M4 GT3 Wheel delivery time

Hi, can someone say anything about the delivery time for the M4 GT3 Wheel? The status of my order is since a long time on "Handover to the warehouse". You won´t geht anwers over the contact form....

Pay´d a lot of Money for that Wheel and didn´t get it delivered....

That´s very sad.

Hope fanatec answer soon.


  • If you click on the order and click view you should be able to see a tracking number at the bottom of that page on the same row as the order number and total price

  • Marc StapfMarc Stapf Member
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    there is no tracking number.

    thats the problem.

  • Im in the same boat as you. Order switched to handed over to warehouse on 01/16/2024 and has been without tracking number. I reached out to Fanatec several times and have not gotten a response. Hopefully we get update soon but it sucks not knowing anything .

  • I‘m also still waiting. No tracking information yet - neither a tracking number in my orders nor a notification by UPS (and they notify reliably without any miss over the last two amd a half years).

    But there are people who already have received their wheel.

    I‘m confident it will be shipped soon. But on Monday I will create a Customer Service ticket, too. Just to make sure.

  • Marcel JeskeMarcel Jeske Member
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    alberto, please don‘t send multiple messages for the exact same issues. it slows down the whole process. as hard as it is we who create tickets have to be patient until we get a response for our first and only message/ticket

  • DoubleJDoubleJ Member
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    For UPS, please try this (the comment 'Track by Reference Number' from Ben McNicholas):

    I got a result with an expected delivery on Tuesday 30.

  • Update [Germany]:

    I just received the long awaited SMS by UPS my parcel is going to be delivered tomorrow.

    In detail:

    Sticker created on 26th 17:00

    Parcel picked up on 26th 17:52

    This is 11 working days instead of 5 as mentioned in the email. Still okay…

    But… there is no tracking number in my order history.

    I strongly recommend to register at UPS to get a notification. You might need to have put a phone number in your adress Information during order process.

  • May i ask when did you place your order?

    Placed mine on 1st of January, handover to warehouse on 11th, nothing since then.

  • Pre-ordered on 14th December.

    I also received a mail in 11 January with an invoice and order status changed to „handed to warehouse“.

    If you have received notifications by UPS for other orders in the past you‘ll probably just have to wait for a couple more days.

    If not or if you want to be sure, you should try what DoubleJ shared above. Writing an Email seems to be more successful than calling UPS Customer Service. I calling them 2 weeks ago and they were not able to track without a tracking number…

  • Simon MaltbySimon Maltby Member
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    I have 2 on order - ordered 14th December with the ETA 10th January.

    On the 11th Jan - received the invoice and passed to warehouse.

    Nothing since.

    I did get a reply from Fanatec a few days ago just telling me it's ETA is now the 14th Feb??? I replied saying then why did you send the invoice and therefore start the warranty on the 11th Jan. Also why set to passed to warehouse and therefore prevent the ability to cancel???? No reply to that which I assume means they don't know how to answer that question.

    Yet again a total mess.

  • Marcel JeskeMarcel Jeske Member
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    Update [Germany]

    Parcel is now being delivered AND there‘s the correct tracking number being shown in my orders.


    I even received am Email from Fanatec my parcel has been put into a delivery vehicle including tracking number. This seems to be a new procedure regarding information management - a little bit delayed but still

  • So i have to ask ups to get an answer where my order is?!?

  • Marcel JeskeMarcel Jeske Member
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    Well, I guess you can either be patient and wait for your order to be shipped or try to reach out to UPS and/ or Fanatec.

    As it appears to me at least in Germany you‘ll get an information by both UPS and Fanatec when your parcel is being shipped. If you haven’t received an information by one of them yet it‘s highly probable your order is still at the warehouse waiting to be shipped.

  • Update [Germany]:

    I just received an Email my parcel is at a UPS Access Point with adress and even a Google Maps picture where it‘s located.

    This is definitely a huge progressive step providing information for customers.

    Now let‘s see if it‘s

    a) the proper product and

    b) QR1 or QR2

  • I just received my wheel. It comes with pre-installed QR2 Pro

  • DoubleJDoubleJ Member
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    I also received mine today including the QR2 Pro preinstalled and the QR2 update cable.

    The wheel is fantastic, thank you Fanatec!

  • Today i got my trackingnumber. Very strange this happens after i asked the delivery company......

    But at the tracking is a yellow "!"

    I think thats not so good.

    We will see what happens next.

  • Today i got my wheel. An qr2 is in an extra package.

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