Podium DD unboxing - The wait is over



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    I just want the Podium Videos to get Me through the weekend because we know its Not shipping this week.
    Exactly, some people already have their wheels, no reason to hold back that information from the rest of us.

  • Thomas has mentioned a few times the bases will “ship” on or before April 30th. Depending on shipping method and distance it can take a few days. I know for Canada can be a week due to customs.
    On the first page of this thread, Thomas actually says:
    "We started with the Podium Racing Wheel but DD1 and DD2 will follow soon so we will DELIVER all pre-orders of the first batch on or before April 30th, as promised."
    English isn't Thomas' first language, I'm pretty sure he used the word "deliver" meaning it to be interchangeable with "dispatch." Either way, better to set your expectations low and it arriving early is just a nice surprise
  • If that was the case, a simple statement would clarify it.
  • Looks like this week is not the week for us DD1/DD2 preorderers
  • Btw the Facebook post says that all pre-orders will leave the warehouse before 30th April..that means that they could ship the orders on 29th too...we just have to wait, but i'm not too positive about that they will ship sooner.
  • we have waited this long, whats another few days.
  • My order status has changed to shipped for my DD1 base only. But did not receive an update yet via mail from fanatec or ups. But looks promissing...
  • My order status has changed to shipped for my DD1 base only. But did not receive an update yet via mail from fanatec or ups. But looks promissing...
    Same here for my DD2
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    My DD2 also shows shipped as of today. Will confirm when I get a tracking number.
  • My DD1 shows shipped as well. no tracking info yet
  • Me too ! thanks for heads up ;)
  • Me too! UK DD2
  • My DD2 too in the USA
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    it says shipped for me too DD1 Netherlands.
    EDIT i looked at the wrong order it say Payment verified for me
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    DD1 shipped today says the order's page.    ;)
  • Dd1 still on "payment verified" .. Italy
  • My USA DD1 shows shipped today as well!
    Estimated shipping date: 04/30/2019
    Actual shipping date: 04/25/2019

  • same  'payment verified'but i expect it to change in a few minutes  i expect it is changing order by order untill it gets fully updated
  • My status for DD2 is still at payment verified :(
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    My Dd2 sent. Spain :)>-
  • Got my tracking number, showing Monday delivery.
  • got my tracking details as well. Monday delivery for me.  <:-P
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    My DD2 , just confirmed, will be deliver tomorrow by FedEX!!!!! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH (California)
  • Going to be shipped today :) (USA)

    Delivery date : 05/01/2019 :)

    Eh nois mano!!

    Xupa Denis!
  • Just got my tracking info. Texas here. DD1 base only
  • Payment verfied :(
  • Being shipped today with a scheduled delivery of 4/29. With Fedex making saturday home deliveries and me being in CA, I'm hoping to have it  Saturday!
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    DD2 Shipping Confirmed!!! set up for Monday delivery!!!
  • still nothing ... if they ship tomorrow with ups having fast shipping I go Saturday to pick it up in person at the ups office I hope
  • DD 1 shipped today. usa, new york. Check email guys
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