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  • When will a version that supports the new EA WRC be released?

  • Not anytime soon as WRC just released their UDP data last week and it now takes time to implement it into the Lab.

    Maybe this year, maybe early next year. No ETA yet.

  • So when we buy the 700€ rally wheel next week then we have to wait till next year for full supported for WRC 23?

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    The wheel is fully supported by the game, including LED and Display support. So for full operation you dont "need" the Lab.

    Just 3rd party UDP implementation into FanaLab will take some time, yes. You have to thank Codemasters to release the game without UDP in the first place which now of course takes time to implement. But as I said, maybe it can be done still within this year.

  • Hi @Maurice I don't have the steeringDampingParkedMaxPercent and steeringFFBSmooth in my app.ini, what is wrong? thanks!

  • Just leave them out, they dont matter. Will exclude them in my new readme as it irritates so many people..

  • Guys this is joke. Fanatec is main sponsor of EA WRC however we cannot use (CSL DD P1 V2 in my case)

    • proper menu navigation
    • Rpm LEDs

    (now annoying BLUE LED makes us blind, i can't beleive there no a game independant settings in Fanalabc when we should SWITCH OFF LEDs instead of watching useless flickering until we have to wait for months to release a version which can handle a simple RGB LED)

    This is so ridicuolus.

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    Fanatec is not the main sponsor of the game and also was not involved in it's development.

    You should be able to turn off the LEDs in game in the settings. If not.. Then it's a game issue where they forgot to add such a Basic functionality... Usually every game has such a Basic functionality as it's also needed for FanaLab to work as if the native LEDs can not be turned off... Then FanaLab also of course also can not control the LEDs as the native LEDs would always interfere.

    For Menu navigation a FanaLab integration would not bring anything as the Lab does not control menu navigation. That would therefore be something the game would need to fix if it's not working.

    However I was told the game could be added into FanaLab (if possible regarding the aforementioned LED Situation) this or next month so still this year.

  • You might have a look over on the EA forums. Some have reported that running their base in CMP mode fixes the menu navigation issue. For me personally, using a McLaren GT3 v2, I had to manually edit an .ini file to get menu navigation since the devs had only included support for the McLaren v1, not the v2. Perhaps a similar solution is possible in your case.

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    Fanalab 2.00.09 does not recognise Advanced Paddle Module correctly after I turn off the base (DD2) and turn it on again. For some reason ACP setting in Tuning Menu does not appear until I refresh devices manually in the MAIN menu or restart Fanalab.

    This is Tuning Menu after I turn the base ON. As you can see in Steering Wheel submenu there is only MPS setting.

    After manually refreshing devices, the menu looks like this:

    Is this a new bug/feature or it always was like this?

    My hardware: DD2, Podium Hub, Podium Button Module Endurance, Podium Advanced Paddle Module, Shifter SQ 1.5, Clubsport Pedals V3. The last 2 are connected to the base. Everything, except of pedals, updated to the latest (as of today) beta firmware.

  • That's a Bug which was always there but only for some and only happening when you turn on the base while being in the LED Tab in the Lab.

    So just make sure you are on any other page and then the issue wont happen.

  • It happens on all the tabs. I don't think I have ever been on the LED tab, probably by accident :).

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    Ah sorry, was an issue, only should happen when being on Tuning Menu Tab while starting the base.

    So just make sure FanaLab is not in the foreground at all and its on Main tab or game profile tab, then the issue should not happen.

    If it does, then please just restart the Lab.

    The dev unfortunately can not reproduce the issue at all (where I can 100% everytime when I start the base while being on the Tuning Menu tab) so therefore he wont be able to fix it anytime soon.

  • Im Also having an issue with it not shifting gears, happened twice in a race now, have to restart the base. I have a DD2, podium hub, button module endurance and APM. it just gets stuck on a gear, screen info goes static and i lose all shifts

  • Others also have issues with the 2.00.09 version that it's not easy to add custom games with the exe option? In almost all situation it looks like it was added, but in the customgames.xml and also in Fanalab your newly created custom game is not showing.

    For a Steam game all works, but when selecting the exe mode it's not working. At one point I finaly managed to add something, but was still not OK, but was able to fix it via the XML without using Fanalab. Was trying to add Forza Motorsport that was installed via Windows Store. Also got a lot of access denied messages at one point via Fanalab file selector while within Windows Explorer had full access on the folder and exe-file so no clue why Fanalab had access denied issue. Now also when it's finally in the xml with the right paths etc all is working without issues.

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    It is impossible to add Windows Store Apps to FanaLab as the folder blocks all access.

    That's a Windows limitation and affects every program which tries to access the folder or specifially the exe so for example you also can not add a Windows Store App exe to RTSS or anything else. There is nothing which can be done to workaround this strict block.

    Therefore it also wont be possible to provide full official FanaLab support for this game.

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    But how is it then possible that it works without issue? when I just put it in the XML by hand?

    Like I said also in Windows Explorer no issues at all with the folder where the exe is found. The game is in a XboxGames folder that is not blocking all access. You are mixing it with other folder that Microsoft blocks.

    But also adding other games via the exe option was not working... that where found in other folders.

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    Loading the game through FanaLab, even with the XML hack, will not work and it will also not be detected as being running, therefore profile loading would also not work. It was tested and it failed due to Windows blocking the full access to the exe file for every Windows Store application.

    Regarding other regular non Windows Store exe files we will have a look.

  • I can tell you after the XML "hack" my profile for Forza Motorsport is loading without issue automatically... This on a new Windows 11 install without any changes all is standard.

  • The Add Custom Game is not working via either the steam ID or the exe file - the little toggle stays grayed out and it won't let me click Add.

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    Thats most likely because you forgot to select the correct exe file in the Exe detection. So when doing the Steam ID you also have to manually select the exe file and when doing the Exe way you have to do it twice.

    Only then the Add Button becomes available and is no longer greyed out.

  • Thanks for the great update. When are we going to get a profile for EA WRC 2023?

  • Not possible until the game gets support in FanaLab which is still under investigation if that is even possible as the game seems to lack a basic functionality to disable native LED and Display support which then would always interfere with the Lab...

  • Codemasters are simply idiots. The make the same game for 10 years and still don't have the basic sim functionality on PC, always focused on console.

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    Is it correct that all new cars added to Carlist may not be included in Maurice's Profiles? For example, in AMS2 for the Formula USA 2023 there are a few variants (Short Oval, Speedway, etc.) in Carlist but I see only the Formula USA 2023 (no variants) in profiles. I've been manually creating them but I'm not good at tuning settings. Not an issue just a question.

  • Profile is only 1 available and then all variants bound to that profile.

  • The Rev light feature on the Rally Podium Button module doesn't work (the feature in LEDs) and the OLED display just shows garbage most of the time. Doesn't show speed nor the right gear.

  • Please provide pictures or videos of the "garbage" the display shows.

    For me it shows the correct gear, Fuel data, lap, position info etc.

    Ypu just need to make sure that the native in-game LED and Display support is disabled so it does not interfere with the FanaLab LED and Display stuff.

    For the RevLED feature you need to manually set the correct RPM LED value for each button in the RPM Tab, the BMR does not have its own FW-based RevLED Mode like the BMW has, its only done via FanaLab.

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    FanaLab 2.01.12 now available

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