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  • Good to see things are finally happening!

  • Would have been nice to be told something like "whoops we forgot the get stock to Australia but it will be there in X amount of time"

  • I did my order back in November for a DD+, yesterday I received 3 packages, two of them match the other items, but instead of the DD+ I received a shifter!!!!! Like why if you’re not including the delayed item then the order got delayed?! Now I’ll need to start the long and frustrating process of dealing with Fanatec support.

  • It's here, updated without issue (clean install of all Fanatec software), mounted to my Universal Wheel mount on my TR120 and tested in GT7..

    First things first, mine is silent, no cogging and smooth as silk when powered on.. Free wheeling it (powered off) it does have a tiny step feel.. and I mean tiny. Exposes just how cogged the CSL Elite was.

    Set at 75% FFB Power and turning the game up to 10 was an arm busting workout. Back to 4 it was strong and clear. longer races will need some fine tuning to make it possible without becoming Mr Universe as a result.

    Only thing at the moment is that it's not selecting the right wheel in the game. It's pre selecting the GT DD Pro where on my CSL Elite the game automatically selected the Podium Wheel pre-set for the Formula V2.5, there's no way to select the right wheel in game. I took the wheel off and on/changed to PC Mode as suggested on various sites on the web, but I cant get it to show the right wheel.

    Otherwise I'm 100% happy at the moment. Cant wait for the Full Force integration.

  • Thanks for the update Peter, hopefully those last few software issues get resolved soon. Good to hear the hardware seems to be in order at least.

  • Look new feature. They are approving comments. That means we get to read only what they want you to read. To to move to another forum :))

  • If you think aboit it. It falls into their tactics.. They know you won't get any support - it simply does not exist. Wouldn't be suprsised they laid off staff tonmaoe their end year financial "targets".

    Now they knowing that, they ship you wrong thing or don't ship one or more things, you even more locked in. Than transfer to warehouse status crap. Because they lied they have enough dds for everyone. By today we all waiting would have it if that would be true. That was weeks ago.

    So what are your options if they maliciously sent you incomplete/wrong items? They won't cancel for you. Because they " can't " change orders, do partial refunds and so on.. In 2024 :)) sure :)

    So now you f*d and in their mercy. That's like predator lending :)) just that fanatec is grabbing, not lending :))

    Going through bank might be hard as they did something.

    In Canada we have "loss of joy" or something. Might use that as time comes :))

    Just need one more f*up. It won't be long with such fanatec pace.

    Another thought if customer service not existing, what you fellow racers will do if you need warranty? You won't get it. Folks have expensive wheels "lost" , because fanatec signed reception of the package but support says they did not :)) I mean lucky someone responded, but was it helpful? No.

    In warranty case you will be pissed even more as there are your money on the line. Now you can get it still through the bank. Later it won't be an option.

    Good luck everyone!

    Fanatec - karma is a bi**h! Good luck with that!

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    Look what they are doing:

    Fanatec obviously thinks that its customers are dumb enough to not figure out what is really going on.

    They delayed the DD+ orders again to fulfil the more profitable DD Extreme orders.

    My original availability date (Germany) of the DD+ was 26.02. and until today the availability date of the DD Extreme was end of March.

    Now look at their homepage: The DD Extreme is available! This is ridiculous!

    They wrote in the E-Mail that the container is delayed. Haha this the the biggest joke in the world!

    They do not learn and they just do not take their customers seriously!!!

    Another proof!

    @Will Boosted Media @Kireth @Ron reviewed YOU SHOULD TALK ABOUT THIS!

    @ALL: if you have connections to some Youtubers: Tell them and tell the world what BS this company is doing!

    Fanatec - karma is a bi**h! Good luck with that!

  • I don't want to defend their very questionable (and perhaps unjustifiable) behavior, but what I think is happening now is that they have cargo ships from China every 15 days. They almost certainly still have the old DD+ pre-orders to deliver to customers of BF (the aforementioned unjustifiable behavior after CEO @James' statements) and therefore the others send them back to the next load. Instead, the DD Extremes that arrive are more than the pre-orders they have pending (due to their aforementioned behavior now in the public domain) and therefore are available.

    Hope I'm not a naive fool because it would be very serious indeed...

