Fanatec Beta Driver V281 for CSW V2 and V2.5

Armin HabermannArmin Habermann Member, Administrator
New beta driver for testing purpose!

Install only if you are used to beta software and potential issues using such early software.
No support can be given to beta software.
If you have problems...revert to driver v273 and the included firmwares FOR CSW V2.5 users!
If you have problems...revert to driver v261 and the included firmwares CSW V2.0 users!
...alternatively previous beta drivers can be tested which are available in the forum.

  • New firmwares included:
       - CSW V2 Base : CSW_V2_Base_V259_rev945_app
       - CSW V2.5 Base : CSW_V2_5_Base_V260_rev946_app
  • Fixed Control Panel not opening properly.
  • Prepared for Windows 10 Creators Update - FFB support for UWP apps.
  • Fixed incorrect detection of firmware version showing very high value.
  • Fixed Mouse emulation on rims with joystick.
Known issues:
  • None so far

Please report all issues which are found in this thread. Like mentioned before...there will be no support for the beta driver but all issues will be investigated to be resolved in future versions.

If you find any issues please post clear steps how the issue can be reproduced.

Please make sure that you mention as much information as possible (products/hardware involved, OS version, FW version, etc.) when you are describing problems with the new software. Videos/screenshots might ge a great help to analyze the issue.

A new beta version of the great third party tools Fanaleds ( and SLIMax Manager Pro ( are now also available which supports the CSW V2.5: (Version 2.4j/2.4k or newer)
If you find any issues while using this additional software please first deactivate the 3rd party software to make SURE if it is realted to the issue BEFORE posting it. 


  • Hi Armin!

    GREAT! Control Panel not opening correctly (when Steam is on ;-) ) is really fixed! :)
  • Have Not Tried it Yet But Thanks for Fixing the Mouse Emulation!!! The Fanatec Team is the Best... Thank you For Listening to us and working Sooo Hard to make things Better.... Kudos to you =D>
  • New Firmware won't work with CSLE-Base. Updated the base firmware, calibrated center, restarted base. Base initializes fine and shows firmware 261 but rev lights keep lit and base can not be switched to pc mode via mode button or hotkeys. So no way to downgrade to last firmware. Base is bricked.
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    Confirming Matthias statement.
    I hooked up my CSL Elite (Beta) and installed firmware which was automatically selected by the firmware updater.
    In the firmware updater it was called "Firmware v256 loaded succesfully".
    After installation and rebooting of the base the rev leds wont go off and in the driver the firmware version is 261 instead of the 256 which was loaded by the firmware updater. (But as your notes say it should be v261 so something in the firmware updater seems to have gone wrong).
    Restart of the base also doesnt help, rev lights are still on all the time.

    FFB and motor virbations are still working tough, so maybe only the rev lights does have an issue with this firmware?!

    To CSL E owners: Please dont install this driver/firmware combo until Armin gives a statement on this next week, just to be sure...

    Also another issue: When there are more than just 1 bases connected, in my case every selection in the game controller menu results in the v2.5 driver page.
    For example: v2.5 AND v2(or instead of the v2 the CSL E) are connected both at the same time I get correct selections in the game controller panel (e.g. 2x CSW v2.5 and 1x CSW v2) but when I select the entry of the CSW v2 the panel of the v2.5 is opening.
  • Reverting back to older fw, for CSL E wb, can be done manually or also not possible now?
  • While the power cycle driver page bug seems fixed there is still a hangover problem in that on power cycles (or plug unplug)  iracing doesnt respond to the wheel or its buttons until i go through and remap it all.   Even if the buttons show the correct input for instance "Dev 1 Button 0" i still have to remap it.  This becomes pretty frustrating as you can imagine.
  • OK, giving up is not an option ;-) Luckily the CSLE-base boots into PC-mode without the rim attached. So for anybody with the CSLE in stuck XBOX-mode do the following: -unplug usb the cable, switch off the base and remove the rim. -uninstall beta-driver 281 via control panel. -install driver version 261 -switch base on and let it initialize (still without the rim attached) -plug in usb cable -open fanatec control panel and let it update the firmware (which actually is a downgrade) -close update dialog -switch off the base and attach rim -you are where you were before this little beta adventure And now for the brave and for Armin Habermann If, after reverting to driver version 261, the update to 281 is done again without the rim attached, rev lights still stay on after initialization but this time base is stuck in PC-mode. Rev lights can be covered with a strip of tape and PC-mode is fine with me. At least I can drive. If these hurdles are taken CSLE feels fine with driver 281
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    Windows 10/64bit CSW v2.5 Dr_281/Fw_260
    So far i'm 3hrs using wheel after New Dr/Fw update and there are No issues to report

