Fanatec Driver 454 (prev 453 CS DD Release Driver) for CSL, CS and Podium DD WB (all wheels)

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How to report issues:

If you report a driver or firmware issue, please make cross checks:

  1. Update driver and FW separately to isolate an issue and find out if caused by driver OR firmware.
  2. Which driver OR firmware shows the issue
  3. Which driver OR firmware does not show the issue
  4. Check if you can reproduce the issue again if you go back to the version which seems to have caused the issue
  5. Check if the issue is related to specific settings of for example the tuning menu. Is it happening more or less with a specific setting raised or lowered?
  6. Post the answers gathered from the questions above + a short description of the issue including the following info:
  • Wheel Base Model (product ID): ...
  • Steering Wheel Model (product ID): ....
  • Driver Version: ....
  • Base FW Version: ....
  • Motor FW Version: ....
  • Wheel FW Version: ....
  • FanaLab Version: ....
  • Tuning Menu settings
  • Driver/FanaLab installed on C: drive or else?
  • With driver related issues collect log files and zip them from C:\Users\Public\Fanatec Logs

Changelog of driver 453 (since 452)

Firmware versions included

  • Podium DD1 / DD2 Base: (NEW)
  • Podium DD1 / DD2 Motor: 
  • Podium DD1 / DD2 WQR: 7
  • ClubSport DD(+) Base: (NEW)
  • ClubSport DD(+) WQR: (NEW)
  • CSL DD / GT DD PRO Base: (NEW)
  • CSL DD / GT DD PRO Motor:
  • CSW V1 Base: 693
  • CSW V2 Base: 693
  • CSW V2.5 Base: 693
  • CSL Elite Base: 693
  • CSL Elite Base PS4: 693
  • CSL / CSW Motor: 22
  • Podium BMW M4 GT3: 9
  • Podium Hub: 6
  • Podium BME: 24    (NEW)
  • Podium BMR:  
  • CS SW Formula V2(X), V2.5(X): 47
  • CS SW RS: 4 
  • CS SW BMW V2: 3 
  • CS SW F1 Esports V2: 5 
  • CS UH V2 / UHX V2: 2 
  • GT DD PRO SW: 8
  • CSL Elite SW McLaren GT3: 37
  • CSL Elite SW McLaren GT3 V2: 47
  • CSL Elite SW WRC: 4
  • CSL UH, CSL UH V2: 8 
  • CS P V3: 1.35
  • CSL Elite Pedals V2: 1.6
  • CSL Elite Pedals Load Cell Kit: 1.13
  • CSL Pedals Load Cell Kit: 1.8
  • CS USB Adapter - Handbrake: 1.10
  • CS USB Adapter - Shifter: 1.12
  • CS USB Adapter - CSL Pedals: 1.1
  • CS USB Adapter - CSL Elite Pedals: 0.1

Control Panel + Firmware Manager

  • Fixed wrong Mouse Emulation picture of Formula V2 when no APM is attached.
  • Fixed mouse hover hint texts of disabled settings not showing (like the Wheel Vibration Test button hint text when SHO is disabled).
  • Added compatibility for the new ClubSport DD and ClubSport DD+ Wheel Bases.
  • Re-enabled BME Firmware update.
  • Other minor improvements.


Tray App Version (optional installation)

Latest version of Fanatec App on Android/iOS (V0.1.11+94) required as well.

  • More info about the app on:
  • Added compatibility for the new ClubSport DD and ClubSport DD+ Wheel Bases.
  • Added automatic check for new Driver and Firmware versions. When the Mobile App is running and it detects that a new update is available, a Push-notification will be sent to your mobile device.
  • Note: This is currently not working for the USB Adapter yet. This will be added in an upcoming release.
  • Added feature that a double-click on the Tray icon will open the Control Panel UI.
  • Other minor improvements.


General Firmware Improvements

  • Fixed MPS Pulse mode not working correctly.
  • Fixed pulsing button inputs when constantly pressing some buttons.
  • Fixed not shown ST WHEEL Firmware version on 1" OLEDs after bootup of Podium DD.


Button Module Rally Improvements

  • Fixed Display flickering after Wheel Center calibration.
  • Adjusted button combinations for Wheel Center calibration and Mode change.
  • Adjusted display string to show correct button combination for the Wheel Center calibration.

Button Module Endurance Improvements

  • Fixed non-working Firmware update.
  • Fixed ITM freezes after continuous changing of ITM pages in a short amount of time.
  • Improved the spelling of some Tuning Menu setting names and descriptions.

454 Hotfix

Fixing the alt+tab issues with some games causing loss of FFB and/or freezing the game.

Thanks for everyone raising this quickly and sorry for the hassle it might have created.

Known Issues

  • When entering a game menu while driving it can happen in some games that the FFB effect doesn't get canceled which results in the wheel turning to one side. (this got now fixed for the Podium DD but can still happen on the CSL DD. We will now apply the fix for the CSL DD as well)
  • Natural friction can start to feel weird after some time of driving. In case you experience issues with NFR, we suggest to turn it OFF for now. (this got now fixed for the Podium DD but can still happen on the CSL DD. We will now apply the fix for the CSL DD as well)
  • The steering input jump issue was greatly improved so the issue happens a lot less than before. Full fix expected for one of the next versions.

