Received my wheel, wheel base and pedals and now wheel base is overheating. No support response!


I ordered WRC Wheel + Wheel base DD (Xbox) and pedals from fanatec and the delivery was quite quick (1 week).

I received my gear 6th of October.

I managed to play Forza Motorsport for the week end and then the wheel base started to disconnect. I smelled faint smell of burnt plastic / electronics (no smoke). I measured the wheel base with my infra red temp reader and go 91 celcius from the base.

I havent been able to play since. It overheats abt after 5 min after I turn on the wheel and start playing Forza (OR TRY).

I created support ticket (OR I THINK I DID!) I got no response e-mail and it has now been over one week. This is quite frustrating to receive faulty wheel base and then get no answers.

What do you suggest I should do?


  • This problem is all too common - many similar threads from customers who's CSL DD fail within hours.

    Fanatec's support ticket system frequently malfunctions meaning that tickets are not submitted. If it had worked you would have received an acknowledgment. You should try re-submitting. If it continues not to work you are out of luck. Even if it does work response time is measured in weeks, not hours! Fanatec are not contactable any other way - they don't answer the phone.

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    im surprised that this still happens because that info goes back to early August

    i to send them also info where is most likely the issue, that mosfet transistor not turns by missing component and then it burns out the device

  • You should have got an acknowledgment - they then take a few days to respond. I've been having discussions for about a week on a hardware issue and going around in circles. The support is not great.

  • the highest issue about this is, if you live far away and there is so slow logistic partner, it may take month for replacement

  • They keep asking about settings even though they told me it may need to come in for repair - this is two different support staff now. I just need them to tell me where to ship the wheelbase, which I've requested 3 times.

  • So I've agreed to a repair twice now, and still no RMA. I fully expect the next email to ask me about settings.

  • Hi,

    I managed to do the support ticket. NOW on my second try I received an e-mail confirmation. The issue here is the way they state that "If you create another support ticket it will increase the response time". On my first attempt I did not know if my support request was succesfull so I was afraid to make "new" issue.

    So if you do NOT receive e-mail confirmation just create another support issue. I was fool enough to wait 2 weeks :)

    I was also little harsh on my words but I was frustrated. I had bought Forza Premium edition to play it early but now I am lucky if I can get solution to this issue before the new WRC game releases.

  • Ok,

    things are proceeding!

    I was told to sent the faulty wheel base back for the refurbishment / new (this happened soon after I sent the new support request.

    Sending process was super easy. Printed the DHL form they gave me and went to the local post office.

    Unfortunately I did not have the original packing for the wheel base so I had to create new with sufficent padding :)

    The wheel base has just arriwed to Fanatec (checked the DHL code I received from shipment).

    Now I´ll wait what happens!

    Fortunately Forza Motorsport and the new WRC rally have been so buggy that they have gotten patches to fix the bugs when I receive my new wheel base :)

  • Update 2:

    Just received e-mail from Fanatec support that they have fixed the wheel base and it has been sent to me (got UPS code).

    Things are prceeding better than I excpected!

  • Update 3 (final update):

    Received the wheel base and it was fixed. Now the temperatures no not go above 26 C. Tested it with Forza Motorsport and EA WRC Rally couple of hours.

    Without the 1st support tiecket creation hic-up everything went just fine.

  • Good for you if all work after all this problems it should be ok since the beginning for many of us.

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