DD Extreme Wheel - OLED Brightness

Got my DD Extreme today and have been loving the drive with the wheel.

I can't for the life of me get the OLED to be visible though. It's so dark. I couldn't find any settings in the menu or in Fanlab for the OLED brightness, am I missing something obvious?

I couldn't find a user manual for the wheel either. There was a link in the quick guide, but it doesn't work.

Has anyone else experienced this or have I received a faulty wheel?


  • Picture would certainly help.

    It's darker than P DD and BME OLEDs, yes, but should still be bright enough to read.. If not then it's most likely broken.

  • I'm guessing broken then. This is it in the "setup" menu and this was me lowering the glare from the other LEDs to try to see it. You can see the setup menu if you zoom in.

    I've raised a support ticket as there doesn't seem to be a lot of guidance with this wheel.

  • Bummer. Hopefully won't take too long for them to put right then. I would like to think that they will send the replacement in advance so that I can use the setup prior to returning the faulty one?

  • I have the same issue. The left part is barely visible and the right side is invisible, even in complete darkness. I can adjust settings by looking very close and in darkness but that's all. Would you know, by any chance, if we can get the wheel replaced without sending back the DD+ which works? We bought another wheel that should arrive next week, so sending both wouldn't be great.

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