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    I would appreciate this of course.. but everyone in this forum already knows, that communication is not one of the best performances of Fanatec.. 😜

    I also didn’t know, if it is a fake (but why should he do this.. and he has given a lot of proofs), a mistake from warehouse (perhaps only the qr2 adapter should or is sent out) or finally the start of the process to make us all very happy 🥳

    let’s hope the 3rd case is the one and only truth

  • And where did I say they ship the DD+ out? I just wrote facts about the purchase date on the account -> products page.

  • don't believe guys. just compare order dates on order and email. its another one

  • as far we know this, you tubers not posted nothing new yet, so i'm guess they still wait approval. what could mean its a fake

  • Too strange, at this point, seeing the disaster of this product, I think it's more of a mistake on their part. I don't believe they actually sent it. I hope they do send it to you, that would mean mine won't take much longer. But if they have really resolved the Sony license issue, I don't understand why they wouldn't communicate it. Let's wait a few days to see how your shipment progresses and to see if there are more people in the same situation as you

  • With everything that's happened. With all the trolls. With all the Fanatec missteps. I understand everyone's mistrust.

    I personally think this is likely a mistake on Fanatec's system.

    But we've been waiting on this for a long time, and a few more days isn't going to change anything.

  • So everybody is now exited about some guys from Australia which post that they got their DD+ bases shipped. Can u please tell us if this was fake or is it possible to hope for good news in Europe too.

  • Stock Endor (Fanatec) -39% in one day..... that's not good......🙄🫤🧐

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    if our Aussie friend is telling the truth (which it seems to be the case), i wonder if the whole approval delay has something to do with the Playstation State of Play that is happening tomorrow (1/31/24), where they might announce something related to the wheelbase and fanatec then releases a statement??

    Either way, i am not having my hopes up just yet.

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    that is indeed concerning and hopefully a sign to Endor to do a 180 degree turn asap

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    Hi Peter,

    Is only the DD+ part of your order or do you have ordered the qr2 wheel side from the screenshot as well?



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    You guys want to laugh a bit? 🤣

  • Love that last bit. Shame about the backlog of old orders with no preorders that havent been sorted yet

  • It’s all come apart overnight.

    my account orders and product pages are in a complete mess with two order numbers for two of the DD+ and Qr2 one for free and one full price like I ordered it yesterday.

    The parcel has been redirected (hoping not a hacker) to another address in another state, I’ve opened an urgent enquiry about that with Aus Post.

    here’s the invoice they emailed me yesterday. What more proof can I show you.

    I know that there’ll be anger and hate thrown my way, but I’m telling you the truth as it happened. I was excited as I’m sure you’ll all understand. I’m praying that no one has used my posts to hack into and change the delivery address, but I don’t understand the “my account” changes so strange.

    Note one order number (the original) is 177#### and the other is 190####. This isn’t a good look. I’ve emailed Fanatec.

    I can’t get tagging to work to put James name in here, for whatever good it’s going to do.

  • Tagging never works for me either, but someone's seen this by now. No one will respond.

  • I think that's not your order. Someone at Fanatec pressed the wrong button, so the notification is coming to you, for your order, while the shipment, of another order, is going somewhere else, to another customer who knows nothing.

  • I don’t know mate. But I can assure you I’m very annoyed right now. I was one that was happy to wait, and now this?

  • I wonder what licensing they're referring to as being resolved?

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    I was wondering this morning why you not completely delete your order number in the email subject on the last screen on site 5 of this thread.. but is it possible to redirect a delivery only by knowing the order number? You didn’t display the tracking number or? I wish you all the best, that this issue gets solved very quickly…

  • It is very strange that your order number has completely changed......

    Maybe they saw the post and pulled the order from the system and reissued as someone screwed up and triggered the wrong order to get collected

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    I’m very keen to get some info, but I’m not holding hopes of a quick response.

  • I’m going to close this bizarre 36 hours out by letting you know that I’ve had a call from Fanatec Germany and there was an admin error on their side that caused all this.

    The lady was very nice and very apologetic that the error caused such a drama. She did mention that it was a nice change that the customer she was talking to wasn’t getting angry. She said, and I believe her, that they are working as fast as they can to sort out all these issues of the last months.