Compatible FanaLab Version




  • How do you actually update a driver?

    Download yourself or via fanatec's firmware manager....

    My CSL DD is still at 451. And when I press check for updates it says there are none.

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    Uninstall driver 451, download driver 453, run the installer, restart PC.

    Driver can not find it through the update search yet because the upload to the webshop is still in progress and not finished yet, afterwards the update notification would get triggered and tell you that a new driver is available.

    You would need to still uninstall 451 and install 453 by yourself, its not an automatic process.

  • In the meantime I have received thhis message...

    What is the best way to unistall the old driver?

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    Through the WIndows Apps or Windows System Control -> Programs.

    Basically like every other Windows program, the Fanatec software is no special in this regard ;)

    • The steering input jump issue was greatly improved so the issue happens a lot less than before. Full fix expected for one of the next versions.

    I see there is an update to the DD1/DD2 base firmware. Is there any improvement to this long-standing issue in this firmware?

    The text in the Release Notes has been there (unchanged) for several releases.

  • 1- Thank you for your work on your drivers!

    2- Driver working flawlessly, exept one thing about DD1

    I had in the past issues about the DD1 going into low torque mode and turning back full torque randomly (wich caused me some wrist pain, I was doing a huge turn haha)

    With this firmware it hapenned two more times, in case it isn't related to this driver I opened a support ticket.

    3- The constant small vibration when standing still and powered up (cogging ? ripple, idk the technical terms) got way worse with this new installation, if Maurice is reading this, you answered me as why this was happening and how some CSL DD Bases got fixed because of a heat issue (20khz drivers), well it got to a point where this is at the exact same level of vibration as my "broken" GT DD PRO", what could be the issue ? It's so weird to me.

    Appart of that, pulse mode works like a charm, and have a great day!

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    When the base goes into Low Torque and back into high Torque Mode it could be an issue with the steering wheel or the connection of the wheel and base.

    Which Wheel is this happening on? Maybe a wheel which supports Low and High Torque Mode and randomly the Low Torque Mode gets triggered? This would point towards an issue with the wheel. If its a wheel which natively doesnt support Low Torque Mode then it more points towards a connection issue between wheel and base.

    In any case it would be best tocontact the support as this is definitely not normal, but also no firmware related issue.

    Regarding the vibrations: It is normal that the DD1 makes a slight vibration noise / hum noise when its powered on. Thats the natural noise of the motor and the rear fan which you can feel as a slight vibration / hum in the wheel handgrips. On some positions its more noticable than on others, just moove the wheel a bit and see if it improves or gets worse in some steering wheel positions. That would be perfectly normal if it does.

    If you mean something else, then it would be best to provide a video of the issue. If its real cogging where the wheel rests into 10 magnet positions, then that would be a (fatal) hardware issue...

  • Marcel/ Mautice it works Perfect .The FFB is a Dream on Top with Simucube .One thing bothers me there is a Little rustle Felling on the Wheel from the Base DD1 when the base is on and dont move.I can feel it on my Hands like a electrical frequency .Dont Know what it is with 452 it was not there

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    Regarding the rustle feeling: It is normal that the DD1 makes a slight vibration noise / hum noise when its powered on. Thats the natural noise of the motor and the rear fan which you can feel as a slight vibration / hum in the wheel handgrips. On some positions its more noticable than on others, just moove the wheel a bit and see if it improves or gets worse in some steering wheel positions. That would be perfectly normal if it does.

    It surely would best to record some kind of video where you can see / hear what you mean because I have no idea what else you could mean and nobody internally feels anything weird on the P DD which should not be there...

  • Sorry i mean Maurice

  • Yes that's exactly what i'm feeling !

    I owned a GT DD PRO last year and after updating it's drivers, I got that same issue, I tried rolling back but never got it fixed after the update (was working fine when powered on / idle and in Iracing)

    Same thing for the DD1, so I don't really know, I'm not an engineer at fanatec, simply a Game Developper trying to resolve this lol

  • I am also not an engineer at Fanatec, however, from what you describe so far it sounds like the normal typical small vibration / hum coming from the motor and rear fan.

  • Marcel/Maurice I can live with that but I've tested all the drivers, only this one has it, well whatever, I don't doubt that it's defective. You feel it most with the Formula F1 steering wheel. Otherwise, thank you, I think everything is great with the firmware. I didn't have any issues with the 452 either Problem really good work if you compare it to back then 3 years ago unbelievable.Its like a complete new Wheelbase .Thank you Guys

  • Thank you for your time and answer, i'm using BMW GT2 Wheel, and Formula V2.5, and both get the low torque message randomly, well in a sense i'm glad for Fanatec team it's not related to drivers!

    I guess i'm not very lucky! Opened a support ticket with logs, should be fine, I always had a good support experience.

