Raising the bar again: ClubSport DD and ClubSport DD+ for PlayStation UPDATE

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This is big! ClubSport DD is an incredible achievement from the whole team. Class-leading performance and introducing FullForce: Force Feedback 2.0 for Direct Drive.

I think many readers of this blog will have expected the ClubSport DD, but perhaps not a PlayStation version as well. We wanted to offer two torque levels, with the PlayStation version being the more powerful option. Of course, 12 Nm is already very strong, and huge step above the CSL DD with Boost Kit and the previous ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5. 

As always, our Xbox-licensed Steering Wheels are supported, so it is easy to achieve Xbox compatibility with both the ClubSport DD and ClubSport DD+ by attaching an Xbox wheel. 

Now we have Direct Drive technology across CSL, ClubSport, and Podium Series. Choose your flavour: 5, 8, 12, 15, 20, or 25 Nm! 

The ClubSport DD is available on the website for preorder starting today, with first deliveries in November. 


ClubSport DD (12 Nm): 

EU: 699.95€ 

US: $699.95 

Japan: ¥92,900 

Australia: $1229.95 

This is also the first time we have developed a PlayStation-licensed ClubSport Wheel Base, the ClubSport DD+. This offers all the features of the regular ClubSport DD, adds PlayStation compatibility, and it has a higher torque figure of 15 Nm.  

It will be available for preorder soon with the following pricing: 

ClubSport DD+ (15 Nm): 

EU: 999.95€ 

US: $999.95 

Japan: ¥133,600 

Australia: $1649.95 

Why does the ClubSport DD feel so good? 

FullForce: Force Feedback 2.0 for Direct Drive. 

FullForce is a new force feedback protocol tailored specifically for FANATEC® Direct Drive. Leveraging the instantaneous response and zero backlash of direct drive technology, FullForce generates high-frequency vibrations calculated at 16000Hz for a new level of immersive effects.  

Feel the engine revs, and details of the road surface like never before. Only FullForce gives you the full experience of driving a race car. The effects are so fine that the DD can play music and works as a speaker if you like. This technology will also replace rumble motors in steering wheels as you can create much better effects.

At this point we do not plan to implement FullForce into the CSL DD, GT DD or Podium DD wheel bases due to technical reasons.

Best thermal performance in its class. 

Many mass-market direct drive systems fail to hold their claimed torque figures, gradually derating (reducing motor performance) over time to avoid overheating. The ClubSport DD's efficient motor and thermally-optimised layout holds a genuine 12 Nm torque even in the most extreme conditions, for example running an endurance race at maximum force feedback settings. 

12 Nm is a real 12 Nm and it remains 12 Nm lap after lap after lap.

Fastest slew rate in its class. 

Class-leading slew rate performance combined with the powerful processor makes every motor reaction incredibly fast and dynamic, while remaining perfectly stable. This behaviour lends itself to traditional force feedback signals as well as enhanced FullForce signals (in supported games). 

It makes it easier to catch slides and it is so much more natural to drive. Your lap times will be more consistent.

Key features: 

  • Most advanced Direct Drive servo motor custom-designed in Germany specifically for sim racing. 
  • 12 Nm consistent torque. (CS DD+: 15 Nm)
  • FullForce technology for super low-latency detail effects. 
  • Most thermally stable wheel base in its class. 
  • New motor design for ultra smooth feeling.
  • Highest slew rate (a measure of motor responsiveness) in its class. 
  • Designed for QR2 from the ground-up with an ultra strong axis. Suitable for commercial applications.
  • There will be a QR1 adapter available later this year for full backwards compatibility.
  • Designed for Windows PC, becomes Xbox compatible when used with an Xbox-licensed Steering Wheel. 
  • CS DD+ is compatible additionally to PS4 and PS5.

We have also introduced a new ClubSport DD Table Clamp (sold separately). 

  • Full metal clamp 
  • Adjustable angle
  • Supports ClubSport DD, ClubSport DD+, CSL DD, Gran Turismo DD Pro Wheel Bases.  

