Completely shipped but no tracking number



  • It´s quite evident that Fantatec has some serious issues, They keep putting out automated replies, and more and more customers get the same thing, order shipped, but no tracking. Which of course means they aren´t shipped to begin with.

    I can assure you this is not a fault of UPS, While they do have their fair share of issues, the way their system works is that you get an electronic booking done in advance, so you will get notified before your package is picked up.

    Clearly, Fanatec has financial issues or stock issues, which they try to hide, poorly I might add.

    If I do not get a response, other than an ignorant automated one I will contact my card provider and open a claim.

  • Products ordered the 01/09/23, today order completely shipped but without tracking number.

    Ups account created with my email address but nothing... no trace of my products

  • Ordered on the 1st Sep, after countless emails, got one today saying ‘We assure you that your order has now been shipped’ but no tracking number and nothing from UPS so I actually doubt it has been shipped. Replied saying I have no tracking number, will wait to see their response in 3 days time…

  • they devises was out off stock. it could be that new ones arrive and start send out soon as possible

  • In my case inaccurate, as all items were listed in stock, if they were not in stock, the order would not have been marked as completely shipped.

    For those wondering, "My UPS choice" has nothing to do with the fact they do not ship your order. It's irrelevant, wether or not you have an account does not affect wether they can ship or provide a tracking number.

  • Did fanatec made any statement regarding those delays?

    I've made an order for Clubsport pedals on 1st of September that were and still are on stock. Since day of my order I got only automatic emails with invoice and order confirmation. Email with invoice stated that my order will be shipped 'soon'. It's already a week since that. I've made several contact attempts but recived only auto-replays. It's bit ridiculous and if only I would be able to cancel my order I would be happy to do that.

  • i personally waited my product month or so, it's not really like i needed that right away but yes waiting can be stressful sometimes

  • In the same boat here wished I ordered a Moza from overclockers now it wud of been here now as it’s next day shipping I ordered on the 1st September and still nothing and piss poor auto emails

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    Ordered on 4.09

    Completely shipped since 6.09

    3 emails sent, no response since.

    I already wrote them I want to cancel it since I didn't receive my products and their customer service is non-existing. Can't contact them, can't call them. If there will be no response from them tomorrow I'm planning to open a claim (paid with PayPal). This is not fun watching everyone get screwed like this.

    I think I'll just go with Logitech G Pro instead. Fanatec's ecosystem is pretty cool but with the shipping problems and QC issues they seem not to be one of the top sim-racing brands anymore.

  • Tracking number will be updated after products will be delivered or day of delivering, idk its so weird hope we all will get our products

  • historically " LeoBodnar" was one who release first direct drive for games around year 2013, the only reason why fanatec is popular is because off they price, as allot others are kind off expensive

  • that is why i suggested look at inside "ups my choice" by default at there you should see shipment one or another way

  • My UPS isn’t showing any tracking information even though fanatec have told me it’s been shipped…

  • look tomorrow again. if they tell it's been shipped it not come for you with one day anyway. for me personally it take 5 days

  • I’ll keep checking, I need to know ideally when it’s coming because i away next week so I need to be able to pay the custom fees before it arrives at my door so my parents can take delivery without having to foot the bill or refuse delivery.

    Do you have an old screenshot you could post showing where the tracking number actually shows up in ‘orders’ on the website so I know where to look. I can seem to find anywhere where it could remotely be?

  • I've been waiting 2 whole weeks now and honestly I'm starting to lose hope! 😞

  • at there they started pop for me when delivery started happen,

    there was typed even a day when its been delivered to me but it can be one day earlier as they not even self seems to know exactly how it goes

  • Did that just appear in your UPS or did you have to add the tracking number?

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    that appear at in UPS, i not had the tracking number, but at inside that message there is a tracking number as well

  • I urge every affected customer to review Fanatec on trustpilot so more customers get a heads-up of their business practices.

  • I opened dispute on Online Dispute Resolution since I'm in EU. I recommend you do the same.

  • Hi, I have the same problem. Fanatec not seriously and probably they are stiling money of a lot of people.

    I go to take legal actions, in my country more of 300 euros it's considere a crime.

    Fanatec not respect the customers.. Fortunately, I was use a credit card and I can cancel de payment... After recive the parcel...

    I hope fanatec go to enjoy it, to claim later the money.

    Regards and luck with your orders.


  • I'm in the same boat as described by many of you above.

    I feel like a lot of anger could be avoided if we just had more info about the real status of our shipments.

    Right now it feels like the package is in limbo between Fanatec and UPS.

    I understand that they have a lot more customers than expected right now but it is no excuse for being so unresponsive.

    Let us know if you are waiting for inventory or if the order is still being assembled.

    One more complaint I have is that if you look under "My Products" the Warranty period has already started if you got the invoice. Which could be a couple of weeks before you actually get the product.

  • I quite agree with the need for more information from fanatec... generally people are very forgiving, in my experience, if they know what is going on and there is a reason. The email just saying there is a delay is just not enough really.

    I order a lot from Fanatec and the process works like this...

    1. Place your order
    2. They process the order and mark is as shipped
    3. Then they prepare it in the warehouse and book UPS
    4. Then UPS collect

    These orders have not been booked with UPS yet so they don't show up on the UPS tracking. Once booked you will get the tracking number appear at the bottom of your order page on the Fanatec website and it will start to appear in the UPS tracking website / app. Use your address or email to get the info from UPS if you don't have the tracking number.

    My situation is that the order I placed on the 24th August arrived as normal. The next one placed on the 31st has not actually shipped yet, so just like all of you posting in here.

    I can only assume there is an issue in the warehouse. Sometimes Fanatec do this when they stock take, but that is normally in January. I repeat it would be very useful for someone from Fanatec to post an explanation.


  • You're right, they are in serious trouble, but the management continue to bury their heads in the sand. you may be interested in this article -

  • honestly tell that is very weird really, because what is that todo with sell a products ?

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    Finally after around 10 day since first ticket to support I got any replay.

    So basically since two weeks they unable to ship my pedals and respond to emails because they have changed warehouse.... great job guys xD

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