    Also Emulate mouse feature is working great now...Mouse Moves at a Nice fast speed with much smoother movement =D>
  • leon liuleon liu Member
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    some new problom.base v2.5.driver 281, FW 260
    use about over 30min, there was some noise in base.  i think may be back fan noise . it happened  my base v2 ,it very dangerous
    high-frequency sound
  • Hello there, Received my Fanatec base v2.5 ,Bmw gt2 wheel, Clubsport pedals v3 this week. When i trying to instal the 261 driver i got the Kb203329 error so i used the 273 wich i was able to install. But with the 273 driver is was unable to use the Fanatec settings screen,, so i moved on tot this latest 281 driver and this one did solved my problems,,,i am able to use the fanatec settings screen now , and o men,,, with this driver i feld more vibrations in the wheel and pedals..wich i never feld before,,,,wow... I can also hear my fans running , but they dont sound like they are running at full speed or something,,,there working just at a factory speed ,,,,""i think""... So i want to thank you guy,s for this driver ,, so i can use my Fanatec BIG BOYS TOYS now,,, Cheers ,,, George Moes.
  • I would like to say that the problems I was having calibrating the v2.5 base in Dirt Rally are gone when I installed the new driver. I do not know if due to driver or to the re-install itself though..
  • Armin HabermannArmin Habermann Member, Administrator
    CSL E WB compatibility removed until issues are properly investigated.
  • I'm still getting the error with opening one of the two CSW v2.5 instances in the Fanatec Wheel Properties window with driver 281. Armin, I've sent you an email about it.
  • I'm still getting the error with opening one of the two CSW v2.5 instances in the Fanatec Wheel Properties window with driver 281. Armin, I've sent you an email about it.

    Me too same thing but everything else seems fine

  • How's ffb in CSW v2 when compared to 261-drivers, on pc and consoles?
  • Armin HabermannArmin Habermann Member, Administrator
    Hi Rami,

    should be identical. On consoles the driver does not make any difference but the firmware could. I think the CSW V2 is already optimised to its maximum possible performance.
  • This driver fix the rev leds issue?
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    for what its worth windows 10/64 bit_Samsung SSD....with the new v281_DR/FW i have power cycled the wheel many times to test DR/FW and i am Not having any problem opening up either of the CSW 2.5 properties pages.

    edit: Pcars with this DR/FW also it is possible to shut the wheel off while in a race and restart the wheel and continue the race as normal....using the CSW v2  Dr250/Fw 176 if i turned off the wheel i would have to restart the game.
  • what about the base noise?
    i set for to 60  can reduced chance of problems.
  • All works well for me, i do have 2 instances of the FANATEC wheel within the game controllers control panel. they both open the one wheel though so all it good.
  • Armin HabermannArmin Habermann Member, Administrator
    @ Aleix
    Which rev leds issue?

    @ Leon
    Which noise issue? I have not seen any discussion about that. Maybe you should better contact our support team. We're not aware of ANY noise issues yet.
  • @Armin Habermann I have the 2.5 base and bmw fanatec clubsport wheel. Now i have installed driver 278 and when im playing iRacing the rev leds not work. This driver fix this problems ?

    In the control panel, I do the test of rev leds and work perfect.

  • Armin HabermannArmin Habermann Member, Administrator
    iRacing needs to use the latest SDK version to support the CSW V2.5 rev-leds and other features. All games/developers have to use the latest SDK from now on. The Fanaleds Beta version which is linked in the first post does already support the CSW V2.5
  • While the power cycle driver page bug seems fixed there is still a hangover problem in that on power cycles (or plug unplug)  iracing doesnt respond to the wheel or its buttons until i go through and remap it all.   Even if the buttons show the correct input for instance "Dev 1 Button 0" i still have to remap it.  This becomes pretty frustrating as you can imagine.
    FYI this has not happened for a long time.  I think its possible that since the new FW it only occured when plugging it into different USB sockets.
  • So, is it better for us CSL E owners to wait for the next FW, considering the previous reports?
  • Dear Fanatec,

    I am using a V2.5 with CPL P1 wheel (Want BMW secondhanded) If I start the base it starts in Xbox mode (Green light) so I have to put it in PC mode every time. Is it possible that this can be solved in a new driver or is this normal behavior for a combo of 2.5 with CPL? 

    Kind regards,

  • Armin HabermannArmin Habermann Member, Administrator
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    @ Andrea,
    yes...CSL E WB users will need a different firmware to make sure the latest driver works properly. We will provide it as soon as possible.

    @ Rinus
    Are you sure that you installed FW 260 on your CSW V2.5 base? This new firmware has a experimental solution for that. The base should now remember in which mode you used it the last time and should directly go into this mode again. Can you please make sure the FW update is installed on your base and if that works as expected.

  • prejudice to me the new fw on xbox one and xboxone s works perfectly
  • Rinus HuismanRinus Huisman Member
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    Dear Armin, Let me check that this midday. Perhaps I oversaw it. That can happen. Thank you for the reply, Rinus

    edit: I probably have overlooked it. It's working fine now. Thank you. 
  • Natalie BNatalie B Member, Moderator, Betatester
    So far so good here, I'm having little to no issues with my base (on the latest FW and driver).
    Older games such as Dirt 3 etc are all still working perfectly fine, no issues restarting the wheel etc...
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