to find more info about my order. But I'll just have to wait. Bummer part is this supposed to be my son bday gift at the end of the month. I thought I had ordered/planned this WAY ahead of time by placing it in May! Joke on me.

  • Interesting. Hadn’t even thought of that. I did do a little research. Like you said, I can only find up to 6/7 without digging deeper or possibly paying for a subscription but definitely some interesting info.

  • Update: Received my shipment from Fanatec today and... wow... um... just the pedals were shipped. I'm beside myself right now. I received a backorder notification email yesterday, and I thought it must have been a mistake since the wheel had shipped. I never asked for my order to be split (what would be the point?) so now I just look at them, and burn through a month of warranty, until the wheel ships on July 24, or Aug 4 or Sept 24, or November 5th... whenever it ships.

  • Dang. That sucks man. I mean, I was upset on how they were doing their orders because it seemed like they were shipping new orders before old orders, but I also know how much we all look forward to getting out stuff and for you to be hyped just to be let down, I honestly feel bad. After further research, I started looking into their imports and it looks like they received a shipment on Friday of CSL Elite wheels. Now I dont know which wheelbase that is, if it is the one that includes the wheel, but it was their first shipment of the CSL wheels in a while. So my hopes are up but I am yet to receive any kind of email, good or bad, so I honestly have no clue. Also, as many people that have been claiming to cancel their orders or cancel and reorder separate items, maybe you will actually get yours quicker than expected.

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