CSL pedals &LCK not working since driver update 454

As title, pedals not detected by Fanatec control panel or Fanalab since driver update 454 (453 didn't work either)

Not working in any games. Connected via usb only. unplugged/replugged/rebooted.

Tried repairing driver.

Waiting for Fanatec to get back to me, any help greatfully received,



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    I have the exact same issue. Just after updating the driver nothing works anymore.

    also connected via USB. Maybe connecting it directly to the wheelbase will help but i don't know where the cable is :(

    Windows (11) seems to recognize them because the Pedals show up under devices and I hear the windows sound for connecting.

    It just seems the driver won't recognize them anymore

  • I tried connecting via rj12 6 months ago after a rig move & it didn't work so I don't think that'll work.

    I may be wrong.

    Sadly I'm pleased to hear someone else has the same issue, at least It's not just me.

  • Was yours ok with driver update 453?

  • so before the driver update everything was working perfectly. I was too lazy and waited a few days to update.

    I found the cable and connected my Pedals directly to my CSL DD wheelbase and now they are working again.

  • Thanks man. I'll try tomorrow. Drive well.

  • My wheel is not being detected after the update. The pedals, base and shifter are fine, just the wheel.

  • The driver is pants. I had no FFB to start with either but after unplugging/replugging/rebooting everything that came back.

    Still no pedals though & Fanatec haven't answered me yet, I'l buy an RJ12 cable & try that today. I hope it's just a standard cable?

  • Hello I have the same problem as you, after the update the pedal stopped working. It is no longer recognized on either the PC or the PS5 with GT7. I opened a support ticket a week ago and they still haven't replied to me, I followed the driver rollback guides. Reset everything and reinstalled from scratch but nothing, everything except the load cell pedal is recognized. Tried to connect only the pedal to the pc only with the usb cable (no JR12) but nothing, it doesn't even make the classic sound of a hardware recognition. Have you tried with the JR12 cable or have you solved your problem? I hope that some saint can help me find a solution since fanatec doesn't give a damn about customers.

  • Just tried with a brand new RJ12 cable & still the same.

    Really fed up.

  • So it's not a cable or connection problem. Has support responded to you? It is unacceptable for them to abandon customers in this way without providing a concrete solution.

  • No response as yet, logged a ticket on Wednesday evening.

  • If you have any news, write it down and I will do the same so that we can help each other and help others who have the same problem as us.

  • Commenting to also say I have the same issue. Windows 11 and connected via USB. I am yet to try the rj12 connector. But also don't want to run it that way. I did roll back to 451 and that still didn't work. It was working on 451 before I updated it. Not sure if this is a windows 11 specific issue or the driver. I did have to run my wheel in comp mode to get it to detect sometimes on 451. But never the pedals. So that makes me think it's the driver always having fun with USB shenanigans

  • This ain't fun

  • whatever you guys try out make sure to NEVER USE BOTH CONNECTORS (RJ12 and USB). It'll brick your Pedals.

  • OK. I remembered a piece of software I've got called "DIView" it's free I think & shows all connected controllers & allows calibration of anything connected. I used it to calibrate a cheap handbrake once. But it doesn't show any pedals connected anymore so I believe the latest firmware updates &/or driver updates have bricked my pedals.

    But I can't imagine Fanatec will admit to that when they're not even replying to anybody.


  • Don't worry, whatever we try anyway the pedals don't work anyway. So it's not a matter of connecting the cables together, but it's a matter of Fanatec being a sucker at the service level and certainly not worth our money.

  • well, if you connect cables together , it may burn the pedals down, thats why there is a red warning about this

  • But in fact, as far as I'm concerned, I followed all the correct steps and didn't connect the cables together, I've always been familiar with these things. The point is that even if you don't connect the cables together, the devices give problems and these guys from Fanatec don't care.

  • Fanatec decided to get back to me and sent me the data for the shipment of the pedal for assistance. Let's hope for the best...

  • So are they sending you a replacement?

  • probaply not, most likely they self reinstall the firmware with they hardware tools.

  • Let us know how it goes

  • No, devo rispedire il mio pedale per farlo riparare. Non sostituiscono nulla. Domani spedirò il pacco e poi vi aggiornerò.

  • Just installed Drivers 454, wish I had'nt

    its asking me for a wheel base to be plugged in, everything is blacked out

    I dont have a wheel base, just pedals

    is his gonna be sorted

  • this is what I get

  • tried drivers 452, but still get this now

    flippin heck, no words!!!!! pedals now useless


  • going back to older driver not helps if there was a issue with firmware and there seems have

  • If you get any luck let us know. The rest of us on this thread (& others) have gotten nowhere, we've raised tickets with fanatec & a couple of guys have been sent details to send their pedals back for repair but I've still not heard anything after a week,. probably because mine's out of warranty?

    I'm pretty sure fanatecs latest firmware update coupled with driver 454 has bricked our pedals, though I'm sure they'll never admit to it.

  • I'm a little late but after a bunch of days of trying to figure out if there was anything I could do I realized there was a driver that gets turned off during this update for some reason, to fix this do the following:

    • Hit the Windows button and search device manager.
    • Expand the "Human Interface Devices" Tab.
    • Near the bottom of the tab, there should be a list of devices labeled "USB Input Device", one of these devices will be disabled. You will be able to tell which is disabled by looking at the icon, the disabled driver will have an arrow overlayed on the icon.
    • Right click on the disabled device driver, click enable, and the pedals should be working, do mind that you may have to restart your pc after enabling the driver to see any effects.

    I hope this can help some of you out, please lmk if it does. I definitely won't be updating my drivers in the future, to say the least lmao.

    Note: also make sure you re-updated your pc's wheel driver to version 454 if you downgraded in an attempt to fix the problem

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