You can try the ClubSport DD at the Fanatec booth at the ADAC SimRacing Expo 2023 throughout the weekend, see you there! 


The ClubSport DD+ Wheel Base is developed under the official licensing program for PlayStation® and will work with PlayStation®5 and PlayStation®4 subject to Sony Interactive Entertainment’s final product approval.


ClubSport DD+ is now available for pre-order except for Japan due to licensing reasons. This region will follow soon.

  1. What is the actual torque level you are using most of the time? (in Nm)46 votes
    1. < 5
    2. 5
    3. 8
    4. 10
    5. 12
    6. 15
    7. 20
    8. 25
    9. >25


  • Fanatec's evil plan to cause millions of marrages to break up, has finally come to fruition, I see...


  • Just another play to get people to upgrade for no real reason I will stick with my DD Pro and 8nm and my Qr1 metal are working fine so no need for the Qr2

  • Maybe, just maybe it’s a good moment in time to raise the bar for new and existing customer service and satisfaction.

  • Image links are broken.

  • The shaft is so short? I am worried that the wheel will be too close to the wheelbase. Any chance to extend it?

  • Allan LehtlaAllan Lehtla Member
    edited October 2023

    yeah , i think ed same that maybe way too close, some people usually want longer instead for hide they dd behind the screen.

    but by default there plenty off room between quick release and base

  • So the Podium Wheel Base DD1 (20NM) is $999, and the ClubSport DD+ Playstation (15 Nm) is also $999. Is the consumer really paying $200 more than the standard CS DD just for Licensing? Is there anything else about the DD that is $200 besides licensing? This Sony tax is why I refuse to pay more just to be able to play on my PlayStation. $200 is a LOT just for that luxury. I have XBOX, Playstation, and PC. I'll just stick to a gamepad on PS5.

  • William OtisWilliam Otis Member
    edited October 2023

    Oops. Glossed over that. Sorry. I jumped before reading.

    I think the price difference is a bit much too, but maybe there will be more to the CS DD+ besides the 3Nm and PS4 & 5 compatibility?

    Just looked at one of the competitors I was considering. They sell a wheelbase that is 12Nm for $50 more, but the problem there is, I would need to bundle it with their steering wheel and their cheapest pedals. $700 and I get to keep the steering wheels and pedals I currently have is a plus for the CS DD. But I am more interested in how it stacks up against similarly priced gear, and even some of the lower priced but equal Nm wheelbases.

    Looking at how my CSL-DD is mounted on my wheel stand and how far the shaft extends towards me, I think the CS would put my steering wheel in the same spot if I were to be crazy enough to mount it to this stand. LOL

  • there was a text somewhere that Fullforce is same at dd+ like in dd1 linerar, so if i get right then you almost buy like dd1

  • Now I'm not too clear on DDs as I don't own one, but does the NM determine the fidelity of the feedback, or is that a separate thing?

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     For some reason, my edit keeps getting deleted.

    I was a little frustrated at seeing the price and came off a little too hot myself.

    I still use my CSW V2 ( not 2.5) and 7 wheels daily. I purchased it all when it was still compatible with the PS4. Then Sony removed compatibility with future games in favor of this new licensing. For me, compatibility with my PS4/5, Xbox Series X, and PC is important. I play everything from Gran Turismo, Forza, to iracing. I love racing games. I really do want to get into a DD but not at this price. Paying $50 - $75 more? Sure. $300 more, with the only benefit being I can plug it into my PS5... Nah.

    I know Fanatec is bound by Sony on this, I just wish it wasn't so.

  • Is there a 15 NM DD+ without PlayStation inthe feature?

  • Maurice,

    Have you tried it? Is it worth upgrading to from CSL DD for iRacing even if I don't use more than 8 Nm? I've already ordered it but il curious to see what you think/guess and why.

    If I can have more strength with more detail and less oscillation/twitchiness, and less NDP/NFR/NIN, I'd be super happy.

