CSL DD Vibrations/Electrical Current

Hi, i have my csl dd bundle for about 3 months now and since the first day i was feeling something like a electrical current flowing through the wheel, you can feel it mostly in the paddle shifters but also in the whole rim, the force feedback seems to be working like it should but the feeling in the rim is very unpleasant, is it normal?


  • No, it's not normal, but many people are affected by it. Some have obtained an RMA for this problem, and a couple of years ago some obtained specific firmware from Fanatec to try to mitigate the phenomenon.

    As far as I'm concerned, it happens to me sometimes. But only with the steering wheel turned on and at rest, on the Windows desktop, it disappears as soon as I start the game. It's very light, a scratch that goes around the entire outside of the rim. It happens to me every time I move the cleaning station, when I reconnect the cables, and it stops if I spread them out well, so that they don't tangle together.

    I would say EMI, however I have a lot of things against EMI in my desk, and at the time this issue came out, the guys who were fighting against it, had ruled it out completely.

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    The steering wheels are covered in non-conducting materials, maybe touching the metal spokes or metal parts of the base. If you have a multi meter, you could check for a electrical current to see for yourselves.

    The wheel bases have a third ground wire, so by chance there is a pinched wire or something else in the base, this is supposed to protect you. Unless the electrical outlet has a faulty ground connection.

    And no firmware update will stop a electric current.

    X-file stuff 😳

  • "It's as if..." there's no current. Let's say it's as if there were many little hamsters pawing around inside the rim of the steering wheel.

    It's a dirty FFB signal.

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