Fanatec DD1 Different FFB sometimes

This is something i thought it was on my head untill a friend of mine that also bought the DD1 started feeling the same, quite noticeable in Assetto corsa with the AUDI TT cup...sometimes the FFB is heavier like a spring effect but on max... only by restarting the game and the wheel this goes back to normal..its like when the wheel is turned at 90 degrees for any of the sides it starts resisting to turn.. cant quite explain but its quite annoying , already reinstalled drivers and every now and then it happens.


  • was just describing this sensation to a rep regarding this feeling and has also come up with other owners. Its like the ffb increases to dramatically on inputs. I stopped using the torque key and was able to restore a normal feel to it. I found removing it and turning up ffb either in game or thru tuning rather than down also returned some road and tire feel i lost switching from a csl. On the hole i have played all the titles with the reccomended settings and all are too strong, by alot.
  • Actually i just found that whenever i start it the first time theres like a spring effect even before loading any game, turn off turn on again and the spring effect goes away. this happens almost every time i first start it. would like some comment regarding this from Fanatec.
  • I will do a video next time it happens

  • Check your steering sensitivity (rotation limit), sounds like you might have it set to 180 degrees if you are hitting the artificial limit at 90 degrees each side. There are also steering limits in game too. For a test, set the wheel to Auto or 900 degrees, and do the same in game and see if it goes away.
  • not really, i have the same setting i always had, 1080 for AC,ACC,iRacing and AUTO for AMS and rF2... and when this happens its before any game is loaded.
  • It sounds like you are starting your DD1 before you have started your PC / logged in to windows?
    If you start your PC and log in to windows before turning on your DD1 I guess your problem disappears
  • Will try that to see if its the case.
  • I have this same issue. I thought I was crazy too. Any update?

  • With the new drivers, the "resistance cogs" are more clearly heard & felt. The cogs feel rusty now. I've recreated the issue in a video.

    I have an open support ticket with Fanatec. They insist it's a non-hardware issue. I have tried this on different games, drivers, PCs, and USB ports. I have ensured the firmware is fully updated, for the wheel base, motor, and rim. I have completed the required calibrations.

    I will say this - the issue is most prevalent in Rfactor 2. What is strange is this - in Rfactor 2 and the other sims I have this issue, according to Fanatec the "SPR and DPR have no effect." However, based on this issue, I am certain SPR and DPR do indeed have an impact. Why this interplay causes issues more over time, I'm not sure.

    Furthermore, it appears that the same issue is described in the following threads on the discussion forms: example 1example 2example 3, example 4.

  • quite disappointing fanatec is ignoring this issue for so long, while the DPR and SPR at 0 eliminates one part of the problem it leaves us with oscillation issue :(

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