  • edited October 2023

    I cant say much, for obvious reasons, but from your description the CS DD is exactly what you are looking for and you would be super happy with it ;)

    I personally will even "sidegrade" from my P DD2 to the CS DD+... ;)

  • That comment, and the even shorter one from David Tucker on the iRacing forums, is of more use to me than all of the coming reviews combined.


  • Patrick BlahaPatrick Blaha Member
    edited October 2023

    When will the QR1 Adapter for the CS DD be in shop?

    Its too expensive for me to upgrade all my wheels to QR2 when i buy the CS DD.

  • Quite happy with my 8 NM GT DD pro. Also now that Forza motorsport is out, no need to pay the huge Sony tax for GT.

    What I would buy is a decent wheel with a screen at a reasonable price, like the TM SF1000 Ferrari wheel.

  • for length at case , i'm guessing that it might be stronger than normal 12/15 nm, im assuming it could hold same tongue without overheat. and probably this is when they kick they ass the moza with they 12 nm

    technically CSL DD could have stronger nm as well than 8 but it would start overhead much faster.

    about that 16000Hz not exactly sure what they mean because current CSL DD is also 16000Hz, it could be that it have also negative 16000Hz what current CSL DD not have, in voltage world it would mean more stronger and more stable

    this is all speculation because i have no info at all from CS DD how exactly they use that full force

    NM self is strength and can be used also same time for the information what comes from game, but the actual key comes from how good it motor made with magnets, the better it is made more info you can read out from steering wheel

  • How “shortly”, is shortly to order a CS DD+?

    so glad this has been announced now, have been hunting for a DD1 ps4, but secondhand value almost same as new price,

    was going to give up and buy dd pro, but now 15nm is perfect for my needs.

    awesome product.

    Price seems good too, can’t complain when compared to competition and of course this has ps5 compatibility

  • Nooooooo!

    You all know what this means... No more profiles for the Podium DD.

    Maurice stay with DD2, you know it's much better... 🙄

  • Hi guys! Do you know how I can reserve the 15Nm Club Sport DD + for Playstation?

    I can't find it on their website.

  • i would not jump from 25nm to 15 nm, 10 nm is way too big difference

  • Nobody (or only very few) use a DD2 with 100% FFB in the Tuning Menu and 100% FFB in game to get the full 25 Nm.

    I for example use 60% on my DD2 which limits the motor output of my DD2 to exactly 15 Nm. So regarding strength going from DD2 limited to 60% to a CS DD+ with FFB set to 100 is exactly the same and no difference at all.

  • that tells me that it would be possible to see CS DD+ profiles from you instead of the DD2's? Is the DD2 motor technology different to the CS DD's?

  • Unfortunatelly I can't sse your jpeg files here but saw them on the website and some social media channels. Is it possible to see somewhere those CS DD and compeditor comparison charts but including the DD2 wheel base? How does the DD2 compare to CS DD+? What's the Podium DD's technology differency to the new CS DD's. Thank you.

  • Yes, once the CS DD+ is released, my profiles will be based on the CS DD+ from then on.

    However, they should easily be adaptable for Podium DD as I will be using the CS DD+ with FFB set to 100 pretty much always, which would mean FFB 75 for a DD1 and FFB 60 for a DD2.

    The motor technology of the Podium DDs and the new CS DD is very different, yes. The Podium DD uses an Outrunner motor and the CS DD uses an Inrunner motor. Combined with the split of the magnets into 3 separate segments, this *should* mean that the CS DD will be smoother with less cogging / torque ripple.

  • Thanks for your feedback Maurice, well explained and understood. If there is a different motor technology, it would be interesting to see those or even more CS DD's comparison charts including a DD2? I'm a satisfied and happy DD2 user since years but always interested to new developements.

  • well, in this case they should release then also 20 nm with same motor technology and drop out they current podium DD out off market

  • this might happen but thats also a usual development process. The DD1 was put on sale and now replaced by the CS DD, thats a good indication if you see the DD2 on sale in the future ;-)

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