    For the vibration I get it, the main issue isn't the fact that it exists:

    • On my GT DD Pro you said: "That's a completely different issue where the base developed extreme cogging when the motor was too hot.
    • This is a hardware issue of some bases and has nothing to do with the "normal" cogging every base has."

    So the "extreme cogging when the motor was too hot" you described corresdpond to the normal cogging of a DD1 ? So a hardware issue isn't normal on a DD PRO and on a DD1 it's considered as normal ?

    And how a driver (motor firmware updated) would have caused hardware damage ? (Wasn't present on my old DD PRO before updating)

    And I saw another user right here in that post that had the same issue with DD1. Again, it's not your fault at all, I'm just trying to understand why are we having this experience compared to other flawless ones with the presumably same units.

    I hope my comment makes sense and don't bother you too much, if you feel this conversation is innapropriate here let me know :)

  • What drivers did rolled back on, so I can try and see if it goes away.

    I can live with that too but knowing it wasn't there before drives me crazy hahaha

    And yeah, the work on fanatec's drivers deserve it's praise, good work tbh.

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    DD Bases always have some slight cogging but that cogging is always there and does not get extreme over time. And the Pdoium DDs also always have a constant vibration / hum noise when they are running. This is both normal.

    When a base develops extreme cogging over time (like shown in these videos earlier today: ( then it definitely IS a FATAL hardware issue, no matter if its a CSL / GT DD or a Podium DD.

    There should NEVER be any extreme cogging when the base gets warm.

    There are known hardware issue for CSL / GT DD where the cogging can occur after time and since late last year there is also a known hardware issue which can cause something similar to the Podium DD as well. In both cases its a hardware defect, unrelated to Firmware.

  • Sir Panico i hope you dont mean me i have no cogging on my DD1 and always a Temperature of 28 degree .I have only very little rustle feeling in my Hands when I power the DD1 no more .

  • Maurice one more Thing : I have Wireless Quick Release Firmware: v6 / available V7 should I update this or no there is no button for manual update for V7 and for what is V7

  • V7 is needed for new wheels in the future (starting with the F1 2023 Limited Edition wheel).

    It is intended to not have a manual Update button, the WQR should only be updated through the automatic update process.

  • Thanks.

    I see, so for example the cogging on the deffective GT DD Pro I had was getting extreme after some time of usage wich is not expected.

    So, maybe my DD1 developped cogging, for example, I feel the normal cogging (current/buzz/high pitched vibration) when powering up, but as soon as I launch multiple FFB test trough the control pannel, or just hold it at 10nm of torque, it effectively gets worse.

    I usually don't notice it when racing, but I did some league races (completely new to that) and it was a hour long race with formula 1s, and I even felt it despite all the road effects (was on Detroit lmaooo), and I never felt it while racing.

    So you might be right. Then the fact that this other user noticed it only when changing driver could be a placebo ? I tested roughly 3 DD1s in my life and only this one is feeling this way, that's why it's so confusing me, not the cogging, the fact that not all DD1 I tested had it.

    Already sent it to RMA, but they said the cogging was not extreme.

    Again, I put my hand on my first DD 2 years ago and went into it since, so you have way more experience than I do, and I'm thankfull for the feedback you provided. I'm still figuring out my questions, but that's impossible to solve as I may me solely my sensibility to small stuff like that.

  • That's what I have too, wich I don't have on some other DD1 bases, thanks for the precision! Sorry for using the wrong terms, I am FAR from being an expert!

  • The MPS Continues Mode is still brocken ! When it is activated I cannot assign any button because the wheel is continuously sending button 75. Very frustating, that this is not solved. Pulse is OK.

  • Sir Panico I have order the DD2 on Sunday I will see how the DD2 works. I have 2 DD1 F1 and Csl DD Gt but no Problems with all of them .All feels the same. What I noticed is that some games don't feel good after Updates like Automobilista 2 took a while to set it up.

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    That is normal, at least for some games, and it was always the case in Constant Mode. It would send a different button when you change the MPS position btw ;)

    When assigned buttons you should set the MPS mode to a different mode than Constant because some games see the constantly send button input of the MPS before you can make the "correct" button input. Thats the downside of the Constant Mode where the current MPS positions are just constantly being sent to the game and some games grab this constant input where some other games can ignore it.

  • When will the BMW M4 GT3 wheel owners will receive the qr2 usb update cable ?

  • So you have that rustle feeling on all of them ?

    And yeah keep me updated!

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    No ETA for that.

    I asked the support 8 weeks (56 days) ago and did not got any information.

    So most likely they also dont know which means not anytime soon.

    If you need to update the BMW then you need to use the old QR1 update cable. If you already upgraded to the QR2 and you sold the QR1 Wheel-Side Adapter then you can still attach the wheel to the update cable with no QR installed, just be careful regarding the pins to insert the wheel properly.

  • Maurice, the old Universal Hub PS3/PC still works on the DD1? Or no? . I wanted to buy one for my CSW V2 so that I can still play Gt6 to my the Formula Black as a second steering wheel .

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    Every wheel which has a QR1 (or QR2) works on any Fanatec DD Base (with the respective QR Base-Side).

    However, note that PS compatibility does not come through the wheel but through the base.

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