  • Now for me the dd+ availability on the order page is 5th March. Anyone else who ordered in January, what the page says to you?

  • US site. mine was pushed to March 8th. without any emails or any other communication.

  • Regarding youtubers reviews. It kinda felt like they are covering Fanatec's ass less or more. Not sure why they had to cover "issues" and give false hopes. Even most state it's their opinion and not influenced. Will mentions in other fanatec videos has contacts with Fanatec. So, he could get answers (as for us they don't reply, respond,.. non existing), but it's tricky. Why he would risk damaging his brand because of Fanatec BS?

  • Hey guys,

    perhaps you all are right and I have just overreacted. Perhaps there were a few returns or some cancellations. This waiting drives me crazy^^

    Nevertheless they have to improve their shop system. Amazon for example always tells the latest possible arrival date of your (preorder) goods as the due date and if the goods are available earlier, you will be informed upfront and this suprise makes customers happy.

    With Fanatec there is only one direction: postponement to some later dates and getting informed not at all or only if you go to the orders page by yourself. This is definitly something which can be improved.

    And if your order doesn't contain any preorder items and they are not able to ship the goods within the proposed time, the customer has to be informed. No one wants to go to some blog or to the order page so see what is happening.

    And regarding the Youtubers, I fully understand that they do not risk their relationship to this company, but somehow this damages their reputation. At least most of their viewers won't recognize this...

  • US site.

    Emails. I got today 25% voucher. (I did not get it initially and wrote support ticket, early Jan), then got email about container ship, then got email about order status change (handover). all in 7 hrs span.

    I don't know if I should be excited. as one email says it will be delayed until March 12th... but why order to warehouse? another "lock" from cancelling... for two weeks (until March 12th) and then another month until it actually gets out. I never saw in "fanatec good times" order getting out faster than 10-12 days out of their warehouse (they will always say it;s gone), but USPS will say only almost two weeks later.

  • Can you please explain who did you contact and who provided you a voucher? I am trying to cancel my BF since 17.12.2023. Never got voucher, no one responded to my mails. Two weeks ago I wrote to James and explained everything in detail. Since then, no one answers.

  • It looks like generic email from [email protected]. but reply to my ticket from January 13th. I guess you will have to wait 1.5 month...

  • and at that time (maybe still is) form was "broken". US site press contact us, you get japaneese (my guess) form. or something else was wrong. I don;t remember what I had to do extra, but I managed to submit ticket. so maybe I sort of "luckier" if many users gave up on the form at that time

  • Since the DD+ seems to be in stock in Europe: has everyone of you who preordered got a notification of shipping?

  • Preordered on 09.01. - Germany

    Nothing yet...

    I assume they will start sending it from Monday on. Don't expect anything to happen until then.

  • Hello

    No nothing. I had pre-order from 6th December and handover warehouse on 7th February. I'm from Belgium.

  • Available in Australia too, my order from 24/11 hasn't changed from "in process" yet, however people ordering recently are getting notification that it has been handed to warehouse.

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    Well... nothing happened today^^

    Tomorrow is my DD+ due date and it is shown as available so no excuses Fanatec!

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    If anybody who has the due date for 5th March for the DD+ gets any information about the shipping please tell us! I am very excited cannot wait to get my stuff!

  • Due date 5th March and no shipping number...

    @Fanatec => Don't tell me it is because some other part of my order is not available because I am always checking and all items were available on last weeks so it will no be acceptable !

    Send it now because I dont have anymore patience !!!

  • I have also 5th March as date in my Order.

    I have ordered only the dd+ , nothing else, but no change of order till now. That's all verry frustrating. WAIT, WAIT, WAIT....... Fanatec please make your job! Taking the money, but dont deliver....... that dont feel right anymore!

  • Also March, 5th as availability date in my order.

    Since 5 days the DD+ is shown as available on the homepage. It is just ridiculous...

    They always propose to do a better job but at the end nothing has changed so far until the last customer went away it seems

  • Looks like another new product that will no doubt be available before we receive our DD+

    seriously Fanatec way to treat your paying customers. My order still shows awaiting even though I can apparently purchase direct from the site and shipping in 4-7 days. Feels like forcing customers to cancel and pay higher price for new products. AGAIN

  • Every time you think they can't do worse, they proof different...

    What a shit show!

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