    An error was made, they’ve fixed it now. It wasn’t Fake News and I wasn’t trolling.

    Before you ask, she wasn’t able to give me any further information on when they/we might see the Sony approval, but they’ll provide information as soon as they have it.

  • Thank you for the updates. There's nothing wrong with you sharing all these.

    Disappointment after disappointment though from Fanatec. Bunch of us here are just players eager to get our product. It's such a shame that the service and overall communication is all over the place.

  • Hi everyone,

    I'm also waiting for the CS DD+, yet I wanted to start enjoying all the rest of my setup so I also ordered the GT DD PRO. This is how it went:

    • 29th Jan: ordered GT DD PRO + QR1 wheelside
    • 30th Jan: order is being processed followed by handover to warehouse
    • 31th Jan: order was dispatched, delivered 1121 z-time
    • Location: Belgium

    I received an e-mail update for every step and a tracking nr.

    If ever at some point I receive the CS DD+, having the GT DD PRO as a back-up is actually not a bad idea. I know it costs again and I hope you guys have the funds to also approach it this way. Fanatec has to include some kind of compensation for all the CS DD+ pre-orders for not only having us wait for it, but also for having us order a second base SMH.

  • i bought csl dd bmw bundle on january 16th while waiting for dd+ but apparently theres a problem and its never sent. fanatec on fb said to cancel and reorder without qr1 lite which is backorder until march but my order shows it ready to ship. this company is literaly the worst company i've ever dealth with. sent them 3,500 now since december and still have no way to play a game. i can't even cancel the order since its in warehouse status.

  • I’m sure they are doing everything they can to get this resolved asap. When you read their financial statements, you see they had to report 4M€ revenue from 2023 to 2024 because of the undelivered pre sales. They invested massively in the Clubsport DD and DD+ to boost up their sales for the future. Their banks have extended their credit lines until march 31st of 2024. Right now because of the shipping and customer service and the license issues, they reported a loss for 2023. This obviously is having a disastrous effect on their stock value. They really need to have a really good 1st trimester of 2024 or else they could in real trouble and tbh, bankruptcy is not unrealistic.


    however, they are numerous positive factors that could help them (and us!):

     They are transferring all customer service to a global partner

     They are implementing a new ERP in 2024 which should improve all the logistic around sales, shipping and warehouse management.

     Once the Sony license for the security thing comes in, sales should be kicking in.

     If ever they found themselves in a bad financial solution, they could very well sell to a bigger company as they have a fantastic product line and a bunch of licensing.


    I know we are all pissed, disappointed and all but the fact is if we are all here following and commenting the forums is that we all hope we get our Fanatec products asap and we all hope the company can support us for the lifetime of these products.


    I believe we all better hope they are putting things together to make their company survive and thrive in the future instead of bashing them as they seem to have a knee down at the moment.

  • Being transparent on the state of things and being honest about the situation as well as giving regular updates as they said they would, would have made a massive difference.

    Silence is not golden

    All publicity is supposed to be good even if what's being said is bad but this is not true as many companies have collapsed due to bad publicity due to the lack of transparency.

    Honesty is always the best policy.

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    First and foremost, I want to make it clear that I don't have any type of information on this matter, and what I'm about to share has been extrapolated/deduced through some information that a very famous streamer in my country, well-known in the simracing world, has been dropping. Fanatec, as part of promotion (you know how this works), sent him the DD+ over a month ago.

    A while ago, I read a couple of unnoticed comments in this forum, which said that it was very unusual for Sony to allow this without a pack since throughout history, all steering wheels from every brand compatible with Sony initially did so with a pack. I mention this because the conclusion I could draw is that Sony and Fanatec are very likely working on a wheel rim. Why do I think this? Well, the streamer I'm referring to mentioned that soon people who have the DD Pro and therefore the special Gran Turismo wheel rim would no longer find it necessary to use that rim. Why emphasize the wheel rim? If you change the quick release, you could still use the rim, but he hinted that you won't need to use it anymore.

    Would it make sense for Sony to halt the release of the DD+ until they know the new wheel rim works well, there's stock available, and other factors? I don't know, maybe it's just my anxious mind about this DD+.

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